[8.24.1]Extended Kled & Skaarl guide, Damage and Tankiness Reunited

by SirLazybones

(Last updated on December 31, 2018)

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Summoner Spells

Hide Notes
  • Flash
  • Ignite


  • precision
  • Conquerer
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Coup de Grace
  • sorcery
  • Nullifying Orb
  • Transcendence
Bonus :

+ 10% Attack Speed

+ 6 Armor

+ 6 Armor

The best setup for damage, survivability and utility.

You can always take another secondary tree, this is just my most picked one when I think I'm gonna have to 1vs5 in champselect.



  • Doran's Shield
  • Health Potion
  • Warding Totem (Trinket)


  • Tiamat
  • Boots of Speed
  • The Black Cleaver
  • Titanic Hydra

End Game

  • Titanic Hydra
  • The Black Cleaver
  • Mercury's Treads
  • Death's Dance
  • Thornmail
  • Spirit Visage

+160 Bonus AD
+1550 Bonus HP (for Skaarl)
+80 Bonus Armor
+80 Bonus Magic Resist

+ Greatest Active in the whole game
+ Every passive is Super Useful on Kled

Ability Sequence

  • Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard

    Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard(Passive)

  • Bear Trap on a Rope
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Violent Tendencies
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Jousting
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Bear Trap on a Rope
    Violent Tendencies
    Bear Trap on a Rope
    Bear Trap on a Rope
    Bear Trap on a Rope
    Violent Tendencies
    Bear Trap on a Rope
    Violent Tendencies
    Violent Tendencies
    Violent Tendencies

! For the first lvl on W look up to "Ability tips and tricks", one of the first mechanics you should learn about Kled's kit.

Vs. Champions

  • Rengar
  • Akali
  • Fiora
  • Jax
  • Riven
  • Darius
  • Aatrox
  • Illaoi
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes

Rarely seen toplane, but as soon as he jumps out of safety from a brush all-in him. Just respect him very early on as his cheese damage is almost the same as yours and can burst you before you remount.

If you dismount and he disengages without you being able to keep the trade, do not stay in lane.


Even if she can poke you a little with Q early on, the more levels you gain the less viable she will be.

The trick is simple, as she goes into her shroud do not stay on it, but also do not back off, if she is middle-to-pushing in your lane go into a brush past the shroud and stall. as soon as the shroud ends all in her, she will have to waste all to survive.

If you missplay and dismount without having courage and she disengages as lvl 5-6, go back and buy an MR item, she won't be able to kill you after you do.


I didn't include him in the "easy" matchup as he can be nasty if you don't know what you are doing, as soon as you do you can consider him easy:

-Use your E to dodge into him his Q, so he doesn't heal, apply a stack and damage a lot; he will put all his ability points into Q, so dodging it is the same as making him not have one. BEWARE: His Q CD is shorter than your E's.

-Do not fear him because he is Darius, if he dies you don't because of triumph and Skaarl's remount. You can trade with him and then disengage before he gets 5 stacks or all in him if you got ignite, he will just try to run away.

-You can only die vs him if he is fed (duh) or if he manages to dismount you, get 5 Bleed stacks, Ult you before you remount.


Can be really hard if he manages to disengage after dismounting you, he has the mobility and CC to kill you as you can only dodge one time with Q (2 with flash).

You can be way more helpful than him.


Do not fall for it, too risky: as she ults when low, disengage, let her ult run out, then use your high mobility to finish her, although she will probably back off.


She knows when to Riposte you as your Q and R are predictable, but you can play around knowing that and dodging with your E/Flash.

Try to not let her procc the last vital of her ult by sticking to a wall for it's duration, you'll negate her a ton of healing.


If you face a good Jax, he will know how to play around you, his ability to dodge your autoatacks then stun you as well as his consistent damage can be a nightmare. This again, if he is a good Jax.


A great one will decimate you if you don't get help/outplay her.

Champs with executes are hard to deal with as Kled will be really vulnerable when he dismounts.

Kled, Skaarl and Courage

¬Hi! I  am SirLazybones and I decided to make a guide of another  of the champions I've enjoyed the most since I started playing league 5 years ago. I love his carry potential, as well as his mechanics, you'll see in this guide.¬

¬Finally before starting for real, I decided to keep up with the  GIFs and videos, it makes this guide more enjoyable and easier to read, I hope they are useful and entertaining enough for you, as well as trying to resume as much as I can so you don’t get too much to read, as it can get boring.¬

Picking Kled

Kled is a champion designed to go ham on their opponents, and not back off from a fight (unless it is too difficult, in that case it is ok, you’ll kill that opponent later).

As such, all his abilities are designed in that purpose, and although he has some amazing survivability with his health regain   Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizardpassive, 2 dashes on his JoustingE and a semi-global Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R that gives him an immense shield, if all this isn’t used properly, and you play him as a tank, it won’t work.

High risk, high reward

That’s why, besides knowing all what this guide will teach you, if you don’t get the handle of not backing off once you get low, you won’t succeed, his passive will require you to stay there, and show your courage.

Passive in depth

First of all, there’s something to clarify;  Kled as a champion has 2 HP bars, one for  KledKled himself, and one that soaks the damage for the first one as much as it can, Skaarl’s Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard:

-Kled’s HP bar is the lowest one from all champions in league, and stays like that, only growing with every level.

-Skaarl’s HP bar however, is greater, and as the game goes on grows with every level and gains all the bonus HP items would grant Kled.

As an example, if you were to buy an item that gives Kled 80 HP it would work this way:

-KledKled’s 400 HP ---- > 400 HP
-Skaarl, the Cowardly LizardSkaarl’s 500 HP ---- > 580 HP

This also means that the combination between Kled’s and Skaarl’s HP bars make them  the single champion with the most HP in the game.


When Skaarl’s HP bar depletes, she will run away cowardly, leaving Kled by himself.
This not only means he won’t have Skaarl to protect him; all the Abilities that are performed with the help of Skaarl (all but W) are unavailable and his Q switches into a Shotgun.

The moment Kled dismounts he becomes briefly untargetable; just as Fizz’s E, meaning you can reset a tower’s aggro, and aboid certain damage that would have killed you instead:
-If a bad Veigar Ults you right before you dismount, his ult will disappear. If he  Primordial BurstUlts Skaarl with 1 HP, and the ult would do 800 Magic damage, Skaarl will receive 1 Dmg and run away, Kled will receive 0 Damage.

Kled is also tremendously slow, as he is the champion with the lowest movement speed when on its own, only gaining a ton of movespeed when running toward enemy champions, meaning that fleeing from battle is always a difficult and harsh choice.

However, He will be able to call Skaarl back, recovering part of her HP on the process.

If you’ve played as Kled a couple of times you’ll have heard him say loudly:

Kled"I find courage unpredictable, It's total insanity you can rely on!"Kled

Well, he is wrong, Courage, the resource bar when dismounted as Kled, is truly predictable:

You’ll need 5 AAs and a Q (shotgun) to an enemy champion to gain the 100 courage Skaarl will need to come back and help Kled out.

This happens as:

-Kled gains 15 Courage per AutoAttack

-His Q (shotgun) restores 25 Courage (if it hits, it shoots 5 pellets each restoring 5 Courage)

-Additionally every  champion takedown as Kled if he damaged the champion in 3 seconds  will restore 20 Courage, this means he is naturally prepared to remount if a teamfight goes well as “takedown” includes assists.

As you may have seen, Titanic HydraTitanic hydra is one of the Core items in any Kled build, this isn’t just because of the stats he gains from it, neither the passive that utilizes his immense HP bar, it is because of the great use he can give to its active:

After his 4 quick autoattacks thanks to W, you can rapidly activate  Titanic HydraTitanic H to reset the AA timer.
Doing so while dismounted will let you remount in three seconds if performed correctly with W
Violent Tendencies up.

You don’t recover Skaarl’s Courage exclusively by hitting enemy champions, you can recover it by AA Turrets and Inhibitors, damaging Epic Monsters (Drakes, Rift Herald, Baron, Vilemaw) as well as killing lane minions; you it isn’t even close to the rate you can recover the courage with champions:

-4 Courage per minion kill
-5 Courage per AA on Tower/Inhibitor/Epic Monster

This means that if you just killed your enemy laner, he already wasted his TeleportTp/ doesn’t have one, and you’ve seen the enemy jungler AND midlaner in the map, you can always try your best to push and regain Skaarl’s HP instead of backing if you feel you can stay longer to farm, or poke the enemy laner before backing or even killing him again if you have enough experience.

Just remember another fact about this passive:

It has a cooldown, 30 seconds to be exact at all levels (it starts to count the instant Kled leaps into Skaarl's safety), this cooldown is avoided if Kled remounts while in the fountain (so you will remount without penalties if you back).

Meaning that if you dismount, you won’t be able to gain courage until that 30 seconds have passed.

Ability tips and tricks

After talking about Kled’s passiveSkaarl, the Cowardly Lizard, let’s go through his abilities, I’ll not explain what they do as stated in the tooltips of the abilities, as I think a guide should be more of an addition to all that, so basically I’ll go into some information you couldn’t know unless you played Kled a lot, giving you an advantage I didn’t have when starting to play this amazing duo:

Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard Skaarl, the Cowardly Lizard (Passive)

Yes, I just talked about his passive, but there’s something any Kled player should know, all his basic abilities (Bear Trap on a RopeQ & JoustingE) reset the moment Skaarl returns to Kled!!!
This means you should always try to use your spells before being dismounted, for maximum damage output and utility. As you’ll have them again after remounting.

Kled "Yeehaw! I knew you couldn't quit me, Skaarl!" Kled

Bear Trap on a Rope Bear Trap on a Rope

-If you land your Q then get dismounted the rope will still be on your enemy, and with your buffed movespeed you will be able to hit the second part of it, slowing the enemy to guarantee more hits than usual.

-Q’s projectile has a lot of range but is really thin, depending on the enemy champion’s hitbox it can be really hard to land it (think of TeemoTeemo for example, tiny little Guerrilla Warfaredeemon), a great way to guarantee you’ll hit it is to use it in conjunction with your E:

JoustingE--- > Bear Trap on a RopeQ
This also will guarantee you’ll get the second part of the Q’s damage, as you will have a second E to follow the enemy if he has a dash to flee.

Pocket Pistol (Dismounted Q)

-KledKled won’t regain Skaarl, the Cowardly LizardSkaarl immediately after gaining 100 courage, that’s why you should try to use Q’s knockback to your advantage to create some extra distance between you and the enemy to give Skaarl the 0,75 seconds she needs to return, as you can still be killed with 100 courage, which may result really tilting sometimes.

-You can have up to 2 charges of projectiles, but this doesn’t mean you get to shoot them instantly one after another, Q(dismounted has a cooldown of 3 seconds that won’t be lowered even with CDR) choose wisely when to use it.

-The knockback will enable you to go through walls, really useful!

Violent Tendencies Violent Tendencies (passive)

-Keep in mind that, since W is a passive, meaning that even if you cannot activate it when you want, you will be able to see its cooldown, knowing when to bait the enemy to dismount you right before the cooldown on W ends is something you should try to get used to, as this will greatly increase your chances to remount.

-*Remember that you can only use this once per game* In adition to the last tip, you can use this trick: No-one forces you to level up your abilities as soon as you lvl up; as soon as you level up and get 2, do not immediately take W, as I’ve seen a lot of Kleds do, instead keep that ability lvl. with you; this allows you to do 4 things, all of the important:

-You’ll have your W as an active once a game (early) as you do not need it to farm.

-You pressure the enemy, as he will be going for a bad trade if he fights you with W up, he will know that as he won’t see you use W on the minions.

-You can avoid an early cheese-gank by taking E and running to safety.

-You can trade with the enemy, bait them into thinking they are winning as you’ll get dismounted, then lvl up W to have your 4 AAs and remount suddenly, making them lose the trade, maybe killing them, but for sure being in your favor.

-There's currently a bug that makes your 4rth AA not deal bonus damage if you level up your W while using it, be careful

Jousting Jousting

  • Kled is really sticky in general thanks to all his abilities, but this is what makes him great to deal with champions that have an escape tool such as EzrealEzreal TristanaTristana AhriAhri etc. Using it properly before they use it means you will be able to follow their escapes, killing them in the process.

  • Remember to use it in a smart way, you can use it to dodge many abilities!

  • Joustinggives you a few seconds before it goes on cooldown if you manage to hit the enemy with it, giving you a second charge, if the enemy has an escape tool wait for it then reactivate Jousting, this second cast can even go through walls. 

  • If you hit it, the enemy marked will be affected by true sight, meaning that unless he is AkaliAkali, you'll be able to hit him with AA even if he enters a Brushmakerbush/goes invisible: Guerrilla WarfareDeceiveVoid Assault.

  • The same way as it happens with a lot of champions, Kled can Flash ---- > JoustingE to surprise enemies as you’ll cover an unexpected great distance with it, when paired with R it makes Kled unbearable for the enemy.



Has a ton of utility, but not only by moving you and your team around the map:

  • It will grant you a shield that even if lower when just charging for a milisecond can give you enough extra time with Skaarl to use another Q/E/AA before dismounting.

  • It knocks back the enemy champion hit and deals some damage ( just not as much as when you’ve charged for a while).

  • It makes you unstoppable, meaning you won’t be stopped by anything but a champion: if Veigar puts his wall to stop you from going into him, he will be unable to do so, meaning you will be able to outplay a ton of enemies if you have a great timing with your R.

  • When you stop the Charge and Skaarl starts jumping toward the selected enemy, you can use your Q and E in the jump, meaning you’ll have an almost guaranteed E + Q on the target.

  • It follows the target no matter what, meaning you can time it well to go through walls if an enemy you have sigh of is on the other side.

  • Beware as Kled’s Chaaaaaaaarge!!!R won’t select a target if you do not have sight of him (for example if Veigar enters a Bush, if Kled’s Charge passes a little bit to the right and doesn’t grant vision you won’t go to him.

Stat priority & Itemization

Now let’s talk just briefly about Kled and his stats, as well as the priorities any Kled should have.

First of all, KledKled is a champion that benefits from having as much HP as possible, as it will allow Skaarl to keep protecting Kled’s HP bar as much as possible, as well as gaining more the moment Kled remounts, additionally, Kled has some incredible bonus AD scalings, not total, requiring as much bonus AD from items as possible. He also lacks any AP scaling meaning he shouldn’t buy  Amplifying TomeAP items ever, mana items should be evaded as well, as his only resource is Skaarl’s Courage.

Even if he’s not a tank, it would be beneficial to support all that HP he has with some Armor and Magic Resist; if you didn’t know, HP is more valuable the more it can resist enemy damage, for example 100 HP and no Armor can be less valuable than 60 HP and 50 Armor, depending on the enemy, of course.

Following the stated previously, here’s some items you should get, apart from the Core ones, that are practically required, and some you should avoid, although they may seem great at first glance:

Boots of SpeedBoots: either Mercury's TreadsMerc. treds or  Ninja TabiNinja Tabi are great for any champion, the choice between them fall into the question of whether the enemy team has got more danger of Crowd Control, or some auto attack champions that may be a problem to KledKled.

Titanic HydraTitanic Hydra: Talked about this item before, in the passive’s explanation, don’t want to bore you that much.

The Black CleaverBlack Cleaver: Some AD, a lot of HP, 20% CDR that results key as cooldown is the only thing that limits Kled to use his abilities (no mana costs).
Its movement speed passive is great, and the Armor reduction is magnificent as all Kled’s abilities do physical damage.

Death's DanceDeath’s Dance: since it was changed to heal off all the damage you dealt and not only from physical, it can heal you from the true damage you deal, making it a great item, even more paired with the fact that some of the damage you would take gets stored into a bleed, meaning you get some extra time to remount thanks to it. The AD this item gives you as well as the last 10% CDR you’ll need since TranscendenceTranscendence gives you 10% for free at lvl 10.

For the last two items you would want something to make you extra difficult to kill, such as any of the following:

Spirit Visage  Any Heal get increased,

Thornmail Grievous Wounds, reflecting damage from AA and slowing the attacker's Att.Speed

Randuin's Omen Anti-Crit passive, decent active

Adaptive HelmAdaptive Helm: Anti-Dot, excelent against:

 Teemo,Malzahar,Cassiopeia,Akali,Warwick,Dr. Mundo,Amumu,Fizz,Karthus,Katarina,Kai'Sa,Jax,Kassadin,Kennen,Neeko,Rumble,Shyvana,Swain,Tahm Kench,Zyra ,Brand,Aurelion Sol,Azir,Evelynn,Heimerdinger ,Kayle,Ornn,Ryze,Shen,Singed,Taliyah and Kog'Maw.

All this champions have some kind of Magic Damage over Time (DoT) or a magic Spam/Repetitive ability that will get reduced by Adaptative Helm. Pretty strong item if you face any of the listed champions.

Sterak's GageSterak's Gage:  Great item if you can afford picking it over the others in this list, it also gives a lot of AD, that counts a 50% of Kled's base AD toward the bonus AD.

Knight's VowKnight's Vow: Sometimes you'll have a great ADC in your game that isn't protected enough by your support, if said Mr. Support didn't get this item for your good ADC, and you know he is your win condition go for it link him and be his frontline.

My prefered choices against a damage balanced team are: Spirit Visage  & Thornmailthough.

In case you do not pick any of the latter items stated, here’s some you should avoid:

Rabadon's DeathcapAny AP item: Trolling isn't fun, nor competitive.

Guardian AngelGuardian Angel:  would be a good item for Kled, and I could see it working somehow as it would let you recover some Courage, then “die”, and complete the Courage before Kled’s bar is depleted. The Problem with this item is that it restores only the 50% of the BASE HP of the champion, in Kled’s case, remember that he has the lowest base HP (only counting Kled) in the game, would be great if it counted also Skaarl’s base HP, but that would make him recover to full (Kled) HP.

Gargoyle StoneplateGargoyle Stoneplate:  I really like this item, but not that much in a Kled build, the resistances are great, and almost everything the active grants as KledKled’s playstyle would benefit a lot off this item, the problem is that the active is meant for a tank that will try to soak as much damage while dealing little to no damage.
KledKled wants to do as much damage as possible, so I wouldn’t recommend this one.
The only thing I like is the fact that you could use it the moment you dismount to try to not die while recovering Skaarl’s Courage, but at the cost of a lot of damage.

If you build the standard that I’ve proposed at the start of this guide, you would be getting (not counting rune stats):


+160  Bonus ADDoran's Blade
+1550 Bonus HP (for Skaarl)Doran's Shield
+80   Bonus ArmorCloth Armor
+80   Bonus Magic ResistNull-Magic Mantle

+ Greatest Active in the whole game (Titanic Hydra)

+ Every passive of every item is Super Useful on Kled  (Titanic HydraDeath's DanceThe Black CleaverNinja TabiMercury's TreadsSpirit VisageThornmail)

Game Stages & Objectives

Finally I’ll briefly talk about what to do depending on how the game goes on.
Of course, you should try to think what to do at any moment so keep in mind that this is just a soft game guide. I insist, try to “read” the flow of the game, keep in mind the win conditions at all time, are you staying alive the win condition for your team, or is it your midlaner/ADC? Is the problem the enemy assassin? Or maybe the problem is the splitpusher?


Try to get as much gold as you can, focus on buying an early tiamat for wave management and try as much as you can to ward your jungler’s entrances as well as the enemy’s. KledKled is strong in this stage, you may try to fight, but keep always in mind the possibility of the enemy jungler ganking.

A Good One: If you are getting fed or farming perfectly without dying, try to keep that advantage. The more you can pressure and get tower plates the better if you are getting out of control, you may want to save your ull just in case the enemy comes in group. if they are just 2 and you think can 1 vs 2 go for it, if they are more than 3 run, it is already worth it that they waste their time on coming to stop you, they won’t be able to do that all game. 

A Bad One: Chill and farm for your tiamat. Ward as much as you can and ask for help, depending on how easily you get tilted, the better thing you can do is “/mute all” as sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you early on isn’t dying, but getting flamed. So chill out, focus on how you can be useful, if you aren’t very behind save your ult and do not engage on your laner, when you back go mid with your ult and force a FlashFlash/Kill, if you have Teleport however, Ult botlane as it is usually the weakest lane and won’t have their sums up if a gank/fight has happened before you come.


KledKled should try to end the game at this stage if possible, as the enemy carries can be difficult to get to in the Endgame.

A Good One: You are strong, use it! Ans do not waste time, once the late-game comes, the enemy may come-back.
If you know you'll be able to 1 vs 2 the enemy go for it, but remember that there's alway the risk of a 3rd one, so it is always better to have wards around the zone and keep an eye on the minimap.

A Bad One: either group and be the engage tool, or stay on a side lane and try as much as you can to recover, while split pushing without fighting the enemies that come for you.


A Good One: if you have a carry defend your carry, if you do not, you are screwed if the enemy team has one. Seek the win condition, and go for it. Do your best to be helpful.

A Bad One: in this nightmare scenario, just try to help your team’s strong carries, ward as much as you can, and the most important, don’t be the one that screws it all, there’s always a chance the enemy will make a mistake, focus on that and exploit it, in the end-game almost everything is decided statistically, but irregularities happen as the enemy players are humans too.

The end

I hope this guide was helpful at some point, I've had fun creating it and I hope anyone that has visited this one will give KledKled a try and has fun while playing him. If in addition to that anyone has gotten some good info out of it even better!

As always, GL HF

Conquerer   Chaaaaaaaarge!!!   Chaaaaaaaarge!!!   Chaaaaaaaarge!!!Chaaaaaaaarge!!!Chaaaaaaaarge!!!   Chaaaaaaaarge!!!   Chaaaaaaaarge!!!   Press the Attack

Coup de Grace                       Triumph

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