Blastoise arrives in Pokémon Unite on September 1

▲ The final starter from Generation 1 has arrived. Images via The Pokémon Company


After much anticipation, the turtle with water cannons strapped to its' back, Blastoise, is coming to Pokémon Unite in an upcoming patch.


In an announcement on the MOBA's official social media accounts Wednesday morning, the final evolution of the beloved Generation 1 starter, Squirtle, is scheduled to arrive on September 1.



In the brief 35 second video shared on the game's social platforms, Blastoise is able to manuever around the battlefield by retracting his appendages and spinning violently. The game's development team also puts the turtle's cannons to good use.


A few of Blastoise's abilities shown include: a variation of Surf, a blast from their Hydro Cannons, a spinning shell move that damages foes nearby, and an area of effect move that pummels foes with drops of water.


Not to be out-down by their basic abilities, Blastoise's Unite Move forces foes to be hit by streams of pressurized water out of its' cannons while spinning in a circle.


It wasn't announced in the reveal video what role Blastoise would fill on the battlefield but, with a shell as hard as the steel forming cannons on its' back, it's hard not to imagine the turtle filling a tankier role on a team.


Fans of the title have hoped Blastoise would join the fray shortly after launch considering its' Generation 1 counterparts, Venusaur and Charizard, debuted with the game from day one. In Pokémon Unite's beta, Blastoise was actually a playable character. But, just like Gardevoir, their appearance in the live version of the game had to wait just a bit longer. 

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