[Guide] Best All-Rounder Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, ranked


In Pokemon Unite, the new MOBA-style game featuring a roster of 20+ Pokemon of all types and generations, there are five classes that each Pokemon falls into. The most balanced and well-rounded of these classes is the All-Rounder class, featuring four Pokemon at the time of this article’s release. 


In this class, players can choose between Charizard, Lucario, Machamp, and Garchomp. Each of these four are considered to be some of the strongest Pokemon in the franchise at large, but that may not be the case for their strength in Pokemon Unite. Here are how they rank, compared to one another, in Pokemon Unite.

#4: Charizard

It feels deeply wrong to rank Charizard at the bottom of any list related to Pokemon, but it’s unavoidable. Even despite recent patch notes, the famous big red lizard dragon just doesn’t compare to its counterparts in the All-Rounder class. 


This starts all the way when the Pokemon is Charmander. At low levels, Charmander feels incredibly weak compared to others in the class, and in the game as a whole. Graduating to Charmeleon at level 4 doesn’t feel overtly strong, nor does the final move to Charizard at level 9. 


One thing in Charizard’s favor, however, is its Unite Move, Seismic Slam. This is a solid option for team fights and can turn a Zapdos fight in critical moments. Yet, separate from what some may think, Charizard is not unkillable during this move and can be burst down by other Pokemon’s Unite Moves. 


All in all, look to other options for an All-Rounder, despite how undeniably cool Charizard is and forever will be. 

#3: Garchomp

If we were ranking each of these at their peak level (level 15) then Garchomp would be the #1 choice. Yet, until then, Garchomp struggles to take over games and has the worst early game by a long shot.


Garchomp’s first two evolutions leave much to be desired, and his move set feels the same way. Truth be told, Garchomp really only starts to feel like he’s truly viable when it, well, becomes Garchomp at level 10. Gible and Gabite feel terrible in the early and mid-game. 


But, as many players painfully know, Zapados is a key part of any Pokemon Unite game. So, having a late-game Pokemon can be an insane asset, just so long as players can scale and farm properly throughout the rest of the game. Pair Garchomp with a Snorlax holding an Exp. Share, play potentially, and get to the late-game. Then, and only then, is it truly Garchomp time. 

#2: Machamp

There’s a case to be made that Machamp embodies most what the All-Rounder class should represent. Few weaknesses, decent mobility, decent offense, and sturdy enough when it counts, Machamp can do a little bit of everything for a team in Pokemon Unite. Basically, if Lucario didn’t exist, Machamp would be the clear top choice for All-Rounders.


A core part of what makes this true is the move, Submission, which is learned at level 7. A pro tip: Always learn Submission over Dynamic Punch. The speed and crowd control of this move are unreal in the mid-game and make Machoke one of the best middle evolutions that players can utilize. 


This blends seamlessly into a serviceable late-game with Machamp, featuring a Unite Move that compares most to Garchomp’s, only with slightly less lethality. Overall, from start to finish, Machamp can be a great Pokemon in just about any spot on the map and is a great option for players getting started in Pokemon Unite.

#1: Lucario

Lucario is, without a doubt, one of the best single Pokemon players can choose from in Pokemon Unite. Lucario combines huge kill power, survivability, arguably the best mobility in the game, and elite overall strength starting at level 1.


Another great thing is the flexibility in which players can utilize Lucario. Outside of Bone Rush being a core move at level 7, other moves can really go in either direction. The same can be said for where Lucario is played on the map, although having it in in the jungle may be slightly better overall.


Simply put, play a few games with Lucario and try to convince yourself it’s not top tier. When you can’t do that, start working to perfect the details and ride off into the sunset with your brand new, shiny S-tier Pokemon. You’ll never look back.


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