[8.9.1]Top Shen Guide

by Akiin

(Last updated on May 10, 2018)

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Summoner Spells

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  • Teleport
  • Flash


  • resolve
  • Aftershock
  • Bone Plating
  • Second Wind
  • Revitalize
  • sorcery
  • Transcendence
  • The Ultimate Hat
Bonus :

+65 health and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive



  • Doran's Shield


  • Sunfire Cape
  • Ninja Tabi
  • Mercury's Treads
  • Adaptive Helm
  • Tiamat

Ability Sequence

  • Ki Barrier

    Ki Barrier(Passive)

  • Twilight Assault
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Spirit's Refuge
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Shadow Dash
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Stand United
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Twilight Assault
    Shadow Dash
    Spirit's Refuge
    Twilight Assault
    Twilight Assault
    Stand United
    Twilight Assault
    Shadow Dash
    Twilight Assault
    Shadow Dash
    Stand United
    Shadow Dash
    Shadow Dash
    Spirit's Refuge
    Spirit's Refuge
    Stand United
    Spirit's Refuge
    Spirit's Refuge

Vs. Champions

  • Garen
  • Nautilus
  • Yasuo
  • Teemo
  • Vayne
  • Darius
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes

These champs are a bit...


easier than the rest…


There are those ‘fearless’ Yasuo users that come up to top lane time to time.

Shen has the advantage.
In an early game, E+Q(Grasp of the Undying)+basic attack will cut down a lot of Yasuo’s HP.

Also, if Yasuo is my matchup, I usually build Ninja Tabi+Tiamet. You can remove Yasuo’s passive using Tiamet active skill, which makes an easy fight for Shen. If Dash is in cooldown, use basic attack + Q + basic attack and remove his passive.


Blind+long-range+mushrooms = HELL

A common matchup than before because of Summon Rey.

You'll experience hell.

Please ban.


Condemn+long-range = HELL


I cannot fight, sir.


Inven nickname: 옆집남자쉔 


1. Early game burst damage

Early game burst damage using QTwilight Assault

2. A lot of variables

immune to basic attacks using WSpirit's Refuge
Roaming by using RStand United

3. Durability

PKi Barrier, WSpirit's Refuge makes him very tanky

4.  Easy-to-use CC skill 

E(Shadow Dash is easy to use


1. Weak in late games 

-> win rate dramatically decreases in late games. 

2. escape tool, CC, dash is combined into one skill.

If EShadow Dash is on cooldown, Shen is highly prone for ganks. 


Primary Paths that are useful for Shen are only Resolve and Precision, so I’m only going to elaborate on those two.

★: Not recommended
★★: Okay on certain circumstances
★★★: Good on certain circumstances
★★★★: Recommended
★★★★★: Highly recommended

When choosing runes, consider the opponent champion pools, especially the top lane champ as well as your team’s champion pools.

Rune description: Resolve

Grasp of the Undying(★★★★★)Grasp of the Undying
: It has heal, basic attack boost and additional HP stats. A 5 tool rune.

: Grants armor boost and can give burst damage to the enemy. Use if it’s hard to trigger Grasp of the Undying.

Guardian(★)Guardian: Please...You’re playing top.


Font of Life(★★★★)Font of Life: This champ specializes in roams, so it comes in handy.

Demolish(★★★★)Demolish: Shen is a split push champ.

Bone Plating(★★★★★)Bone Plating: If the opponent champion has burst damage, this rune is very efficient for Shen. Not useful against long-range champs.


Conditioning(★★★)Conditioning: The 8+5% armor, magic resistance is useful.

Second Wind(★★★)Second Wind: Highly efficient against long-range, short cooldown champs.

Chrysalis(★★★)Chrysalis: 60 bonus HP in an early game comes in handy. It’s efficient because Shen is more involved in kills and assists after hitting level 6. I’ll add more after I do some more research.


Overgrowth(★★★)Overgrowth: It is an okay rune but since Shen is a roaming champion, he eventually gains lower CS compared to other tank champs. 

Revitalize(★★★)Revitalize: Efficient with Shen’s ult.

Unflinching(★★★)Unflinching: Decent rune when there are a lot of enemy CC skills.

Rune description: Precision

Press the Attack(★★★★★)Press the Attack: A rune that has additional damage and can surprise the opponent with burst damage in lane phase. Goes well with a roaming champ like Shen.

Lethal Tempo(★)Lethal Tempo: Shen doesn’t need this amount of attack speed.

Fleet Footwork(★)Fleet Footwork: Only useful for basic attack based ADCs.


Overheal(★)Overheal: What? Do you really think you need life steal shield?

Triumph(★★★★★)Triumph: Additional gold plus health restore. A very useful rune.

Presence of Mind(★)Presence of Mind: What you just say? Mana? Please...


Alacrity(★★★★)Legend: Alacrity: If you want additional attack speed it’s okay to go.

Tenacity(★★★★★)Legend: Tenacity: CC resistance! Useful.

Bloodline(★)Legend: Bloodline: Life steal? Really...?


Coup de Grace(★★★★)Coup de Grace: The best one in Combat.

Cut Down(★)Cut Down: Dont’t forget. Shen is a tanker.

Last Stand(★★)Last Stand: Only useful on early game. Nothing more. Shen is a tanker so you don’t need it.

Rune Description: Domination


Cheap Shot(★★★★)Cheap Shot: Best in Malice. Enhances Shen’s burst damage.

Taste of Blood(★★)Taste of Blood: If you’re using Grasp of the Undying you don’t really need it. But, if you’re using Press the Attack, Taste of Blood helps lane control/sustain. 

Sudden Impact(★★★)Sudden Impact:   is better. If you use Shadow Dash a lot, it might come in handy.


Zombie Ward(★★★★★)Zombie Ward: Very efficient for preventing enemy ganks.

Ghost Poro(★★★★★)Ghost Poro: Good when you use Farsight Alteration more than Oracle Lens.

Eyeball Collection(★)Eyeball Collection: Not good. Vision is more important than additional attack  or ability power.


Ravenous Hunter(★)Ravenous Hunter: You really need vamp? Please…

Ingenious Hunter(★★)Ingenious Hunter: If your building Randuin's Omen, it might come in handy… Nah, just don’t use this rune.

Relentless Hunter(★★★★)Relentless Hunter: Better than the rest. Efficient because Shen roams a lot.

Rune Description: Sorcery


Nullifying Orb(★★★)Nullifying Orb: Goes well when going against AP long-range champs like Teemo, Kennen.

Manaflow Band(★)Manaflow Band: What? Mana? Not even sure whether it recovers Energy.

The Ultimate Hat(★★★★★)The Ultimate Hat: Goes well with Shen; he has very long ult cooldown.


Transcendence(★★★★)Transcendence: A good rune for the skill-based Shen.

Celerity(★)Celerity: Additional movement speed isn’t that bad. Still, go with .

Absolute Focus(★★)Absolute Focus: ‘while above 70% of your max health’ isn’t an important factor for Shen. Of course, Shen isn’t a damage dealer in teamfights either.


Scorch(★★★)Scorch: Can gain lane advantage.

Waterwalking(★★)Waterwalking: A good rune for roaming champs. However, Shen doesn’t roam on foot.

Gathering Storm(★)Gathering Storm: A weak late game champ like Shen doesn’t really need this rune.

Rune Description: Inspiration


Hextech Flashtraption(★)Hextech Flashtraption: I don’t prefer this rune. You can’t use Dash+Hextech Flashtraption.

Biscuit Delivery( ★★★★)Biscuit Delivery: Good way to withstand early game pressure.

Perfect Timing(★★★)Perfect Timing: Ingredient for Gargoyle Stoneplate. Also, can make variables.


Magical Footwear(★★★)Magical Footwear: Shen doesn’t need boots before 10min so it goes in handy.

Future’s Market(★★★★)Future's Market: Good use when you lack gold.

Minion Dematerializer(★★★★)Minion Dematerializer: Increased damage to minions enhances Shen’s split push ability. Also helpful when you have a difficult time farming CS.


Cosmic Insight(★★★★)Cosmic Insight: Useful because it reduces cooldown.

Approach Velocity(★★★)Approach Velocity: Efficient in chase downs. However, you have to hit Q and the enemy has to be on its back.

Potion(★)Time Warp Tonic: Why use this rune?

Additional Tips

Comparison on Grasp of the Undying and  Aftershock. (On 4615 HP)

675 675 1697(the third basic attack after using Q) when using Aftershock

509 509 1532(the third basic attack after using Q) when using Grasp of the Undying.
Aftershock is a better damage deal rune.
However, I go with Grasp of the Undying because it has health heal, and additional health stats.

Summoner Spells

Teleport ----  Flash

Say no more.

Ignite: Better for Shen Support.

Exhaust: For Support; Shen Support must protect the ADC.

Smite: Only use it when you go jungle.

Ghost: Do you want to be a ninja?

Barrier, Heal, Ghost, Cleanse: Nope.


If your matchup is aggresive in lane and has the dominance, try maxing Shadow Dash first. 

ex) Teemo, Vayne, Darius, Fiora, Gangplank, Vladimir

Skill tips

EShadow Dash  +  FlashFlash   vs   FlashFlash  +  EShadow Dash

Use E+Flash when you want to catch just one enemy off guard.

Use Flash+E with your team’s CC combination. Also, use it  if E is out of range and you want to hit as many opponents as possible.

People don't know that Shen’s Ki Barrier is triggered after his skill cast ends.

Ki Barrier  triggered when the blade, after using Twilight Assault, comes back to Shen.

Ki Barrier triggered after Spirit's Refuge duration is over.

Ki Barrier triggered after the Shadow Dash dash reaches its end range.

Ki Barrier triggered when Shen moves to your teammate after using Stand United.


Starting item: Doran's Shield

Key items

Sunfire Cape ---Ninja Tabi----Mercury's Treads----Tiamat-----Adaptive Helm

★: Not recommended
★★: Build on certain circumstances
★★★: recommended
Choose items based on different game situations.

Starting item

Doran's Shield(★★★): Safe starting item.

Cloth Armor(★★): A starting item when your matchup has strong AD.

Defense item

Gargoyle Stoneplate(★★): Efficient in team fights, a good armor/magic resistance item.

Warmog's Armor(★★): Build when your tanky enough.

Thornmail(★★): Build when your matchup is Illaoi, Darius, Fiora.

Sunfire Cape(★★★): Build if you need a better tank item than Bramble VestChain VestSpectre's Cowl. After you complete the Titanic Hydra in late game, sell the Sunfire Cape and go for another item.

Spirit Visage(★★): If you still need more AP resistance, it’s a good choice to go after theAdaptive Helm. If there is a healer on your team, you definitely should build this item.

Adaptive Helm(★★★): Good item when your top matchup is Teemo, Kennen.(recently, I build it as a must, when I’m facing an AP champ)

Dead Man's Plate(★★): Has more HP than Randuin's Omen. Build it when you don’t really need a Randuin's Omen.

Randuin's Omen(★★): Build if the opponent has critical damage items.

(★★★): Highly important for wave clear.

Tiamat(★★★): If you don’t have enough gold to complete , go for the Tiamat first, after you build Bramble Vest or Chain Vest or Spectre's Cowl.

Sterak's Gage(★): You don’t need the additional 50% base attack damage. Also it’s expensive. There are much better tank items, so why build the Steraks’ Gage?

Frozen Mallet(★★): Build if the opponent side lacks escape tools.


Ninja Tabi(★★★): If there are a lot of AD dealers on the opponent side or if your top matchup is an AD champ.

Sorcerer's Shoes(★): ????

Berserker's Greaves(★): If you just want to have some fun.

Boots of Mobility(★): Not bad to have some mobility, but Shen doesn’t roam on foot.

Boots of Swiftness(★★): If there are a lot of enemy CC skills.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity(★★): If you have a rather easy lane matchup or if you think you are tanky enough.

Mercury's Treads(★★★): Build if the enemy top laner is an AP champ. Or if there are a lot of AP dealers on the opponent side.

Additonal Tips

Lane phase

Your rune choice(see 'runes' ) makes you weak in early game so try to endure lane phase pressure.

Early game

Make good use of your ult. Use it for supporting ganks, bottom lane roaming, mid roaming. ( If your mid, bottom lane has a high chance of dying don’t use your ult for gank support.)

Mid / late game 

If your ult, Teleport is ready in a mid/late game, try split pushing sides. If your ult and Teleport is both on cooldown, join your teammates.


Garen: One of the easiest top matchups. Block with .

Gangplank: I hate this guy.  He is back again with Kleptomancy. If he is your matchup, master first and

make better use of .

Gnar: Ignore Gnar’s x 3 basic attack hit using . His hop is a rather difficult skill to

use so call for ganks.

Nasus: Let’s not get too excited. You can’t stop his Q farm anyway. Use for roams and get back in

lane with   .

Nautilus:  Hard to lose against him. When you engage for a fight, block ,+basic attack with

in order to get the advantage.

Darius: Ban.

Rumble: You have to widen the gap in lane phase. His only escape tool is , so call ganks and make

him suffer before team fights.

Renekton: Endure his early lane pressure. Shen can do so much more compare to Darius in late games.

Riven: I personally have a hard time against Riven. ++basic attack+ feels like hell.

When she engages using , strike back with .

Maokai: A decent top champ, but you can win by going 1 vs 1. Try to engage once you know where the

opponent jungler is at. It is very dangerous if your is in cooldown because Maokai might engage

using which makes a pretty easy gank situation.

Malphite: Very annoying when cuts down your attack speed. Don’t give away a kill in lane phase. Be

aware of his  . Try to evade and use to the enemy dealers in a teamfight.

Mordekaiser: Block with . You barely meet him in top these days.

Dr. Mundo: Mundo has less dominance in teamfights. Also, Shen has an advantage in roaming so you can

easily win this matchup. However, if you can’t dodge , things will go differently.

Sion: A strong top champ these days. If your doesn’t get blocked by , you’ll win 1 vs 1. Call

‘M.I.A’ when Sion is out of sight. He’ll roam around using .

Swain: If your going against Swain, build quickly. Shen has a good chance of dying if you try

building for wave clear. Things become much more easier once you have . Swain can

cancel by using so be careful.

Singed:   is a very important item. Don’t use in close ranges because Singed will run to you

and cancel it by using   .

Akali: Blocking + basic attack with your is the key factor.

Aatrox: Let’s cry for Aatrox for a sec… In this matchup, try to evade and block +x3 basic


Ekko: Block + third stack basic attack and with your .

Wukong: If you use and block his , trading damage becomes easier. Wukong has a good gank

support skill, so be careful.

Ornn: Ignore +basic attack using . Keep in mind that he has  , because it can cancel

your . He makes a difficult matchup.

Olaf: makes him one of the most overpowered champion in lane phase. You still can trade

damage in early games, but once he hits level 6, it’s impossible to win because of Olaf’s .

Yorick: Block by using   and be careful not to be caged in .

Irelia: Her damage deal combo is mostly based on closing down using . If she engages using

, strike back with and trade some damage.

Illaoi: Block with .  Evade as much as possible by positioning behind minions.

When you call for a gank after level 6, be careful of her . Remove her tentacles while lane phase.

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