[8.24.1]Pre-Season 9 Lulu Support Guide

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Summoner Spells

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  • Flash
  • Ignite

Take Ignite in good Matchup, Take Exhaust in bad matchups


  • sorcery
  • Summon Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch
  • resolve
  • Shield Bash
  • Revitalize
Bonus :

+ 9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+ 9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+ 6 Armor

These are the recommended Runes for Lulu. I always take these Runes when playing as her.


Good Matchup

  • Spellthief's Edge
  • Health Potion
  • Health Potion
  • Health Potion

Start this Support item if you're in a good matchup. For example, you have the range advantage.

Bad / Safe Matchup

  • Ancient Coin
  • Health Potion
  • Health Potion
  • Health Potion

Take this if you're in a difficult matchup. Such as against somebody who out trades you.

Upgrade Supp Item First

  • Frostfang
  • Nomad's Medallion

Make sure that you always upgrade your Support item first.

Core build

  • Boots of Speed
  • Ardent Censer
  • Redemption
  • Zeke's Convergence
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Remnant of the Ascended
  • Remnant of the Watchers

I generally do not go too far of this build path. I recommend that you always build these items on Lulu.

Situational Boots

  • Space Boots of Lucidity
  • Mercury's Treads
  • Ninja Tabi
  • Boots of Mobility

Here are the boots that are good on Lulu. Realistically, these are the only situational items for her.

Optional Support Items

  • Athene's Unholy Grail
  • Mikael's Crucible

Here are two other items that can be useful on Lulu.

Ability Sequence

  • Pix, Faerie Companion

    Pix, Faerie Companion(Passive)

  • Glitterlance
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Whimsy
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Help, Pix!
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Wild Growth
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Help, Pix!
    Help, Pix!
    Help, Pix!
    Wild Growth
    Help, Pix!
    Help, Pix!
    Wild Growth
    Wild Growth

I recommend always starting E for added damage and protection at level one. Follow this Ability guide if you want the best results!

Vs. Champions

  • Tahm Kench
  • Janna
  • Lux
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Blitzcrank
  • Alistar
  • Thresh
  • Morgana
  • Rakan
  • Brand
  • Karma
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Leona
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes
TahmKenchTahm Kench

Tahm is incredibly squishy and immobile in the early game. Use this to your advantage by consistently auto attacking him and shredding his health. As he is melee, he is very easy to play against. However, do not let him lick you as you can get killed for it.


Lulu is very good against utility based Supports. She will out damage Janna which makes this a really easy lane to play against.


Lux is rather squishy and immobile. Use this to your advantage by poking her down whenever she miss positions. Try to dodge her Q though, as if it does bind you, you may pay for it. This is more of a skill based matchup, so keep that in mind when they playing against her.


As suggested previously, Lulu is fantastic against utility based Supports. Use this to your advantage by going for frequent and consistent trades. Utilising your Q and E will make this match up a lot easier.


Soraka is another utility based Support which means she will lack damage. She's also rather squishy, so keep that in mind when you play against her. As soraka does a lot of healing, it is best to focus her down in any exchange so the ADCarry does not return to full health.


In this match up, you can shield a lot of his damage which makes this match up a normal or medium difficulty. Use your shield on yourself to neglect a lot of his damage.


Lulu's shield is perfect at blocking champions damage. Karma has a lot of damage in the early game which means that you can neglect some of her damage which will assist you in winning this lane. If she uses her empowered Q on new, block it with your shield.


One of Nami's most efficient ways of trading is with her heal. If she positions herself far up in the lane and looks to be using it aggressively, use your shield to block some of the damage. If you do not do this, she will out trade you and out sustain you through healing.


In a Nautilus matchup, it can go either way. All you really need to do is not get hooked by him and just put him down throughout the laning phase. Even though he is a tank, he is rather squishy - so use this to your advantage by poking him down consistently whenever he tries to get stacks on his supporting item.


Make sure that you hit level 2 before the enemy. If they get level 2 before you, leona can just engage on you. This is a good match up for you if you can keep poking her down and not get caught by her. If you were to get caught by her, you will die as you are very squishy.


This is a rather difficult matchup for Lulu as she is rather squishy and immobile. If the enemy was to hook her, she will probably die. This is why it is so important that you dodge his queue at all times. I recommend standing in between the minion ways to prevent Blitzcrank from getting free hooks on you. When he runs towards you, use your W to get away.


As Lulu is rather squishy, one combo from this champion can be the end of you. Alistar is really good at knocking up and killing enemies and one of his biggest strengths is playing against utility-based Supports. In this matchup, try to poke him whenever he tries to get stacks on his support item and other than that: play really safe.


Thresh has a hook that can easily catch you out of position. Try to prevent him from getting free Q's down on you by hiding in between the minion wave. You can use your W to speed yourself up and get away from his Hook if he decides to walk up to you. Lulu is rather squishy, so try to avoid being hooked at all times.


Morgana is really difficult to play against because of her binding. If you were to get hit by it, you will be locked in position for quite some time. This can make it very difficult for you to survive the laning phase as you are rather squishy. Try to avoid being hit by this at all cost.


This is a difficult matchup for Lulu because the enemy can engagement you very easily. I would recommend that you play ultra safe and not position too far up in lane. If Rakan tries to engage on you, back off and use your W on him. In team fights, you can use your ultimate to disengage.

Summoner Spell Discussion

You should always take Flash Flash when playing a Utility Support such as Lulu Lulu as it will provide you with some defence and escape capability. With the second Summoner Spell, you do have some freedom. You can choose to take either  Ignite Ignite or Exhaust Exhaust depending on the matchup. If you have kill pressure, I would recommend that you take Ignite Ignite so you're able to win lane and kill the enemy. Exhaust Exhaust is favourable when you're in a tough matchup where you do not have the greatest kill threat. You may also want to take Exhaust Exhaust if the enemy team is full of AD champions or if they have an assassin such as Akali Akali.


It's time to move onto what Lulu Lulu's abilities do. LuluLulu is just like many other Utility Supports where she has a shield, a slow and a speed up. Utilising her kit fully can be difficult, so try your best to get an understanding of what each of her abilities does before playing her!

Lulu's Passive is Pix, Faerie Companion

LuluLulu is assisted by her friend Pix. She fires a barrage of 3 bolts to her target everytime LuluLulu uses a basic attack against an enemy champion. The bolts fired from Pix can be blocked by units in the way of LuluLulu's target. Casting LuluLulu's Help, Pix!  E on an ally transfers Pix onto her ally instead.

Lulu's Q is Glitterlance

Lulu Lulu and Pix both fire a bolt towards a target point dealing damage to enemies it passes through. Enemies hit by Lulu Lulu's Glitterlance Q are also slowed.

Tips and Tricks

Your Glitterlance Q will be on of your main source of poke during the laning phase. As it is a slow, it is very good at slowing down enemies who are chasing after you. When the enemy Jungler ganks your lane, you definitely want to throw this ability at them to slow them down.

Lulu's W is Whimsy

ON ALLY CAST: Lulu Lulu gives your ally bonus movement speed and attack speed for a few seconds.

ON ENEMY CAST: Lulu Lulu polymorphs an enemy champion and reduces their movement speed for a short duration.

Tips and Tricks

During the laning phase, you will want to use your Whimsy W on your ally to speed them up and get them away from the enemy. Alternatively, it can be used to chase enemies. As it also gives attack speed, whenever you're auto attacking a tower, make sure to cast it on your ally so they can do increased damage and get more auto attacks down on the tower. 

In team fights, you should prioritize using your Whimsy W to slow down the enemies who may be jumping on to your ADC. Using this in conjunction with your Wild Growth Ultimate should keep your ADC safe.

Lulu's E is Help, Pix!

ON ALLY CAST: Lulu Lulu shields an ally champion.

ON ENEMY CAST: Lulu Lulu sends pix to a target enemy and deals damage to them. Enemies affected by her Help, Pix! E are spotted with true sight.

Tips and Tricks

During the laning phase, your Help, Pix! E will be one of your main sources of damage. You will try to prioritize using this to deal damage in the early game. Whereas during the late game and team fights, you will want to use this to protect your team.

Alternatively, if your ADC or yourself are trading with the enemy, you will want to use it on yourselves instead so you can prevent taking some of the damage.

Lulu's Ultimate is Wild Growth

Lulu Lulu enlarges an allied champion and knocks up any enemies around them. This increases her allies health and causes them to slow nearby enemies.

Tips and Tricks

You should prioritize using this ability on your ally at all times. In team fights, you should use this as soon as somebody jumps on one of your carries. Basically, use this whenever your ally is in danger. I recommend using it as soon as someone gets on to them so they get knocked up.

Runes Breakdown

For Lulu Lulu, I recommend that you take Sorcery as the main rune path. This is because it directly empowers her abilities.  Many Utility Supports will take this rune as it buffs their ability to heal and shield their allies. For your keystone, you should take Summon Aery Summon Aery. This rune comes in handy when you shield your allies. It also allows you to deal extra damage whenever you trade with the enemy. As Lulu Lulu is somebody who trades often, you will directly benefit from taking this rune. For the second rune, you should take Manaflow Band Manaflow Band. Basically what this rune does is, whenever you deal damage to an enemy, you will gain bonus mana. This will come in handy in the later stages of the game as it will allow you to use more abilities before having to recall. The next rune you should take is Transcendence Transcendence. This gives you bonus cooldown reduction at level 10 which will allow you to use your abilities more often. This means that shielding allies through your Help, Pix! E and supporting them with your Wild Growth Ultimate will be more frequent. The last rune on this list will be Scorch Scorch. This will give you bonus damage in the laning phase as it sets fire to the enemy laners. This will also give you higher kill potential in lane compared to without.

Every time you play a utility based Support, you will need to take Resolve as the secondary Rune tree. This is because Resolve can increase your healing and shielding power. In Pre-Season 9, Riot adjusted  Shield BashShield Bash which basically gives you more trading power in lane. If your ADC also takes this rune, they will get increased damage. This can come in handy if you're going for frequent trades. LuluLulu really benefits from this rune as she can just use her Help, Pix! E to shield herself and trade back with autos. The last rune you should take is  RevitalizeRevitalize as it increases your healing and shielding power. In team fights, this rune will work wonders for your team as it will increase their survivability.

For bonus stats, stick to 2x Adaptive Damage and 1x Armor!


As LuluLulu is a ranged Utility Support, she can take one of two starting items. The first option is Spellthief's EdgeSpellthief's Edge. This item is fantastic on LuluLulu as she can easily proc and complete her warding quest.  Spellthief's EdgeSpellthief's Edge gives LuluLulu more damage in the lane as well- which will definitely come in handy when you're trading with the enemy. In most cases, I would recommend that you take Spellthief's EdgeSpellthief's Edge so you can win the lane. However, if you're in a difficult matchup where the enemy has the advantage, you may want to take a different approach to laning and not take this item. Instead, you should start with Ancient CoinAncient Coin. This item will give you more survivability in the lane as you will not have to go out of your way to deal damage or get stacks. Taking this item is a very safe thing to do and will allow you to survive the lane. I would take this item if I was in a difficult matchup such as against a heavy CC enemy or someone with lots of damage.  Depending on what starting item you take, you will always want to upgrade it before any other items. This is because you will need to get your warding quest completed and actually be able to place wards around the map. FrostfangFrostfang will give you more damage as well which will assist you in bursting down enemies whenever you trade with the enemy. Nomad's MedallionNomad's Medallion will give you more gold in the long run once upgraded.

After you've upgraded your starting item to tier 2, you will then want to purchase Boots of SpeedBoots to give you increased movement speed and allow you to move around the map. You can then choose to upgrade them later on: you'll pick either Ionian Boots of LucidityIonian Boots of Lucidity, Mercury's TreadsMercury's Treads, Ninja TabiNinja Tabi or Boots of MobilityBoots of Mobility. You should take the ones you need the most. For example, if the enemy has multiple AP champions or somebody with burst AP damage like SyndraSyndra, you should take Mercury's TreadsMercury's Treads. Generally, I would purchase tier 1 Boots of SpeedBoots but not upgrade them till later on. The next item you should get is Ardent CenserArdent Censer. As LuluLulu is a Utility Support, buying this item will enhance your damage and shielding ability. This is a core item on many healing and shielding Supports- so it makes sense to get this item as soon as you can. After you've got this item, you will need to get RedemptionRedemption. Unlike Ardent CenserArdent Censer, you do not have to be close by an ally to use your RedemptionRedemption. This is really good in solo queue as you can cast your RedemptionRedemption far away and heal allies when you're not near them. In some games, you may find that you want to take RedemptionRedemption before Ardent CenserArdent Censer if you have somebody as your ADC who doesn't really benefit from it like a JhinJhin. Either way, LuluLulu's core build path includes these two items every game and they benefit her beautifully.

As LuluLulu has a rather short cooldown on her Wild Growth Ultimate, I recommend that you take Zeke's ConvergenceZeke's Convergence. Unlike some other Supports, you can use your Wild Growth Ultimate during or at the start of the fight to buff an ADC. Zeke's ConvergenceZeke's Convergence basically ignites your ADC's damage and deals AOE damage around yourself.  This makes this item crucial against enemies with heavy sustain like Dr. MundoDr. Mundo and VladimirVladimir as it can reduce their healing.  After you have got this item, you will need to get Locket of the Iron SolariLocket of the Iron Solari which can provide your team with a small decaying shield. This will come in handy in team fights as it gives your allies some more survivability and defence. This can also be used in clutch ways to protect your team from IgniteIgnite burn damage. After you've completed this item, you will need to upgrade your starting item to its final form. In most cases, I recommend leaving this last to upgrade as it isn't really cost effective to upgrade it early. Furthermore, your core build path is far more important than an upgraded Support item.

Situational Items

As suggested, you can take any of the Boots of Speed Boots listed. If you need magic resist, take Mercury's TreadsMercury's Treads. If you need armor, takeNinja TabiNinja Tabi and if you need bonus cooldown reduction (which I personally would avoid as you will get max CDR anyway), you should get Ionian Boots of LucidityIonian Boots of Lucidity. If none of them suit your fancy, you can get Boots of MobilityBoots of Mobility.

The other optional items are Athene's Unholy GrailAthene's Unholy Grail which is a good item if you're able to consistently do damage. I would not really buy this item unless you're against really squishy enemies or enemies with no kill threat on you. If you're really far ahead, you can get this item. The other optional item is Mikael's Crucible Mikael's Crucible. I would recommend taking this item if your team is against an enemy team composition that has many enemies with crowd control.

Team fighting

Let's discuss how you play in a team fight as LuluLulu. You can use this information for every Utility Support in the game. As LuluLulu's sole purpose is to peel and protect her team, you will need to do just that in team fights. Reminding yourself of your job frequently will allow you to accomplish this.

 LuluLulu needs to always be stood next to her ADC. This will enable her to protect them with her Wild Growth Ultimate and her Help, Pix! E. You can also speed up your ADC, or slow down the enemy by using your Whimsy W on them. LuluLulu is a Utility Support and she should be played like one. This means that you should not be in the front line, nor should you be positioned too far away from your ADC. Whenever anybody engages on your ADC, throw everything and the kitchen sink at them to keep your ADC alive.

Pros and Cons

Every champion in this game has their pros and cons and Lulu Lulu is no exception. In this section, I'm going to discuss what makes Lulu Lulu a good champion but also list of some of her downfalls.

1) She is really good at protecting her carries. As Lulu Lulu is a Utility Support, she has a few different abilities that can be used to protect her carries and she is really effective at it.

She has a lot of poke potential. As she is ranged and has poke abilities, she can do a lot of damage in the laning phase. This is especially true if she's against melee champions.

She can complete her warding quest quite quickly. No matter what starting item she takes, she can easily stack either of the items.

Her Wild Growth Ultimate is on a really short cooldown. This means that she can use it more often.

She doesn't have many combos. This can work in your favour as you do not have to rely on lots of different key combination.

She's simple to play. This can work in your favour as you do not need to have that much practice on her to perform well.
7) She is a fun champion. Some champions in League of Legends are not that fun to play- but Lulu Lulu is a fun one.


1) She is very squishy. This can make it difficult for you to lane against players with hard engage or lots of damage.

She is quite immobile. Even with Lulu Lulu's Whimsy W, she is still quite slow which can often result in you getting killed if the enemy engages on you.

She cannot be the front line. If your teen has no front line, Lulu cannot pick up the slack for your team.

Lulu Lulu relies on her team to deal damage. She should be built as a Utility Support and not as a damage Support. She also has to rely heavily on her team to do things as she doesn't have the highest impact of any champion.

Tips and Tricks

1) Always stands next to your ADC and protect them in team fight. This will give them the highest chance of surviving a team fight.  Positioning in team fights is extremely important when it comes to winning them!

2) Whenever you have stacks available on your warding quest, make sure you attack the enemy and consume the stacks. This will grant you extra gold as well as complete your quest quicker. But avoid last hitting minions as it can delay your warding quest.

3) When trading with the enemy who also deals damage,  use your Help, Pix! shield on yourself to neglect some of their damage. This is a valuable technique to use against a JannaJanna or NamiNami.

4) Go for frequent trades using your auto attacks rather than abilities to make good use of your Pix, Faerie Companion Passive. However, do utilize your abilities to deal extra damage.

5) Help your ADC farm under tower by auto attacking the back minions once and then let your ADC finish them off. Generally, AA the minion once, let the tower hit them and then let your ADC finish them off.

6) Try your hardest to poke the enemies down throughout the laning phase. This will give you and your ADC a higher kill threat in lane.

7) Make sure you auto attack the tower to consume some of your starting item stacks. This will allow you to get your quest completed quicker.

8) LuluLulu can utilize her Wild Growth Ultimate to prevent the enemy from getting a knock up or stun on your ADC. For example, if Lee SinLee Sin jumps on your ADC, you can Wild Growth Ult them so he gets knocked up.

Gameplay Discussion

The early game for this champion is very simple. All you need to do is poke the enemy, protect your AD Carry and play aggressive whenever it is suitable. As Lulu Lulu is a Utility Support, she will need to prioritise the health of her AD Carry over herself. All you really need to do is try to get your warding quest done and protect your ADC.

As Lulu Lulu is very squishy, try to avoid any skirmishes that will not work in your favour- especially if the enemy has more damage than you. When I play Lulu Lulu, I prioritise staying safe and poking whenever I'm free to and not when it is dangerous to do so.

During the mid game, you need to stick close to your ADC and protect them at all time. Prioritising your AD Carries life over yours will enable you to win teamfights more frequently. In team fights, you need to use all of your abilities to ensure that your ADC survives. If they died, it may be difficult for your team to win the team fight as there are lack consistent damage.
I recommend that you use your Glitterlance Q on the enemy to slow them down. Then use your Whimsy W to either speed up your ADC or use it on the enemy to slow them down and prevent them from getting on to your team. Finally, you then want to use your Wild Growth Ultimate to knock up and prevent any enemies getting on top of your carries.

In the later stages of the game, there is great emphasis on protecting your carries at all time. All you need to do is peel for them and protect them from getting killed. As death timers are quite long in the late stages of game, make sure that they stay alive for as long as possible. Utilizing your kit and your items will allow them to stay alive for longer and deal more damage.

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