Actoz Soft Looking for Participants in Korea's First Esports Audition Program: 'GameStar Korea Season 1: PUBG'

▲ Source: Actoz Soft

Actoz Soft is looking for participants for GameStar Korea (GSK) Season 1: PUBG.

GSK is an esports pro gamer audition program which will be airing in late June. GSK’s first game will be PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a game which sold 42 million copies around the world in one year.

Applicants can apply via GSK’s official homepage until the 27th of May (KST) and any inquiries can be sent to Applicants must be above the age of 18, and need to have a squad rating above 2,000. Korean applicants will have to apply with a Kakao server TPP squad rating and foreign applicants can apply with their Steam server FPP or TPP squad ratings. All gamers who aren’t members of PUBG official pro teams are eligible to apply.

The goal of GSK is to find hidden talents within the many people that enjoy PUBG and to help them become star players. The players who stand out the most during the program will be awarded a total prize money of 100M Won (Approx. 92,000 USD) and will be given a chance to join a professional PUBG team.

Professional esports coaching staff will also be participating as advisors. The participating players will develop their abilities under the tutelage of pro players or former pro players who became coaches. Also, celebrities who enjoy PUBG will appear as team leaders or supporters to help the participants and to publicize esports and PUBG esports.

Actoz Soft CEO Guo Haibin said, “GSK will be the first professional gamer audition program in Korea. We expect a lot of interest from gamers and even from viewers who don’t enjoy games that much. We’ll be making an interesting program while also giving hope to those who dream of becoming professional gamers.”

The three teams that will be participating in the program will be ActozStars, Danawa DPG, and OP.GG Gaming. OP.GG CEO Park Cheon-woo spoke of the reason they decided to participate: “Many gamers remember being scolded for playing games for too long during their adolescence. However, nowadays, the esports scene has become a lot larger than traditional sports. Starting from GSK, we’ll do our best to create star players who can become known around the world.”


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