Five Marketing Strategies for Video Games

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The video game space is a billion-dollar industry — growing at a fast pace. It's a dream of many to develop and launch a video game successfully. But, in the presence of some big sharks in the market, it gets very tough for any new company to step in and make their name.


The real game changer is your marketing strategy.  You do not need to worry about how to market your video games, as we have five marketing ideas that will work great for your video games.


Let's get started.

Gaming Ads On Mobile

I know the ad pop-ups on mobile screens are annoying for most of us, but interestingly, not for the gamers. They pay special attention to gaming ads while using mobiles. 


Mobile ads are proven to be effective if they are visually attractive, interesting, and catch the user’s attention.


Gaming ads should have proper placement — targeting the right audience. You can offer rewards to the user like a free version of a video game, once they use the free version and enjoy it, they can hop on to the paid plan.

Influencer Marketing

Most of the gamers have their presence on at least one of many social media platforms. They follow the kings of social media — also known as influencers. Targeting the right few influencers for your video game's marketing means advertising your game in front of millions of interested audiences.


How impactful it can be if a random gamer watches his or her favorite influencer obsessing over your video game. Therefore, a budget for influencer marketing is a must!

Blog Marketing

Do you want to inform the audience more about your game and keep them updated with upcoming features?  Well, then blog marketing is a great tactic. Blogs can make your gaming site look more appealing — hence converting more audience. The more your blog content gets shared online, the more your game will get hype. 


You can add gaming visuals to make your blog look more attractive and intriguing, while compressing the images with image compressor to let the site work smoothly.

Adopt New Trends

The gaming industry is jumping onto new trends, and to stay relevant to the audience, it's best to jump into the bandwagon. 


For example, people have started to obsess over crypto games, as it allows gamers to buy premium skins or weapons and pay in digital currency with the help of an  ethereum calculator for conversions. Blockchain is changing the gaming industry with NFT assets and "play to earn"  features. 


To jump onto new technology or trend sets your game ahead of your competitors.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second most-used search engine. This makes it a huge platform to market your games in front of potential players. You can advertise your game’s attractive teasers on YouTube, 

or collaborate with famous streamers and reach a greater audience. 


You can share a gaming video and link your app store and social media page in the description, making the access to your game easier.

Work And Stay Patient!

Work on these marketing strategies and stay patient with results as it takes time to track a difference — you can implement one strategy at a time to see what works best for you.

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