Bunker, a promising oasis with loot in the middle of a parched desert

Many players enjoy the new Miramar desert map on the test server of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). Though there are many new features, including the new weapons and vehicles, there is a common issue brought up by most players who are playing in Miramar.

It is the rate of loot spawning in the area. The massive map contains around 18 major and minor towns with houses scattered around the area for looting, but it is somewhat difficult to get yourself fully geared with a solid weapon even after looting a number of buildings.

However, there are still areas that are considered hot spots with good items even in Miramar. You may still be able to loot many quality items without much difficulty from here, as it is less known to the community. It is the bunker located to the south of Los Leones, the biggest city in the map.

Enter the bunker if you want some loots

Bunker, the oasis in Miramar, the deserted land

The bunker is not well known to players yet, even though it is located just south of Los Leones, the city where most players land. The fact that there is a juicy spot with a lot of loot right below one of the most crowded places in the map illustrates the Korean proverb “The beacon does not shine on its own base” quite well.

The bunker shares a striking resemblance to Erangel’s shelter. They are difficult to be found without knowing the exact location, they are located either underground or below a mountain, and there are many entrances to the place which are all linked together.

In order to enter, you have to discover one of the entrances, just like with the shelter. Fortunately, it’s a bit easier to find the bunker’s entrance since it’s is wider than that of the shelter. There are 3 entrances in total, and all of them lead to the same place, so it does not matter which entrance you choose to get inside.

The location of the bunker

It is located to the south of Los Leones
The first entrance
The second entrance
The third entrance
Locations of bunker entrances



Although there is no guaranteed loot like in the shelter, shooting range, and prison in Erangel, the bunker still has a chance to spawn good items. It is more than likely that at least one AR will be there, and you can sometimes find an SR such as the Kar98K. Moreover, a helmet, vest, and backpack are quite commonly found and you may also find a level 3 of these here and there.

You can also find basic items such as attachments to the weapon and consumables like energy drinks, painkillers, and first aid kits, which are mandatory for survival.

Due to the natural features of the location, the area is only lit up by a series of dim lamps, which makes the bunker fairly dark. You will probably miss items on the ground because of this lack of light, so you need to check every universal spot that may spawn items in this game such as drums or wooden crates.

Found an M16A4,
a compensator after taking a few steps,
a pan for protecting your back,
level 3 helmet and backpack,
And a beautiful Kar98K.


The result of 1-man free looting in the bunker

Although there may be a slight difference between each match, the quality of looted items is very good if you, as a solo player, loot items freely without a competitor in the bunker. As mentioned above, you may get various items in the bunker, such as basic weapons, armor, and consumables.

If a loot run wasn’t as successful as expected, you may try the small housing complex located to the west of the bunker for additional loot. Even though the area does not have as many buildings and are even relatively small, they will likely still have a few items that can fill up the gap of your item list, so it is better than nothing.

A perfect result, if we had a scope, that is.
Got most of the basic items
The close-range specialist meta
There is a housing complex to the west of the bunker
Buildings with enough loot to get the essentials


Noteworthy points in the bunker

Although it’s not really well known, you may still need to engage in combat if you have entered the bunker with someone who also knows about the existence. The place is generally dark and there are many objects that can be used as a cover, so make full use of them if you find yourself in a fight.

There are two small passages aside from the main one with items and objects scattered around. You will find a staircase while walking along the small passage, and above is a path to a bridge located inside the bunker. You can attempt an ambush using this bridge if another player approaches while you are looting items in the bunker.

The entrance to the small passage inside the bunker
There is a staircase in the passage
Above the stairs, you will find a bridge that connects two small passages
Use it to ambush any enemies who have infiltrated the bunker
There are also other objects that can be used as cover on the first floor


Securing a vehicle

Even though you can expect to loot many quality items in the bunker, you may end up in a tight situation if the zone is located far from where you are. As the bunker is located in the southeast on the map, securing a vehicle is a must in order to prevent any electronic hazard.

Thankfully, it is not that difficult to secure one as there are three vehicle spawning locations around the bunker. It is recommended that you know them in advance, land on the point, secure the vehicle and move to the bunker.

Vehicle Locations

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