Pokemon GO announces Halloween 2022 Part II


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Today, Niantic announced additional details for Part II of Pokémon GO’s Halloween 2022 event, taking place from Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. to Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. local time. In additional to event bonuses and Pokémon encounters from Part I, Trainers can also look forward to the following in Part II:


  • Pokémon Debuts - The following Pokémon will be available in Pokémon GO for the first time: 
    • Pokémon wearing a Spooky Festival costume: Vulpix*, Ninetales, Pumpkaboo*, Gourgeist*
    • Gengar wearing a Spooky Festival Costume* will appear in Raid Battles
  • Encounters – Trainers can encounter the following through:
    • Wild Encounters: 
      • Pikachu^*, Vulpix^*, Zubat*, Haunter, Spinarak*, Murkrow*, Misdreavus*, Sableye*, Shuppet*, Dusclops, Piplup^*, Yamask*, Golett, Phantump, Pumpkaboo^*
    • Raids:
      • One-Star Raids: Sableye*, Purrloin, Yamask*, Galarian Yamask*, Phantump
      • Three-Star Raids: Gengar^*, Umbreon, Drifblim^*, Drapion
      • Five-Star Raids: Origin Forme Giratina* 
      • Mega Raids: Mega Banette*
    • 7 km Eggs:
      • Yamask*, Galarian Yamask*, Phantump, Golett, Noibat*
    • Field Research:
      • Pikachu^*, Vulpix^*, Shuppet*, Piplup^* Duskull*, Yamask*, Galarian Yamask*, Phantump
      • Complete tasks to earn Mega Energy: Gengar, Absol 


Available during throughout Halloween 2022 
  • Featured Attack – Giratina* captured during the Halloween 2022 events will know the Charged Attack Shadow Force.
  • Event Bonuses –
    • 2× Catch Candy, 2× Hatch Candy, 2× Transfer Candy
    • Trainers level 31 and up will receive one guaranteed Candy XL when walking with a buddy.
    • Trainers will see PokéStops and Gyms decorated for the holiday.
    • A remix of the Lavender Town music will be playing nightly during the event. 
    • Trainers will see a variety of new avatar items in the shop. 
  • Special Research – Trainers can claim a Halloween-themed Special Research throughout the Halloween 2022 events to learn more about Yamask and Galarian Yamask*.
  • Timed Research –
    • For US$1.00 (or equivalent pricing tier), Trainers can purchase a ticket that grants access to Timed Research featuring encounters with Yamask.
    • For US$5 (or the equivalent pricing tier) Trainers can purchase a ticket that grants access to Timed Research featuring increased Candy bonuses, additional Halloween-themed tasks, and an avatar pose.

*If Trainers are lucky, they might encounter a Shiny Pokémon.
^ Pokémon wearing a Spooky Festival costume or a Halloween Mischief costume.

For additional details on the Halloween celebrations, visit the Pokémon GO blog

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