[9.2.1]In-depth Guide to Bulldozer Leona

by Meii

(Last updated on January 24, 2019)

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Summoner Spells

Hide Notes
  • Ignite
  • Flash


  • resolve
  • Aftershock
  • Bone Plating
  • Chrysalis
  • Unflinching
  • domination
  • Cheap Shot
  • Relentless Hunter
Bonus :

+65 health and +9 ability power or +5 attack damage, adaptive


Item Builds

  • Heart of Targon
  • Relic Shield
  • Boots of Mobility
  • Remnant of the Aspect
  • Zeke's Convergence
  • Space Knight's Vow
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Righteous Glory

Ability Sequence

  • Sunlight


  • Shield of Daybreak
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Eclipse
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Zenith Blade
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Solar Flare
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Shield of Daybreak
    Zenith Blade
    Solar Flare
    Zenith Blade
    Zenith Blade
    Solar Flare
    Zenith Blade
    Zenith Blade
    Shield of Daybreak
    Shield of Daybreak
    Solar Flare
    Shield of Daybreak
    Shield of Daybreak

Vs. Champions

  • Karma
  • Vel'Koz
  • Ashe
  • Alistar
  • Janna
  • Taric
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes

Not just Karma, but all squishies like Nami, Sona, Lulu, Zilean, Rakan, etc. (except Soraka) go here. Champions like Zilean, who rely on their Q damage are vulnerable after they’ve used their Q. Dash towards them and you will win.


Zyra, Bard, Lux, Annie, etc.; damage dealing supports goes in the list as well, although Brand is an exception since his skill set is not easy to play against for Leona.

As long as these champions don’t have their Flash, it will be easy for Leona to Flash + Q combo and get kills. Just remember not to take too much damage by standing too close at the front during the early phase.


Ashe, Twitch, Kog’Maw, Ashe, Jhin, Varus, Miss Fortune, Jinx, etc. all goe here in the list. You can also include champions with no mobility skill like Syndra and Orianna.

Since Leona’s E makes her dash towards only champions, not minions, it has a great advantage against champions with no mobility. Her ult has a long range and is an AoE so as long as you force them to use their Flash, you will find it easy to win team fights by using R and focus attacks in mid-late phase. When your enemy is a champion with no mobility, always check if they have their Flash and initiate team fights when they don’t.


Alistar is a champion hard to play against as Leona. Even if Leona manages to root the enemy ADC, Alistar could just push your ADC away or even use that moment as an opportunity to kill either one of you or both. Also, it gets harder to kill Alistar after level 6 even with the help of your jungle. But still, you can find chances to kill him with your Q before level 6.


It’s highly likely that Janna would stop Leona’s E with her Q or R. You may dash to an enemy thinking you’ll secure a kill, but instead, Janna seizes the opportunity to get her own kills with her shield and ult heals.

It has become easier to play against Janna since she was nerfed but the meta goes around and around; you never know when Janna will return to counter Leona.


Taric’s skill set is great when playing against melee champions so it becomes harder for Leona to initiate as the laning phase drags on due to Taric’s ult (invulnerability).

However, Taric isn’t that tanky at lower levels so use your E on Taric and focus your attacks whenever Taric takes a front position. He doesn’t even have that high a pick rate so there’s no need to ban him. However, he is stillan annoying champion to play against as Leona.

★ Quick Tips for Leona ★

  -  When the game starts, ask your jungle to go for the Red Brambleback (if on the blue team), Blue Sentinel (if on the red team), or Raptors, and standby with your ADC in the brush to catch the enemy bot lane off-guard at level 1. If you succeed, they will be forced to use their spells to escape.

  -  In the early phase, destroy enemy wards by using AA (Auto Attack) - Q - AA whenever the enemy places Warding Totem (Trinket) in the brush. That way, it will be easier for you to control the brush and take advantage of it.

  -  Don’t hesitate to use your Shield of Daybreak on the first minion wave and quickly level to 2 before the enemy does.

  -  Use Relic Shield to finish off the 3rd melee minion (when it has half HP left) in the 2nd wave to get to level 2 first and use that advantage to get a kill.

  -  Use Shield of Daybreak to stun the enemy before your jungle uses Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike (Lee Sin), Cocoon / Rappel (Elise), Javelin Toss (Nidalee), etc.

  -  Always check your ADC’s spells before you go in for a kill; a good time to go in for a kill is when your enemy has no Flash.

★ Spells ★

Use Ignite and Flash all the time (this guide was written under the assumption that you choose Ignite & Flash).

★ Picks & Bans for Leona ★

When it is good to play Leona:

  -  When the enemy ADC has no mobility skills like Miss Fortune Varus Ashe Jinx Kog'Maw Twitchetc.

  -  When enemy support is squishy like  Nami Lulu Vel'Koz Sona Karma etc.


  -  When the enemy mid laner doesn’t have sufficient survivability like Lux Vel'Koz Syndra Orianna  etc.

  -  When you don’t have enough tankiness or CC in your team

★ Runes ★


 It synergizes best with Leona.

(However, the cooldown for Aftershock has been nerfed from 20 seconds to 35 seconds since the patch 8.5; you might have to find another rune if it keeps getting nerfed.)

Bone Plating

Again, works best with Leona since she dashes to the enemy.


To get bonus HP in the very early phase and make up for low damage in early-mid phase.


 This rune is better than the rest of the Vitality runes.


Cheap Shot

This rune has a 4-second cooldown, which goes well with Leona’s Shield of Daybreak; it enhances your auto attack after you use Zenith Blade to dash to a target.

Relentless Hunter

It helps to maximize snowballing (but can be replaced by Zombie Ward, it’s up to you).

★ Skill Builds ★

-  Learn your skill in following order: Shield of Daybreak-Zenith Blade-Eclipse-Eclipse-Eclipse-Solar Flare-Eclipse-Zenith Blade-Eclipse (Master)-Zenith Blade-Solar Flare-Zenith Blade-Zenith Blade (Master)-Shield of Daybreak-Shield of Daybreak-Solar Flare (Master)-Shield of Daybreak-Shield of Daybreak (Master)

 -  Master your skills in following order: Eclipse-Zenith Blade-Shield of Daybreak

★ Tips on Using Leona’s Q ★

Basics about Q (Shield of Daybreak)

  -  Mana Cost: 45/50/55/60/65

  -  Cooldown: 6 seconds

Shield of Daybreak won’t use up much mana since you will be upgrading to rank 1 in the early phase.

The cooldown buff for Shield of Daybreak, however, is amazing.

If you think about it:

Braum - Winter's Bite (10 seconds)
Blitzcrank - Power Fist (9 seconds)
Thresh - Flay (9 seconds)
Alistar - Pulverize (17 seconds), Triumphant Roar (12 seconds)


You can use your Shield of Daybreak one more time than enemy melee supports can during a stretched out skirmish.

  -  Shield of Daybreak Damage:10-110 

This may not seem like much but it will be sufficient if you AA-Q-AA in a combo. 

Range: 50

Leona gets 50 bonus range when using Shield of Daybreak.

Q (Shield of Daybreak) as Hard CC

Leona’s Shield of Daybreak is a targeted stun skill. Targeted CC skills can do a lot, especially in solo ranked games.

Look at these skills:

Malzahar - Nether Grasp
Blitzcrank - Power Fist
Twisted Fate - Pick A Card (Gold Card)

They are targeted hard CC skills.

In solo ranked games where good teamwork is rarely found, using these targeted hard CCs usually grabs the attention of your teammates, bringing them to focus on certain targets.

/Blitzcrank/Twisted Fate: ‘Here, this one! Kill this one!’

One commonality among Malzahar, Blitzcrank, and Twisted Fate is that they all had high winning rates in solo ranked for a long time.

Then, what about Leona’s targeted hard CC, Shield of Daybreak?

It works wonders when you are using it to stun enemy champions when your jungle is ganking, as it allows your jungle to easily hit the target with their skill-shot abilities. This means that you must stun your target with Shield of Daybreak before your jungle uses their non-target skills, making it easier for them to successfully hit them and get kills.

If you look at the video, you can see that Blitzcrank grabbed Twitch and Leona moves towards Blitzcrank. However, Leona doesn’t use her Shield of Daybreak even though Blitzcrank came within her AA range. Why? Because she saw her Lee Sin coming down towards bot lane. She waits until Lee Sin is within range for his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to use her Q and stun Blitzcrank. That way, it becomes easier for Lee Sin to hit Blitzcrank with his Sonic Wave.

Timing is also important when using your Q, so that your jungle’s non-target skills will hit them before the stun runs out.

Leona’s Q can be used to react to jungle ganks during the laning phase, and it can also be used to make your team focus their non-target skills during team fights. Always think of your team’s skills when using Shield of Daybreak!

Understanding & Using Q Skill Cooldown

Shield of Daybreak got its cooldown buffed to 6 seconds at all levels. It’s actually shorter than it feels, and there still are a lot of players who don’t understand how short it is. Let’s take advantage of it!

If you look at the video, you can see how Leona aims to kill Thresh with her Shield of Daybreak and Ignite; she would have succeeded if her Zenith Blade was ready to be used, but it seems that it was still on cooldown. Both bot laners move back for a bit until Thresh moves forward at 11 seconds. Leona already had her Q ready then so she uses her Flash + Shield of Daybreak to kill Thresh. 

Afterwards, in order to make up for his support’s mistake, the enemy Ezreal uses Arcane Shift to get a double kill. However, Leona’s Q is ready to be used again! Ezreal had no choice but to waste his Flash to escape but he eventually gets killed by ally minions. 

Here is another example.

In this video, Leona’s ADC didn’t
have Flash but Leona went after enemy this far -- this action would definitely be trolling if it was any other support. However, due to the 6-second cooldown buff for Leona’s Shield of Daybreak, she was able to stun Lulu twice and kill her. In the end, Leona managed to get two kills.

In this video, you can see how Leona was able to win against her old counter -- Alistar.

While Alistar uses his Headbutt and Pulverize, Leona was able to use her Shield of Daybreak several times during this skirmish.

As mentioned above, don‘t hesitate to use your Q on a minion to get to level 2 before your enemies do in the early phase. Leona’s Q is shorter than it seems so it is easy to put your enemy off their guard since they’ll assume Leona is less threatening because she just used her Q.

Using Flash + Q

When you use Flash + Shield of Daybreak, you will be getting 400+125+50 range and hard CC. Also, Leona’s Q has good hitbox collision detection so even if your enemy use Flash, Arcane Shift, Relentless Pursuit, or Tumble instantly, they would still be stunned for 1 second when you use Flash + Shield of Daybreak in a combo.

If you look at this video, Leona managed to get a kill even though her play was a bit risky; because of Lulu’s Whimsy, Leona’s Zenith Blade  was used a little slower.

But what if a squishy ADC or support positioned themselves further at the front? Then, this is your chance to get kills using your Flash + Shield of Daybreak. After using Flash + Shield of Daybreak, use Zenith Blade +Solar Flare to root them much longer.

Now, watch this video (you can start watching from 35 seconds).

If your squishy enemy support positions herself at the front within Shield of Daybreak range like this, don’t hesitate to use your Flash + Shield of Daybreak to get a kill right away.

Next is checking your enemy’s Flash. Whether your enemy has their
Flash or not can always lead to extra kills. If your enemy doesn’t have their Flash but you do, don’t be afraid to Flash towards the enemy and stun them with your Shield of Daybreak to get kills. It’s always important to check the enemy’s Flash. 

If your mid laner and enemy laner had a 1-on-1 fight, always ask them if the enemy mid has their Flash or not. If they used Flash, it’s your chance to go roaming and use your Flash + Shield of Daybreak to get kills. Same goes for your own bottom lane. Leona becomes even more threatening when you have your Flash but your enemy doesn’t. Always keep this in your mind as you play!

Here’s a video to help you understand better. 

When an enemy has no Flash, it is your chance to use your Flash + Shield of Daybreak and kill them. Always find ways to gain an advantage in the game!

Likewise, the enemy Orianna had no Flash so Leona comes ganking and uses her Flash + Shield of Daybreak. If your enemy is a champion that doesn’t have any mobility skill and just used their Flash, feel free to go roaming and gank! You will be carrying the game and your mid laner will love you for it!

★Using AA + Q + AA to Destroy Enemy Wards

Many of you might know that you can destroy enemy wards with Leona’s AA + Q + AA. It is very easy to get kills as Leona if you take control of the brush, which means that it is very important that you destroy enemy’s first Warding Totem (Trinket) once they are placed in the brush. If you are able to destroy the first ward, you are more likely to get kills during the early laning phase.

This is why good Leonas wait in the spot where enemy ADC or support would place  Warding Totem (Trinket) in the brush and destroy it once they place it with AA + Q + AA. Your enemy may not place their wards in the brush right away if they understand this playstyle for Leona, but they usually do. If possible, use ping at the ward so your ADC can take part in destroying it; missing one CS will still give you EXP but destroying a ward gives you both 10 gold and EXP.

You see, Leona was waiting for the enemy Lulu to place her Warding Totem (Trinket) in the brush and destroyed it with her AA + Q + AA in this video.

★ Leona at Level 1

Leona is a support that can easily secure a kill when she is standing by either in the blue-side or red-side brush on the bottom lane at level 1. When the game starts, ask your jungle to go for the Red Brambleback (if on the blue team) or Blue Sentinel (if on the red team) or Raptors, and standby with your ADC in the brush to catch the enemy bot lane off guard at level 1. If you succeed, they will be forced to use their spells to escape. If you are willing to pursue them, you will certainly get kills, even first blood.

Sometimes, if you think your enemy will walk towards you, standby in the brush like this.

There are many videos on YouTube that show Leona using Shield of Daybreak at level 1 to get a lead in the early phase. Leona is so strong at level 1 so why not capitalize on that strength? Actively invade the enemy jungle or standby in the blue-side or red-side brush on the bottom lane and get kills.

One more tip -- when you are standing by in the brush and to catch the enemy by surprise, use AA + Q + AA on your target. You can see from the videos above that enemies can’t react fast enough to use Flash even when Leona uses AA + Q. If Leona didn’t use AA + Q + AA but only Q + AA, they may have gotten away with a just a sliver of health left. The most basic of basics for Leona is using AA + Q + AA. You may have to use just Q + AA in some cases depending on whether your target has Flash or a mobility skill or not, but usually, it’s always AA + Q + AA.

Here’s a small tip: if your enemy ADC has Doran's Shield and enemy support has either Ancient Coin or Spellthief's Edge, then aim for support! You will have higher chance of getting a kill.

★ Moving Forward after Q + AA out of Habit

Leona may add a bit of extra damage by using AA + Q + AA in a combo, but her auto-attack speed is not fast -- 0.625 at level 1. 

This means that if you just auto attack and click on the ground after using Q + AA, you would be wasting precious time doing nothing.

You have to keep moving forward towards your target during your auto attack timer so that you can easily use more AAs and Qs.

See how Leona uses Shield of Daybreak on Lulu and then walks forward behind Lulu as she hits her in this video.

About at 17:00, you can see Leona moving forward after she stuns Xayah with her Shield of Daybreak.

★ Tips on Using Leona’s E ★

★ Leona’s Power at Level 2

Leona can get kills even during unfavorable circumstances like this when she’s level 2.

★ Using Relic Shield to Get to Level 2 First and Get Kills

You may already know when you will hit level 2, but here’s a quick explanation:

You and your ADC both hit level 2 after your ADC kills 6 minions in the 1st wave and 3 melee minions in the 2nd wave.

First, when you arrive at the bot lane, try your best to evade enemy skills and poke while auto attacking minions. Also, remember that you can kill a melee minion in just one shot using Relic Shield when it has less than half HP.

Use Relic Shield on one of the melee minions in the 1st wave and the last 3rd melee minion when it has less than half HP, then use Zenith Blade - Ignite - Shield of Daybreak in a combo right away. You will get at least one kill almost every time.

★ Leona the Huntress

Leona’s Zenith Blade has very good hitbox collision detection; Leona will still dash after her target even after they use their Flash when her Zenith Blade hits them. This means that Leona can even follow her targets with her Zenith Blade when they use other skills.

In this video, Leona dashes after her target with her Zenith Blade even after Xayah used her Flash.

This is another way to use her Zenith Blade.

First, Leona uses her Shield of Daybreak to stun Xayah. What would Xayah do at this moment? If I was Xayah, I would be clicking the ally Thresh’s lantern Dark Passage like mad. Predict this and use your Zenith Blade just a bit later on Xayah after her stun disappears -- you will be riding Dark Passage with Xayah!

Remember, if you want to dash after your target when they use their Flash or mobility skill, don’t use your Zenith Blade right away after you use your Shield of Daybreak; it is likely that you will be brought along with them this way because most of the time players try to use their Flash/mobility right after their stun is gone.

Use Zenith Blade to follow Rakan when he is using Battle Dance.

And use your Zenith Blade a bit late so you can follow your target when they Flash.

You can also ignore Rakan’s Grand Entrance by using your Zenith Blade with perfect timing.

★ Zenith Blade Deals Damage

Leona’s Zenith Blade deals damage to all enemies hit; it will be easier for your ADC to use your passive Sunlight to deal additional damage to both enemies when you are fighting 2-on-2. When your enemies are standing in a line, use your Zenith Blade to hit both of them.

★ Leona Dashes Towards the Last One

Zenith Blade roots the last target hit for 0.5 seconds; if your Zenith Blade hits several targets, only the last one hit will be rooted, meaning Leona will be dashing to the furthest target. Take a look at the video below.

Thresh tried to stand between his ADC and his enemies but Leona uses her Zenith Blade on enemy Tristana, dashing towards her and killing her.

★ Tips on Using Leona’s W ★

★ Activate W as You Use E

Activate Eclipse as you are dashing towards your target with Zenith Blade. If you use Eclipse first, your enemy will know you are about to attack them and move backwards. Not only that, it will be easier to hit them with your W and deal damage. Always remember-- use Eclipse when you are using your Zenith Blade.

★ Clear Waves with E & W

Sometimes, it’s important to quickly clear waves, recall, and return back to your lane so you don’t miss out on any waves and so you can keep your turret safe. Since Leona’s Zenith Blade & Eclipse deals AoE damage, you can use both skills to help your ADC clear waves quickly and recall together. Use Zenith Blade then Eclipse, and let your ADC finish off the minions. Doing this and then recalling after you got kills will certainly help you keep the game in your favor.

★ Tips on Using Leona’s R ★

★ Basics about R (Solar Flare)

Leona’s Solar Flare Cooldown is 90/75/60s at each rank.

After each bottom laner has had a 2-on-2 skirmish and recalled, Leona will be returning to the bot lane with her ultimate cooldown off much quicker than most enemy supports.

Lulu - Wild Growth 110s
Sona - Crescendo 140s
Thresh - The Box 140s
Alistar - Unbreakable Will 120s

If you look at the cooldowns for popular support Ultimates, you can see that Leona’s Solar Flare has a shorter cooldown than any of them. Use this advantage to return to bot lane, ask your jungle to standby, and initiate using your Solar Flare. Watch the video below.

While watching this, you might ask yourself, ‘why didn’t Xayah and Thresh use their ults?’

Well, this is the same situation as described above. Xayah and Thresh returned to their lane after 2-on-2 skirmish and their ults were still on cooldown.

Leona died and gave 4 kills to Xayah earlier on but she made a call to her jungle, Rumble, and used her ult when the enemy didn’t have theirs. In the end, she was able to get a huge advantage from it. Always think of your ult cooldown and enemy’s when you are playing.

Using Incandescence

You would already know about the damage, stun, and slow effects for Leona’s Solar Flare. What’s important about her Solar Flare, though, is Leona getting 100 bonus range, additional magic damage, and her passive Sunlight activated during her 3rd/4th/5th auto attacks. This means that each auto attack will have her Sunlight effect activated. You can use this to perform awesome plays.

In this video, Leona went after Nami and used her Solar Flare-AA after Nasus died; Nami had Twitch’s Deadly Venom effect on her so you can see that Twitch and Leona were able to deal a lot of damage with Leona’s AAs activating the Sunlight effect.

With Leona’s Solar Flare + AA, Orianna was able to deal quite some damage with only her AA.

Although Leona missed her R, she uses her ult AA to kill her enemy with Zyra’s Thorn Spitter activating Leona’s passive Sunlight).

You can also see Zyra’s Thorn Spitter inflicting DoT damage from Liandry's Torment and activating the Sunlight effect, dealing more damage.

Likewise, Leona’s Solar Flare synergizes with ally DoT damage, such as:

Your team’s Ignite & Liandry's Torment
Malzahar’s Malefic Visions
Mordekaiser’s Children of the Grave
Miss Fortune’s Make It Rain
Twitch’s Deadly Venom
Corki’s Gatling Gun


If you keep ally DoT damage and your own ult AA in mind as you play, you will be able to easily see where you can get kills!

No Safe Place from Solar Flare

Leona’s ult Solar Flare is an AoE that has long range and is not a projectile, meaning it has no flying animation and can have the same effect whether it’s used up close or further away. Use this to surprise your enemy and kill them when they think they are in a safe area.

There’s no safe place from Leona’s Solar Flare.

★Using R While Using E

The Zenith Blade + Solar Flare combo is a combo used fairly often. The stun for Zenith Blade is only 0.5 seconds, which is very short. However, if you use Leona’s Solar Flare while dashing towards your target, you can stun your enemy with the non-target skill Solar Flare almost all the time, making it a great combo to use.

★ Item Builds ★

Decide when you will build Locket of the Iron Solari and Righteous Glory depending on the circumstances.

  -  Targon's Brace Targon's Brace

If you have 500 gold available, build this even before your shoes. It has high efficiency for costing only 500 gold, and you need it for wards.

  -  Boots of Mobility Boots of Mobility

This is the perfect shoes for Leona as it will help her snowball the game; with this pair of shoes, it becomes easier for you to roam and get kills during the laning phase.

  -  Remnant of the Aspect Remnant of the Aspect

Cheap but has good stats as well as 4 wards. No reason not to build it first.

  -  Zeke's Convergence Zeke's Convergence

It has adequate defense and magic resistance while making up for her bad mana and cooldown. The item stats are fairly good and also the cost is low since it’s 2250 gold.

Also, it synergizes well with ADCs who build Runaan’s Hurricane. If your ADC is someone who builds Runaan’s Hurricane like Twitch, Kalista, and Jinx, I recommend building Zeke's Convergence as the 2nd core before building Locket of the Iron Solari. If your ADC is building Runaan’s Hurricane, then definitely build Zeke -- it costs almost same as Knight’s Vow but has better efficiency so it’s better to build it before building Knight’s Vow.

  -  Knight's Vow Knight's Vow

It’s been nerfed several times but it is still good with its cooldown reduction.

  -  Locket of the Iron Solari Locket of the Iron Solari

If your enemy has many AoEs, then it’s better to build Locket of the Iron Solari earlier than you would usually do.

  -  Righteous Glory Righteous Glory

Since the main active item Leona would be using is Solari, it is okay to build Righteous Glory as your final core item. It can be replaced by Redemption, Mikael’s Crucible, or, Zz’Rot Portal depending on the situation. But of course, it’s better to have several vision wards, unless you have so much gold left around very late in the game.

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