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Ditto has always been an iconic Pokémon — originally appearing in Generation I.  Famous for having the ability to transform and replicate itself into other Pokémon, Ditto is a highly sought-after catch in the franchise's mobile game.  However, Ditto can be a very challenging Pokémon to catch. In this article, we'll teach you how to have the best chance of catching this iconic character. 

Hiding In Plain Sight

What makes Ditto such a difficult find is the fact that you'll rarely encounter them in their natural form. Ditto has the habit of hiding in plain sight, and will disguise themselves as other Pokémon — both in action and appearance. 

Thankfully, though, there are methods of narrowing down the search. Ditto does not have the ability to disguise itself as every monster underneath the sun. In fact, they're limited to eleven total forms. Several Pokémon GO content creators have discovered the precise amount of characters Ditto disguises itself as, which are listed below:

Pokémon Type
Bidoof Normal
Dwebble Bug, Rock
Ekans Poison
Finneon Water
Gastly Ghost, Poison
Lillipup Normal
Natu Psychic, Flying
Numel Fire, Ground
Spinarak Bug, Poison
Surskit  Bug, Water
Swirlix Fairy

Of course, finding one these Pokémon does not guarantee it will be a Ditto, and finding it is still improbable. However, this combined with use of Incense to increase encounters will no doubt make the search easier. 

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