[8.19.1]The Fairy Sorceress

by Hoshea_Tiang

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Summoner Spells

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  • Ignite
  • Flash

This summoner spell setup is useful when you are against easy and squishy opponents and have kill pressure on them with your ADC. Bringing Ignite helps you a lot in your all-ins as it applies the true-damage burn and Grevious Wounds to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy's Heal summoner spell or any other healing abilities. Flash is useful to set-up your combos to catch enemies off-guard or get out of bad situations as Lulu does not have any blink or dashes in her kit.


  • sorcery
  • Summon Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Celerity
  • Scorch
  • inspiration
  • Biscuit Delivery
  • Cosmic Insight
Bonus :

+12 Attack damage or +20 ability power, adaptive

Summon Aery is definitely the best keystone for Lulu as it amplifies your poke on the enemy and also allows you to shield your allies when casting your W, E or R on your allies or yourself. Manaflow Band allows you more mana to use more abilities in lane while Celerity allows you to combine the bonus movement speed with your W movement speed to move very quickly while also converting the bonus movement speed to some AP for more damage. Scorch increases your poke in lane, giving you much more lane pressure with your ADC. For the secondary tree, taking Biscuit Delivery from Inspiration allows you to sustain longer in lane and also increasing your maximum mana while Cosmic Insight gives you extra cooldown reduction to both your abilities and items, which is extremely useful as Lulu does use some active items and is ability-reliant to support her team.


Starting Item (1)

  • Spellthief's Edge
  • Health Potion
  • Health Potion

This starting item setup is generally used to boost your poke and lane power in the laning phase and give you lane pressure. The 2 Health Potions are extremely important as the you generally want to stay in lane as long as possible to poke down the enemy turret along with your ADC. If you fall low, it becomes very hard to walk up to land your abilities on the enemy because Lulu is a very squishy champion and can be bursted down if caught with any crowd control.

Core (1)

  • Remnant of the Watchers
  • Boots of Mobility
  • Oracle Lens
  • Ardent Censer
  • Redemption

You should upgrade your Spellthief's Edge to Remnant of the Watchers and trade as much as possible in lane to complete the item quest for the ward charges. Once you have completed the quest for the item, you should change your Vision Trinket to Oracle Lens and constantly sweep the bushes for enemy wards. Getting Mobility Boots is important to quickly roam and help your team out whenever possible with your jungler. After that, you should get Ardent Censer quickly as it gives you a lot of good stats such as Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction and Mana Regeneration while also increasing your shield power and also allows you to increase the attack speed of your ADC with your shields. Redemption is also a huge power spike for you as there should be a lot of skirmishes and teamfights by the time you complete it and a well-timed Redemption in such fights can easily turn the fight around in your favor.

Starting Item (2)

  • Ancient Coin
  • Health Potion
  • Health Potion

Getting the Ancient Coin instead of the Spellthief's Edge is generally useful when your bot lane is not looking to pressure the enemy lane but just to farm up and scale into the late game slowly. In this case, the Ancient Coin will greatly increase your gold income and allow you to reach your item spikes slightly earlier.

Core (2)

  • Remnant of the Ascended
  • Boots of Mobility
  • Oracle Lens
  • Ardent Censer
  • Redemption

The only difference the Core (2) item set have with Core (1) is the Remnant of the Ascended instead of the Remnant of the Watchers due to the difference in your starting item. Similarly, once you complete the quest, you should change your Vision Trinket to Oracle Lens so you can check for enemy vision. With this item set, one option is to delay the completion of your Remnant of the Ascended while rushing for the Ardent Censer or Redemption faster if you have acquired a lead and your team is looking to snowball it further.

Other Items

  • Mikael's Crucible
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Knight's Vow
  • Twin Shadows

After completing your core items, you can buy some of the items here next according to your preferences and the enemy team. Mikael's Crucible is useful if the enemy has a lot of crowd control as it can be used to remove the crowd control effect on your carries. Locket of the Iron Solari allows you to give you and your allies a shield but is not that effective due to it scaling on your bonus health. Knight's Vow is useful as it allows you to bind to your carry and redirect some of the damage received by him/her to you instead while allowing you to heal from the damage your ally is dealing. Twin Shadow allows you to scout out the enemy and also slow them.
Overall, I would rank the effectiveness of the items due to the overall Gold Efficiency of the items and also the variety of situations that these items will be useful in as follows:
1) Mikael's Crucible
2) Knight's Vow
3) Locket of the Iron Solari, Twin Shadows

Ability Sequence

  • Pix, Faerie Companion

    Pix, Faerie Companion(Passive)

  • Glitterlance
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Whimsy
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Help, Pix!
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Wild Growth
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Help, Pix!
    Help, Pix!
    Help, Pix!
    Wild Growth
    Help, Pix!
    Help, Pix!
    Wild Growth
    Wild Growth

You want to get your E first as it allows you to either shield your ally or poke the enemy as it is also a point-click damage ability if used on the enemy. After that, you should get your Q as it gives your E-Q combo more damage and then getting your W. You should max your abilities in the order of E>W>Q. However, if you and your ADC is looking to shove the lane in early, you can put 1 or 2 more points into your Q earlier on to push the minion waves faster.

Vs. Champions

  • Bard
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Sona
  • Morgana
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Thresh
  • Alistar
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nami
  • Soraka
  • Rakan
  • Shen
  • Braum
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes

Bard is quite squishy and does not have much damage or range, so look to poke the opponent whenever possible. However, watch out for his Q as it can stun you if it hits another unit before or after hitting you. Using your W on him as he walks up is a great way to stop his damage while also allowing you to trade back on him.


Janna can be annoying but she does not have much damage in her kit so you should out-trade their bottom lane duo fairly easily. Using your W on her ADC during 2v2 fights is an easy way to win trades as she will not be able to contribute to the fight if her ADC is immobilized. Her tornadoes should not be able to land on you or your ADC especially due to your W movement speed.


She does have a decent amount of damage with her Q and empowered Q but is a squishy champion so you should be able to win the lane if you trade well into her. Always try to keep minions between you and her so you do not get hit by her R-Q. If she walks up to use her E on you or your ally, W her or slow her with your Q and either follow-up with your other damage abilites if your ADC can follow-up or just back off.


Sona is quite weak in the early game and laning phase, so try trade aggressively with her in lane. However, watch out for enemy jungle ganks as Sona's ultimate can stun both you can your ADC.


Morgana does not have as much damage as you and is fairly squishy in the early game. She is also extremely reliant on landing her Q, so look to keep minions between you and her at all times to avoid getting rooted by her Q. Try to bait out her E (Black Shield) before casting your W or damage combo. As it is a magic shield, your auto attacks can still hurt her. She also can only shield one enemy with it, so you can aim your damage at other enemies once she has used it.


Nami is not an easy matchup because her W can both poke and heal at the same time. You will need to time your trade windows specifically for example when you have seen her use her W to heal her allies as if you trade onto her when her W is up she can easily heal back the damage you have dealt to her and poke you in the meantime. Although her Q is hard to land, it stuns you for quite a long time so you should consider flashing if it is about to land on you if you are alone in lane or if the enemy jungler is coming. That said, Nami is extremely squishy and if you find your trade windows properly you should be able to push her out in lane due to your poke and utility.


Soraka is a very squishy champion but does have decent sustain and poke if she manages to land her Q, which is an ability that you and your ADC definitely want to dodge in lane. Most people think that you should only aim for Soraka but not her ADC as she can quickly heal them up, but her health costs for her W heal is quite high in the early game and can make her low enough for you to kill if she keeps using it, so just aim to poke either her or her ADC whenever you see an opportunity.


Rakan is quite squishy in the early game, so look to trade aggressively with him in the laning phase. Try to dodge his Q even though it does not deal much damage as it allows him to heal himself and his ally if he hits an enemy with it. However, his engages once he hits level 6 can be very unexpected sometimes so you should definitely watch out for it especially if he commits his flash to it. Ward up your lane nicely to ensure the enemy jungler is not ganking your lane. If you can react to his engages fast enough, you can actually ult yourself or the ally is he engaging on first as your ult will knock him up and prevent him from reaching your ally and charming them.


You should be able to freely harass him in the early game as he does not have any ranged abilities that he can use. However, watch out for his E (Shadow Dash) as you can die if you are taunted by him, especially if the enemy jungler is coming. Note that if he uses his E towards you or your ally's direction out of his E range, he might be trying to E-flash you. If he is doing that towards you, use your E or ult on yourself for the extra health to avoid dying while if he is doing that towards your ally you should W the enemy ADC so he/she cannot follow-up on the Shen's engage. If he leaves his lane with his ultimate to help other lanes, you should quickly shove in the lane with your Q and pressure the turret.


You should be easily able to walk up and poke him in lane, but try to dodge his Q to avoid getting slowed and having his passive stacked on you. Try not to waste your abilities on him when he has his wall up. The wall has especially long cooldowns at lower levels, so look to trade aggresively with him once he has used his wall.


You should be able to trade on him easily especially in the early levels but watch out for his hook as one good hook can win him the lane. Always keep minions between you and Blitzcrank so he will not be able to hook you. If you see him rushing towards you, immediately use your W on him and run away as he might be trying to flash into knocking you up before hooking you in. Once he uses his hook, you should be able to walk up aggressively and trade with him.


You should be able to trade into him early on in the lane but once he has his full combo, he will be able to easily push you out if he manages to land most of his abilities on you. You should save you abilities for defensive use in lane such as using the W on you or your ally to get movement speed to dodge spells or using your E for a shield to reduce his damage. You should only use your abilities offensively on him if he has no chance to trade back or if you are confident you ADC will be able to follow-up for the kill. You should keep minions between you and him to avoid him landing his Q to stun you.


Similarly to Blitzcrank, you should be able to trade well into him easier early. However, take note that Thresh is a ranged champion and deals decent damage with his first auto attack with his E passive, so you definitely want to respect his range when trading with him. Thresh also has a hook so try to keep minions between you and him at all times in lane if his hook is not on cooldown. Land your poke abilities on him whenever possible but watch out if he lands a hook on a minion near you even if it does not hit you as he can use it to get near and use his E (Flay). Once he uses his hook, you should look to trade more aggressively on him.


Alistar is decently tanky in the early game especially once he hits level 6 with his ultimate and also having a heal in his kit (Passive). His W-Q engage combo is also extremely deadly especially if the enemy jungler is coming. When he uses that combo, you definitely want to use your W on his ADC if he is trying to follow-up or use it on Alistar otherwise. Getting a good level 1-2 trade on him might deter him from any further engages. One interesting thing you can do to deny his combo if the enemy team are trying to collapse through his engage is that you can time your ultimate while Alistar is dashing towards you or your ally with his W to knock him up and interrupt his combo.

MissFortuneMiss Fortune

Miss Fortune is not a common support champion but when she is played as a support she definitely gives you a hard time in the lane. She generally outranges you and can poke you easily with her E. Avoid getting hit by the second bounce of her Q at all costs as it can mean the difference between a lost or won lane. You should not try to overstay in lane if you are low as she can finish you off with her ultimate at level 6. One advantage you have over her is that she has no utility or crowd control, so if you coordinate with your jungler you can definitely catch her with your W as she is still extremely squishy and can be bursted down.

Early Game- Laning

Lulu is a relatively versatile champion as she can be a lane bully in certain matchups due to the amount of poke she brings but is also not in a pressure to win her lane as other hard lane bullies such as Zyra as she can easily hang back and scale into the late game due to the amount of utility that she brings into any team composition. It is extremely crucial to identify the type of matchup that you are in and adjust your playstyle accordingly.


1. E-Q
In trades your main damage combo would be using your E Help, Pix! on the enemy and then following it up with your Q Glitterlance to damage the enemy from your pixie. During this combo, you should keep track of where your Pix Pix, Faerie Companion ends up at and aim your Q Glitterlance to try to hit both the enemy bot laners as much as possible to maximize your damage. You should then keep your W to either give movement speed to you or your ally to dodge enemy spells or use it on the enemy to prevent any further follow-up. 

2. W-E-Q
For this combo, you should only use it if you are trying to slow the enemy first and polymorph them before trying to land your combo for a higher chance of hitting them. You should only start off with your W in your combo if you are confident to be able to get out safely after using your abilities on the enemy for the short trade. 

** Note that Lulu actually is more succesful when trying to do shorter trades compared to long trades so you should aim to back away to wait for your abilities to be up again before trying to trade again. However, in less punishing matchups, you can definitely look to trade further with your auto attacks as your Pix Pix, Faerie Companion gives you extra damage to your auto attacks. However, always watch out for the enemy if you are doing this with your spells on cooldown as they might try to engage on you. 

Ultimate Usage

1. To keep allies alive
This is the most standard and common usage of Lulu's ultimate. You just need to cast your ultimate Wild Growth on the ally you want to save. In teamfights, there might be multiple allies that fall low so you should definitely decide beforehand on which ally to save (usually your ADC or mid laner). One tip is you should not use it too early but at the "last second possible" to be able to surprise the enemy team and bait them into wasting more spells to lock down your ally before you save them. 
2. As an engage tool
Lulu's ultimate not only provides bonus health but also makes the targeted ally larger and also knocks up all nearby enemies upon cast. You generally want to coordinate with your ally who will be engaging the enemy team in fights (usually tanks such as Maokai or Malphite) and ultimate him when he manages to reach the enemy team to knock them up and act as an engage for your team. If the opportunity is open, you might also look to flash into the enemy team and cast your ultimate Wild Growth on yourself to knock the enemy team up. This can set up your allies' other spells such as Yasuo's ultimate Last Breath or Kai' Sa's ultimate Killer Instinct

3. To interrupt enemy spells 
As I have mentioned above such as in the Alistar matchup explanation, your spells can be used sometimes to knock the enemy up during their cast time of their abilities and stop their engages/combos. Other useful cases of this is to stop Lee Sin's engage when he tries to gap-close with his Q Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike or E Safeguard / Iron Will, or to stop Rakan's engage by interrupting his W Grand Entrance. However, note that some abilities labelled as "Unstoppable" will be impossible for you to interrupt such as Malphite's ultimate Unstoppable Force, Shyvana's ultimate Dragon's Descent and Sion's ultimate Unstoppable Onslaught


In teamfights, it is important to first decide what you are going to use your abilities for during the fight especially your W usage being the most key ability in fights as your E Help, Pix! in fights should usually be used on your allies to activate ardent censer or shield them from damage. Some situations you would want to consider when trying to decide how to use your W are: 
1. If the enemy team has a key member that might carry the fight, does your team have sufficient Crowd Control to lock the target down?
In this case, if your answer to the question is no, you should save your W Whimsy in fights to Polymorph the target enemy once he/she is within range and have engaged to stop he/she from outputting relevant damage. Once the target is dead, you should then use your W Whimsyon your ally to give your ally a movement speed and attack speed buff. 
2. Does your team rely on your ADC (ex. Kai' Sa, Varus etc.)/Attack speed reliant carry to carry the fight (ex. Yasuo)
You should focus on giving your ally the W Whimsy buff as the movement speed might be crucial in dodging the enemy spells in not getting caught while the attack speed is extremely useful for those type of champions.
** However, your W usage on allies is definitely not limited to those type of champions as there are also other situations where your allies may find the movement speed buff key such as a tank trying to quickly gain distance to engage on the enemy team, or the mage on your team trying to escape the enemy team. It is important to quickly identify what is best needed for your team based on the situation to get the most out of Lulu.

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