[KOF Arena] Actual projected income report for FM mining

Stable ‘mining’ system that prevents loss


The most important thing in mining is making a stable profit. In KOF Arena, you’re matched with an opponent whose rating is slightly lower than yourself, so mining is stable. Even if you’re not that good at the game and have a losing streak, the game is designed to get your win rate near 50%.


That being said, because of the safety net that gets your win rate to around 50%, there is no danger of having your income affected due to the decrease in mining. If you get used to the game, you can mine more with the rising tier and by getting better at the game.

▲ If you keep playing the game, your win rate ends up at around 50%, even if you’re not good at fighting games.

Mining tool: ‘Controller’, initial investment for profit

If you connect a controller, you get a new resource called ‘energy’, and FM is added to the reward for fighting — you can start mining. 1 energy is consumed per fight, and like AP, 1/4 of the maximum energy is recharged every 6 hours from noon. If you have multiple controllers, the maximum energy is increased, and the amount of energy recharged is increased as well. To mine, you need a mining tool (Controller), and you need to have multiple mining tools to increase the maximum amount of resources (Energy) and recovery to mine more FM.

‘Owning’ multiple controllers is important, but you need to ‘link’ and level up a controller with good attributes to mine more FM. This is because the efficiency and resilience attributes vary by controller. The efficiency attribute increases the mining amount, and resilience decreases the amount of durability used per fight and repair fee (FM). You have to increase the mining amount and decrease the maintenance expenses by investing the attribute points in efficiency and resilience to increase profit. You can gain attribute points by leveling up your controller with the FM you mined.

▲ To increase the mining performance of your mining tools (Controllers), you need to invest the FM you gained to level them up.

Reinvestment for better profit, enhancing the ‘mining efficiency’ of controllers

To make your earnings into a profit, you need to reach the break-even point as soon as possible. That being said, you need to have a strategy where you invest the FM you mined in your controllers to increase the mining amount and decrease maintenance costs (durability decrease, repair fee). While leveling up your controller up to 9, you can invest the attribute points in efficiency and resilience with a 3:1 ratio. When you go all-in on efficiency after making the resilience stat 11, you can shorten the payback period.


If you have 1 controller linked, you can mine about 195-1,645 FM by using 10 energy per day. This is the amount of FM you can mine in 24 hours after you first purchase a controller and link it. To make the mining as efficient as possible, you need to reinvest 15,190 FM to level up your controller up to level 9. In gold 1 tier, it takes 10.36 days to level up the even worst controllers that have 1 efficiency and 1 resilience. If the initial efficiency attribute of the controller is about 3-6, it takes 8-9 days.

▲ The mining amount of a level 1 controller linked right after purchase.

▲ If the initial efficiency is 1-2, it’s low-tier, 3-6 is mid-tier, 7-8 is high-tier, and 9 is top-tier.
▲ For the best maintenance, you should have 11 or 22 resilience.

Earnings after purchasing and linking 1 controller

If you play consistently, it’ll be easy to reach silver 1 tier. Due to the system that makes your win rate reach around 50%, you reach the gold 1 tier about the time you get used to the game. So it’s good to calculate your daily mining amount and projected mining amount depending on a level 9 controller (25-40 efficiency) and gold 1 tier.


Even if the initial attributes of a controller are bad, you can mine at least 2,595 FM per day from gold 1 tier. This is the minimum amount you can mine — generally, you can mine about 3,000 or up to 3,500-4,000. Calculating your earnings based on this, you can exchange at least $7 per day, generally $8.50, and up to $10.


▲ You have to increase the efficiency attribute by leveling up your controller to increase the mining amount.

▲ When the controller’s durability is below 50%, the mining amount decreases drastically, so you need to repair it regularly.

▲ If you play consistently, you’ll reach around gold 1 tier, so you should calculate your earnings based on that.

▲ Actual mining records with a 50% win rate. (Platinum)

Earnings when you link multiple controllers

If you have multiple controllers, the maximum energy and amount of energy recovered increase, so you can mine more. When you have 2 controllers, the energy doesn’t increase, but when you have 3 or more controllers, your max energy becomes 20; if you have 9 or more, it’s 45; if you have 15 or more, it’s 60, and if you have at least 30, it becomes 100. So if you’re planning to purchase multiple controllers, you should have the exact number for max efficiency — 3, 9, 15, or 30.


▲ It is efficient to have the exact number of controllers - 3, 9, 15, or 30. (including linked controllers)

▲ The mined amount that increases by the number of controllers owned.

▲ The projected earnings when mining with multiple controllers.

Monetization process : FM → FCT → MBXL → MBX → USDT → USD

To exchange the FM you mined, you need to exchange them into FCT in the ‘token exchange’ menu which is only available on the PC version. The exchange ratio changes every Monday at 10 AM (UTC+9), and black diamonds are needed as an exchange fee (20%). You can gain black diamonds through in-app purchase or exchange them in the ‘black diamond exchange’ with 5,000 FM. The black diamond exchange opens every Tuesday for 24 hours.

FCT can be swapped into MBX in Marblex WALLET through bridge token MBXL (0.3% exchange fee). Then you can move them to a public coin exchange to exchange them into dollars. The MBXL ↔ MBX exchange ratio is fixed at 1:1, but the FCT ↔ MBXL exchange ratio changes frequently according to the market situation.

▲ The monetization process of the mined FM. (In-Game → Marblex Wallet → Exchange)
▲ You can check the FM exchange ratio and FCT price on the official homepage.

▲ The profit of 150,000 FM that’s mined with multiple controllers over 2 weeks. ($582.79 on Dec. 1)

Period of time to earn initial investment, reaching the break-even point

The price of a controller is about $160. If you don’t level up your controller, it takes a long time to break even. In gold 1 tier, with 5 efficiency and 5 resilience, it takes about 2 months. If the efficiency is 1, you can break even after more than 4 months.


That being said, you need to reinvest the FM you mined to increase the mining amount to re-earn your initial investment. In gold 1 tier, with 5 efficiency and 5 resilience, if you mine with a lv. 2 controller, it takes 14 fewer days than when you mine with a lv. 1 controller. (Including the time needed to mine the FM used for leveling up)


The reason leveling up your controller up to lv. 9 was emphasized above is that if you do, you can reach the break-even point within 40 days. From lv. 10, the FM needed to level up the controller increases drastically, so the time gets extended. So you have to decide whether to level up your controller to the max level, 30, or stay at lv. 9 depending on your individual win rate and tier. If you have a win rate above 51% and can reach platinum tier, it’s good to invest your FM in leveling up your controller to 30.


▲ Days needed to re-earn initial investment in gold 1 tier with a lv. 1 controller.

▲ Projected break-even point (number of days) by leveling up a 5 efficiency, 5 resilience controller.

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