Wemade, MIR4 Updates “Mirage Ship” with New Episodes

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


  •   Characters of Level 143 and above are allowed to enter new dimensions of the Land of Mir with various Missions and Requests waiting to be completed
  • The highest level of a Character is increased to 200; reaching it earns the player various rewards including “Legendary Dragon Sphere”
  • Events “Dreamfly’s Flower Red Bean Jelly Exchange Shop” and “Warm Spring’s 14-Day Check-in” are available


Wemade’s blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 introduces its new episodes of “Mirage Ship”, the airship that wanders in dimensions, on April 16.


Characters of Level 143 and above are able to enter the lands of “Mirage Ship” Episodes 5 and 6. Players move to the Land of Mir in other dimensions such as Redmoon Mountain and Great Sabuk Wall depending on the episode. They can obtain rewards including “[L] Moonlight Magic Stone” and “[E] Blue Dragon Statue” after completing different missions and new requests.


MIR4 has increased the highest character level to 200. Players of characters that have achieved Level 200 are given various rewards such as “[L] Dragon Sphere” and “[L] Promotion Material”. The highest stage of Conquests and the highest tier of Constitution and Inner Force are each increased by 2.


Various monsters including Deity GEN Great Power Celestial Fiend who is a field boss of the highest level 195 are spawning in dungeons. Players can receive “[L] Ice Crystal” and “[L] Blue Dragon Statue” when they defeat field bosses.


The event “Dreamfly’s Flower Red Bean Jelly Exchange Shop" is held from April 16 to Monday, April 29 in MIR4. Players can bring the “Flower Red Bean Jelly” that they collected through battles to “<Happy> Dreamfly” to exchange for various items including “Yellow Dragon's Surprise Gift Box” and “White-colored Battlegear Selection Box”. Moreover, the event “Warm Spring's 14-Day Check-in” is available through Monday, May 13, which provides “Sarmati TE Box” and “[L] Spirit Stone Summon Ticket”.


From my battle, to our war! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on the official website.

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