[Guide] Best Supporter Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, ranked


The thankless backbone, the constant companion, the hero shrouded in shadows. These are the descriptors that come to mind when many think of players who opt into the support role in team-based games like Pokemon Unite, the new MOBA set in the Pokemon universe.


In Pokemon Unite there are three such characters: Mr. Mine, Wigglytuff, and Eldegoss. All of these combine to make up the Supporter class in Pokemon Unite and were all in the original roster at the game's release. For new players entering the game who need a better grasp on which of these supports they ought to play, here is how they rank in the early stages of the game’s competitive history.


#3: Mr. Mime

A Gen 1 favorite, Mr. Mime sadly enters this game as one of its worst Pokemon. Not only is Mr. Mime generally considered to be among the bottom tier, but he is also stuck in a class of Pokemon with some very skilled competitors. This is especially true considering the latest patch that buffed Wigglytuff significantly.


One thing Mr. Mime has going for him is that he has a very unique move set that is unlike any other character, for the most part. This is in large part due to Barrier, a move the constructs a wall that blocks Pokemon from crossing through it. The only issue? Snorlax simply has a better version of this same sort of move with Block, which also provides a stun. Mr. Mime’s is a ranged move, sort of, but that doesn’t help its effectiveness much when compared to Block.


This is typically used in conjunction with Confusion, and items boosting Mr. Mime's support and Sp. Atk are usually employed. While anyone can make a Pokemon in this game their own, Mr. Mime is one that players will likely struggle with compared to others.


#2: Eldegoss

If the time of publication for this article had been prior to the August 4th patch update, Eldegoss would undoubtedly be #1 on this list. Prior to this patch, Eldegoss had a nearly unstoppable Unite Move (Cotton Cloud Crash) and had consistent healing output throughout the game. 


Post-patch, Eldegoss is still an extremely high-ranked Pokemon and could be used in just about any situation. To make this clear, this author would waffle between putting Eldegoss at either S-Tier or A-Tier overall, not just among Supporters.


Both Cotton Guard and Pollen Puff do significant healing, something that not many other Pokemon do in this game. If used correctly by a player that is familiar with playing the support role in team-based games, Eldegoss can contend in any Masters-level game.


#1: Wigglytuff

Anything but wiggly after that patch, Wigglytuff has become an absolute unit in the early, mid, and late game of Pokemon Unite, due to evolving from Jigglypuff very early in the game. Mix this unkillable level of defense with its stellar and well-rounded move set, and you have yourself one hell of a Supporter.


The patch truly turned Wigglytuff into a Defender/Supporter/All-Rounder hybrid, as she has the ability to provide significant healing with her Unite Move, deal significant damage with Double Slap, and has some of the game's best crowd control with Sing. And, don't forget the boosted stats.


In short, lock Wigglytuff and do the Pokemon Unite equivalent of pressing W in the bottom lane and watch yourself become unkillable. This Pokemon is undoubtedly top tier right now.

As with any other class, each player's skill with particular Pokemon will inevitably boil down to their playstyle and their experience in past games. Hopefully, this guide can be of use and can help you to climb the ranks in the early days of Pokemon Unite. 


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