[8.19.1]Crash Course Warwick Jungler

by CptTenacious

(Last updated on September 27, 2018)

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Summoner Spells

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  • Flash
  • Smite

Standard Summoner Spells for Warwick jungler. For people who wanted Ghost, I wouldn't recommended it because of W, Blood Hunt, gives a free movement speed to chase and roam. Also, having Flash gives you more opportunities for outplays.


  • precision
  • Press the Attack
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Coup de Grace
  • sorcery
  • Celerity
  • Waterwalking
Bonus :

+9% Attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

Standard Runes for farming clear speed and early-mid game power spike.



  • Hunter's Machete
  • Rejuvenation Bead
  • Warding Totem (Trinket)


  • Enchantment: Warrior
  • Tiamat
  • Boots of Speed
  • Dead Man's Plate

End Game

  • Enchantment: Warrior
  • Ninja Tabi
  • Dead Man's Plate
  • Spirit Visage
  • Thornmail
  • Titanic Hydra

Ability Sequence

  • Eternal Hunger

    Eternal Hunger(Passive)

  • Jaws of the Beast
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Blood Hunt
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Primal Howl
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Infinite Duress
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Jaws of the Beast
    Blood Hunt
    Primal Howl
    Blood Hunt
    Blood Hunt
    Infinite Duress
    Blood Hunt
    Jaws of the Beast
    Blood Hunt
    Jaws of the Beast
    Infinite Duress
    Jaws of the Beast
    Jaws of the Beast
    Primal Howl
    Primal Howl
    Infinite Duress
    Primal Howl
    Primal Howl

Vs. Champions

  • Evelynn
  • Camille
  • Trundle
  • Olaf
  • Nunu & Willump
  • Kayn
  • Kindred
  • Graves
  • Jax
  • Gragas
  • Lee Sin
  • Xin Zhao
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes




NunuNunu & Willump




LeeSinLee Sin

XinZhaoXin Zhao


If he goes Red Kayn mode, he is difficult to deal with.


Quick Introduction

This guide is about what skills and playing style requirements you need for Warwick to survive and win games. You will learn some cheese and practical strategies and some tips on how to improvise. More importantly, learn how to play with Warwick's strength and weaknesses in jungle like ganking, counter-ganking, farming, invading, and aiming for objectives. Also, learn how to optimize Warwick's jungling style for macro-plays and micro-plays like pathings, item optimization, rune optimization, and teamfight. 

Warwick's Role

Warwick has powerful damage for early game and mid, so you will see how good Warwick as a duelist. Also, his Blood Hunt Blood Hunt makes him a great roamer and farmer that take jungle objectives fast. Blood Hunt can find anyone who is weak making a good map pressure. Because of his toolkit, you need to actively find or create opportunities in the early-mid game to gain advantage, otherwise Warwick's contribution to the game is going to fall off. He can do well in teamfight and sieges, but there are other jungle champions who can do way better than that. The win conditions for Warwick are pretty clear; (1) He can powerfarm to get LV6 earlier than opposing jungler; (2) Invade and skirmish an opposing jungler; (3) Roam and look for ganks and counterganks; (4) Aim for jungle objectives. You have flexible options to choose, so it is necessary what you need to adapt to your team's comp and opposing comp.  

What runes, abilities, and items to abuse Warwick's toolkit?

To abuse Warwick's Blood Hunt:

You need to max it first for several reasons. It is free movement speed and attack speed for roaming and jungle clear speed. It helps to reduce mana consumption from Jaws of the Beast . Also, with Jaws of the Beast and/or  Smite , you can easily solo Herald and Drakes fast and early. It is good ability to duel for 1v1 because it can reach 2.5 AS. 

To abuse Warwick's Ultimate:

His ult is a powerful tool for offense and defense. Ult's range depends on WW's movement speed, so more movement speed, the farther and faster you can target. It applies on-hit effects and all damage including on-hit effects are the same amount for healing. That's important!

Press the Attack  quickly adds the stack and that gives advantage for your teammates to quickly deal increased damage. Useful for ganks, counter, and engagement. Make sure your teammates are in position to attack your target.

Celerity  increased the burst damage, range of ult and healing.

Dead Man's Plate  increased range of ult and healing, and synergized with Celebrity for more burst damage and healing.

Enchantment: Warrior or Enchantment: Warrior Enchantment Warrior increased ult's damage and healing. If red, applies more true damage. If blue, increased the range of ult and healing with Celebrity. I prefer red for invades and dueling in early to mid game.

Spirit Visage  increased more healing.

Blood Hunt  increased range of ult and synergized with Celebrity. Hence, it is more important to max it first.

To abuse Warwick's Q, Jaws of the Beast:

It is similar to the ultimate by applying on-hit effects, but it doesn't  healing a portion of the damage from on-hit effects.

Tiamat  is the must core for jungle clear speed. Also, if you use Q+Tiamat, it cancels Tiamat's animation, making jungle clear speed faster and also increasing DPS for 1v1 or teamfight. This also applies to Titanic Hydra .

Enchantment: Warrior Red Enchantment Warrior gives more stacks for true damage. With Tiamat's passive,  jungle clear speed is faster. Also, healing and damage is increased by bonus AD.

Sheen applies its damage to Q as on-hit effect. Same applies for Iceborn Gauntlet .

Spirit Visage  increased more healing.

What and how to optimize against certain kind of composition?

When facing against a comp that consists of at least 3 AP champions:

Nullifying Orb  replaces over Celerity  against heavy AP comp. However, if you want to replace over  Waterwalking  for burst damage with Blood Hunt 's passive. That is fine but it can be mildly inconsistent. (I honestly choose it for power spike when I use Blood Hunt to chase or engage.)

Spirit Visage  helps to deal magic damage and gives you more durability with increased healing.

Wit's End  helps to duel against AP champions you can skirmish or teamfight.

When facing against a comp that strongly denies your toolkit:

Legend: Tenacity  helps to weather CC storms, so you can use your abilities effectively and efficiently.

Last Stand  helps in late game to activate Eternal Hunger to receive healing and increase its healing higher. Also, in late game, you are not likely to make great use of Coup de Grace because Warwick's damage is mediocre. In fact, it is better if you know opposing comp is going for late game, so picking Warwick is not a good idea. But that rune is when you can reduce Warwick's impotency in late game. Same applies to Gathering Storm .

Mercury's Treads  Same explanation as Tenacity Rune.

Adaptive Helm  helps if you are facing AP champion who can deal massive damage or repetitive CC on you before you can heal properly. Also, it helps against AP and/or CC oriented comps. 

Enchantment: Cinderhulk Cinderhulk helps against heavy burst oriented comp before you can do anything.

Thornmail  helps to deal a champions who gains healing, so you can deny the healing. It is useful to deal against a comp who can heal well, so you can influence mid-game, especially contesting for objectives.

Stalker's Blade  helps to deal with mobile champions, especially they can kite you.

Boots of Swiftness  helps to deal with champions who mostly kite you with slow effect.

When facing a comp that consists of at least 3 AD champions:

Randuin's Omen  helps when you are facing Critical based champions. Also, deal with mobile champions.

Frozen Heart  helps to deal with comp that relies on AS and basic attacks.

Ninja Tabi  helps to deal with basic attack damage.

Iceborn Gauntlet helps to deal with mobile AD champions.

When you are ahead of the game:

Sterak's Gage  increased your Q and ult's damage and healing. Also, more durability is important when you dive and secure kills with 30% tenacity.

Guardian Angel  helps for diving and securing objective.

Warwick's Pathing

Powerfarm Strategy

Red Side
#1: Red > > Raptors + Smite > > opposing Raptors and/or Krugs > > Dragon's Scuttle > > Blue + Smite > > Gromp > > Wolves > > Raptors (Respawned) > > Krugs + Smite.

It is useful when challenging against jungler's clear speed, invades, or kill instead of farming. You need to clear your Raptors to prevent jungle stealing and get ahead of opponent's powerfarming. When you powerfarm, you will naturally lose jungle vision because the focus on farming than tracking on jungler's location. However, with Blood Hunt, it changes things. You want to invade either side a little bit to get closer to the jungler and if there is no mark, the jungler could be in the other side of the map. Since you powerfarmed, it is likely you have LV and item advantage, so if there is a mark, it is easier to skirmish.

#2: You can go for the regular route.
Go for Blue > > Gromp + Smite  > > Baron's Scuttle > > Wolves > > Red +Smite > > Raptors > > Krugs. This should give you LV3 when you cleared Wolves, making it safer to farm your Red.

Blue Side
#1: Red > > Raptors + Smite > > Baron's Scuttle > > Blue > > Gromp + Smite > > Wolves > > Recall > > Krugs. It should be used against jungler who can't contest your Scuttle or invade to steal your Blue. If the jungler is here to steal your blue, Red > > Baron's Scuttle > > Blue + Smite > > Gromp > > Wolves > > Raptors > > Krugs + Smite.

#2: Blue > > Gromp + Smite > > Baron's Scuttle > > Wolves > > Raptors > > Red + Smite > > Krugs. If you want to contest Scuttle, use Smite on it instead of Gromp. 

Counterjungle and Skirmish Strategy

Red Side
#1: Blue > > Gromp > > Wolves > > Red + Smite > > Baron's Scuttle. If there is no Scuttle, it is likely the jungler is still farming or camping top/mid lane, so either invade or countergank. Using Blood Hunt can help to locate the jungler.

Blue Side
#1: Red > > Wolves > > Blue + Smite > > Baron's Scuttle. The only thing jungler can do is farm or gank top/mid.  Using Blood Hunt can helps to see whether jungler is camping or just farming. If the jungle is still here at top of Red side, you should invade Krugs camp.

Warwick Tips

  1. When your Primal Howl is on cooldown and you are going to die quick, wait until your health reached half of it, so you can use Jaws of the Beast as it resets autoattack to give you more healing. It is good move for early game or mid game to skirmish.
  2. Infinite Duress is a good tool to dive, engage, and escape. With Primal Howl, you could effectively engage on the opposing team for AoE CC.   When you dive or engage, use Infinite Duress as later move where your HP is at half or lower to heal a lot.
  3. Jaws of the Beast is a good tool to prevent anyone escaping, even you can predict the timing of Flash. With Primal Howl, if you hold on Jaws of the Beast, you can make your opponent's escape harder. It can used as escape tool by moving away from your opponent through a target.
  4. Primal Howl can manipulate opponent's position if you re-activate at a certain position. For example, making the opponent move to take a turret shot.
  5. Blood Hunt is good tool to detect jungler's location. Since cooldown is further reduced when Warwick isn't in combat and no one is Blood Hunted, spam much as possible for roaming and detection. If you want to remain hidden, activate near to mid lane since it is harder to know what side you are on. Also, the range of Blood Hunt to target makes your location harder to know.

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