[PNC 2022] Team UK are your PNC 2022 champions


On June 19, Team UK were crowned as the 2022 PUBG Nations Cup champions. They collected a total of 203 points with four WWCDs and 126 kills overall through the 20 matches in Erangel and Miramar. Team UK will be awarded $100,000 plus 30% of the PNC 2022 skins sales. Alex "vard" Gouge was named the MVP of the tournament.


Team UK had a great run through the four days as they collected four victories. From the first day, they had a good start as they placed themselves in 2nd place. At the end of day 3, Team UK finally got on top, and never let go of their lead.


Team UK were especially strong in Erangel, as they collected three chicken dinners there. Team UK started off the last day in 1st place, with a nine-point lead over Team Brazil. In match 17, they collected another win with 12 kills, this time in Miramar, to seal their lead with 191 points. 


The MVP was vard, who had a great performance throughout the tournament. He was the kill leader with 36 kills and placed high on the chart in other categories as well.



Team Vietnam and Team Brazil placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively. It was Team Brazil who had an early lead, as they collected five chicken dinners overall, but they only collected 16 points on the last day. Meanwhile, Team Vietnam came up from 3rd place, as they collected two consecutive wins in the final two matches. 


The highlight moment for Team Vietnam was the final chicken dinner. They were at a 14-point deficit to Team Brazil. Obviously, it was a difficult task, but Team Vietnam managed to score 18 points including the chicken dinner, while Team Brazil only scored four. The two teams were tied at 177 points, but via the tiebreaker rule, Team Vietnam had more placement points and were declared the runner-up of the tournament. Team Vietnam will be awarded $58,000 plus crowdfunding. Team Brazil will be awarded $50,000.


Team Korea had arguably the most consistent performance of all teams throughout the tournament, but they weren’t able to win any matches as they finished 4th overall. Team Korea will be awarded $44,000.

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