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Summoner Spells

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  • Heal
  • Flash


  • precision
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Overheal
  • Legend: Bloodline
  • Coup de Grace
  • inspiration
  • Magical Footwear
  • Biscuit Delivery
Bonus :

+18% Attack speed



  • Doran's Blade
  • Doran's Shield


  • Essence Reaver
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Infinity Edge

Optinal Items

  • Maw of Malmortius
  • Guardian Angel
  • Mercurial Scimitar
  • Lord Dominik's Regards
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Blade of the Ruined King

End Game

  • Essence Reaver
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Infinity Edge
  • Ninja Tabi

Ability Sequence

  • Clean Cuts

    Clean Cuts(Passive)

  • Double Daggers
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Deadly Plumage
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Bladecaller
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Featherstorm
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Double Daggers
    Deadly Plumage
    Deadly Plumage
    Deadly Plumage
    Deadly Plumage
    Deadly Plumage
    Double Daggers
    Double Daggers
    Double Daggers
    Double Daggers

Vs. Champions

  • Braum
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes

He blocks the feathers...

Skill Combos

Featherstorm is not for dealing damage! It's for surviving and escaping plus rooting with Bladecaller

All of Xayah's skill combinations end with Bladecaller

◇ Chasing Enemies with Low HP

Clean Cuts (Q) Clean Cuts → Bladecaller (E) Bladecaller

This is not much of a combo, good to kill opponents that are trying to get away with low HP left.

◇ Main Root Combo

Double Daggers (Q) → Basic Attack → Bladecaller (E)

◇ Xayah's Main Combo

Double Daggers → Deadly Plumage → Basic Attacks → Bladecaller

◇ Using Your Flash

If your feathers are all over the place and the opponents are avoiding it well,

just use Flash into a good position and use Bladecaller.

Clean Cuts → Flash → Bladecaller

◇ Extra Two Feathers

Deadly Plumage → Basic Attacks → Double Daggers → Bladecaller
If you use this, the feathers from Double Daggers gets retrieved a split second after the other feathers are retrieved, as you can see in the video.

◇ Featherstorm Combo

Try to make best of the feathers from Featherstorm

When you activate Deadly Plumage and hit basic attacks, the feathers aren’t neatly arranged and the opponents see the feathers and move away from the route. So always use your Bladecaller carefully.

Tips on using your skills

Clean CutsClean CutsClean Cuts The feathers are really important. 
Even though Xayah’s basic attacks with critical damage + 
Deadly Plumage is very strong, her main DPS is from Bladecaller. The reason Xayah goes with critical items is because of Bladecaller, don’t forget.
The early lane fights and teamfights depend on how well you set up the
Clean Cuts  feathers and hit them.

◇ How to set up the feathers -- Setting up to root enemies

In certain situations, don’t use Double Daggers to hit your opponents,
but use them to set up feathers where you anticipate the opponents to move.
If you use the skill to hit the opponents, it becomes less likely to hit them with Bladecaller.

◇ Using minions or jungle creeps to set up your feathers

◇ Using Xayah's Skills


Doran's Blade When your bottom 2v2 is advantageous. Put in full pressure.

Doran's Shield When you think the opponent comp is advantageous. Survive.

Essence Reaver Essence Reaver
Perfect for the first core item. AD, Critical chance, mana restore and even cooldown reduction. Really perfect for Xayah’s first core.

Essence Reaver → Phantom Dancer → Infinity Edge 

Bladecaller (E) damage increases with critical chance.

Essence Reaver Phantom Dancer Rapid Firecannon Infinity Edge

If the game goes well, go with these items.

*If the opponents have many tanky champions or have a strong mid lane nuker, don’t only buy critical items. That’s only trolling.

Maw of Malmortius - When opponent AP is dangerous.

Guardian Angel - When you die if you get hit by opponent ult, you need to survive.

Mercurial Scimitar - When opponent CC is too strong. Unleash yourself from it.

Mortal Reminder - Against life stealers.

Lord Dominik's Regards - Against tanky pigs.

Blade of the Ruined King - Good for life steal and extra basic attack damage but not that recommended because other items are more efficient.

Boots: Ninja TabiNinja TabiNinja TabiNinja TabiNinja Tabi


The Reason to buy 
Phantom Dancer as the first attack speed item:

Spectral Waltz goes well with Deadly Plumage and the damage reduction of Lament is irreplaceable.

Infinity EdgeEssence ReaverPhantom Dancer Isn't it alright to buy just these three critical items?

To maximize the damage of Bladecaller, buy either Rapid Firecannon or Runaan's Hurricane. Of course, if the opponent has a hard tanker and unavoidable CC, you should give up one of the critical items and buy Quicksilver Sash and Last Whisper items.

Items can vary according to the situation. Still, it’s highly recommended to buy 4 critical items.

Extra Tips

Working out in the lane or jungle
Pushing the lane at Lv.1:
Keep safe distance, hit the opponent with Double Daggers and hit the minions withClean Cuts.

When you hit the minions, try to hit the opponent with the penetrating feathers.

Push the lane and continue to hit the opponent champion who’s trying to take CS with Clean Cuts.

As soon as you hit Lv.2, use Bladecaller at a proper moment.

Unless the opponent gives up taking CS, you can root them without much trouble.

Role in teamfights

Use Double DaggersClean Cuts Basic Attacks – Bladecaller and root your opponent.

The damage is big and often, you can counter the enemies chasing you.

It may seem very difficult to deal damage with Xayah, but it’s actually really easy if you just understand the champion. Just hit the opponent constantly after using Deadly Plumage. Make sure you stack up on extra feathers with Double Daggers from time to time. In the mid-late game, Xayah’s attack speed is really fast because of Deadly Plumage and her core items. Naturally, when you’ve been fighting for a while, Clean CutsClean Cutsfeathers are stacked behind the enemies. Aim carefully and use your Bladecaller.


Rakan Xayah

Xayah has good synergy with all supports. But of those supports, Rakan is the best.
The synergy between these two is insane. Recently, both champions are very high-tier.

If these two are picked at bottom, Rakan has an extra option.

He has longer range for his Battle Dance and Xayah’s Deadly Plumage is also applied to Rakan as well.
If you get to go in the bottom lane with this duo, fight at Lv.1.

If Rakan hits his Grand Entrance, use your Deadly Plumage and just hit the opponents like crazy.

You can at least have them use a spell or two and if you’re lucky, you can even pick up a kill.

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