[PNC 2022] Team Finland streak forward on Day 1 with two WWCDs in both Miramar matches

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On June 16, the 2022 PUBG Nations Cup kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand, where 64 players from 16 different regions gathered for the event.


The first match was held in Erangel. As the first circle was formed radically towards the northwest side of the map, many teams attempted to enter the circle early. In that process, Team Japan and USA were eliminated early, and many teams lost valuable members. Team Korea went on a killing spree and collected 11 kills, but they lost two members. The Chicken Dinner went to Team Australia, who managed to keep their squad alive long enough.


The second game was also in Erangel. Similar to the first, the circle was formed around the northwest side, while the last circle ended up around the Shooting Range. In the second game, Team Japan again got eliminated early, while Team Taiwan fell off as well. Team Korea collected 10 kills again, but they lost two players during in the process. In the end, it all came down to a 4v2v2, as Team UK faced two Team Korean members and two Team Indonesia members. UK capitalized on their preferred position on the map, collecting a 13-kill Chicken Dinner, putting themselves in the top position.



Like the first two games, the third game was on Enrangel. This time the circle was formed around the opposite side of the map, on the west side of Sosnovka Island. This time, Team Korea was the first to be eliminated as they were ambushed by Team UK on the east bridge. Team UK took this chance to collect more kills as they proceeded into the island, collecting 18 kills until the top two teams were left. However, Team Brazil had priority over the phase seven circle, as they collected the Chicken Dinner with seven kills.


Game four moved over to Miramar. Unlike the Erangel games, the first circle was relatively normal. It included El Pozo, La Cobreria, San Martin, Pecado, and Monte Nuevo — most teams were already within the first circle and didn't have to rotate much. There were only six players dead at the 15-minute mark, but when phase four began, skirmishes broke out all across the map. Team Finland racked up 11 kills while only losing one member. It came down to Team Brazil and Team Finland in the end. It was a 4v3 matchup, but the fight ended in Team Finland's favor. 



In the fifth and final match, the circle moved drastically towards the northwest side of the map. When the circle is formed so tightly in a certain area, many players often die early in the game. Team USA wound up in a fight with Team Korea and became the first to be eliminated. As the circle shrank, it went towards the west of El Pozo. Team Japan had a great position at phase seven, but they weren't able to defend Team Finland rushing in. Team Finland took their momentum to roll over all the remaining teams as they collected the 12-kill Chicken Dinner.

As they collected two wins in both the Miramar matches, Team Finland ended up on top of the leaderboard, with 39 kills and 29 placement points with a total of 68 points. Team UK followed with 63 points, and Brazil had 53 points.


When D1gg3R1 joined the broadcast for a brief interview he said he wasn't too excited about the first day's results as he said, "It's only the first day, we still have three more days to go." About heading into tomorrow's match, he simply said, "We're coming for everyone."

The 2022 PUBG Nations Cup will continue tomorrow, with three Miramar games and two Erangel games.

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