[8.10.1]The Basic Guide for Top/ Jungle Camille

by Akiin

(Last updated on May 18, 2018)

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Summoner Spells

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  • Teleport
  • Flash


  • sorcery
  • Arcane Comet
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch
  • resolve
  • Bone Plating
  • Chrysalis
Bonus :

+6 Attack damage or +10 ability power, adaptive and +65 health



  • Doran's Blade
  • Doran's Shield
  • Corrupting Potion


  • Trinity Force
  • Sterak's Gage
  • Ravenous Hydra

End Game

  • Trinity Force
  • Sterak's Gage
  • Guardian Angel
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Randuin's Omen
  • Ninja Tabi

Ability Sequence

  • Adaptive Defenses

    Adaptive Defenses(Passive)

  • Precision Protocol
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Tactical Sweep
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Hookshot
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • The Hextech Ultimatum
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Tactical Sweep
    Precision Protocol
    The Hextech Ultimatum
    Precision Protocol
    Precision Protocol
    The Hextech Ultimatum
    Precision Protocol
    Precision Protocol
    Tactical Sweep
    Tactical Sweep
    The Hextech Ultimatum
    Tactical Sweep
    Tactical Sweep

Vs. Champions

  • Yasuo
  • Kled
  • Rumble
  • Volibear
  • Jax
  • Trundle
  • Difficulty
  • Champion
  • Notes

Such an easy matchup If you land E.
Just be careful on early level 1-2 phases. If you have the same amount of core items, Camille will have the Randuin’s + Ninja Tabi so she has the advantage.
Easy. Hit E in lane and split push.


Personally, I think it’s a fairly easy matchup.

If you're hit by his Q, use E on walls and escape or use your shield.

Just try not to get hit by his fourth W hit and his Skaarl mount. It’ll be easy.


Rumble was nerfed several times, so it’s an easy matchup.


You won’t be facing him that much but if you do, it’s impossible to win.
So hard that I won’t even list him in champion matchup tips.


I’ve listed Jax in champion matchup tips below.

It’s rather difficult but if you can trade damage well enough you can win.


Nothing you can do against him in lane. Some users even block Camille's E.

Try going for late gaems.


Inven KR nickname : 존겨엉

( Sorcery ~ Arcane Comet- Resolve build)

The safest rune selection when using Sorcery-Arcane Comet.
Since the 8.1 patch, using Resolve as the secondary path gives you additional HP stats. This is big in an early game.

Choosing between Celerity and Transcendence depends on what your prefereance.
I'm using Transcendence again. Well the two runes has very good stats. 
Also, efficient in lance phase.  

If you have a hard time on farming minions because of slow attack speed, using Precision as your secondary path(Triumph or Presence of Mind +Legend: Alacrity) can be a good choice.
However, Resolve runes highly exceed in stability.

8.4 patch

Secondary path/ Resolve: Bone Plating is has some good stats. Very effective on 1vs 1s
Second wind makes you a highly sustainable champ in lane phase.

8.6 patch

Chrysalis + Secondary path + Resolve stat boost: You can gain an additional 125 HP starting from level 1. This rune is just so good to be true.

Secondary path: Inspiration: Perfect Timing has been nerfed. You’ll get your Stopwatch at 10 minutes which is quite big. Let’s go for Magical Footwear+Biscuit Delivery.

(Precision ~ Conqueror - Resolve build)
Newly added on 8.6 patch. It’s a rune that is highly similar to .
When Camille stacks up her Conqueror, the additional AD makes her a great threat in lane phase.

A full stack Conqueror won’t enhance ’s 2nd hit true damage itself, but the additional AD damage on Conqueror does enhance the overall amount of true damage. This is why Camille's Q + Conqueror is now so much better on tanks.

You can also use Sorcery as your Secondary Path. Go for the Manaflow Band + Scorch(recommended) or Gathering Storm.

( Precision ~ Press the Attack - Sorcery build)

When going for Press the Attack, you need a different mind set compared to when using Conqueror. You should focus on winning the lane phase.

Especially effective when facing . Although I personally think it’s less efficient compared to Conqueror, it still serves as a good rune in lane phase.

( Domination ~Electrocute -Sorcery rune build)

This is mainly for jungle . Don’t use this when you’re going top lane.


It has great damage in an early game. Camille jungle is very strong in early game ganks. She can’t clear out jungle camps fast, so Camille should focus on ganks.

Go with Eyeball Collection  + Relentless Hunter to enhance early game snowballs.


Lane Camille should only use these two.

Jungle Camille

Camille’s + Flash gank combination.

Top Camille Skill Tips(+ Jungle)

Master first  to engage for close ranged fights.

However, these days top champions like

makes a very hard lane phase matchup.

So if you think you’ve not grown strong enough, mastering might not be a good choice. 

If your matchup is a tanker such as , master first.

If your matchup requires long-last ing + close range damage trades... matchup examples would be

, mastering first is better.

Although leveling  x3 and then mastering might be a choice, ’s attack speed

boost is too good to give up.

And against those lane phase demons(HELL difficulty) like

, mastering is the one and only answer.

Against the champions that I’ve not mentioned, you should go for first maxing ,  Or x3 +

maxing . The choice is up to you.

Jungle Camille

jungle should focus on ganks rather than jungle clear.

Go with on level 1, get your buff, then go for on level 2 and go for a mid gank.

If the opponent mid laner doesn’t use its , he/she will suffer severe HP damage.

This gank is a must. It’s one of the pros of using Camille in jungle.   

Also, jungle Camille usually goes for Electrocute. So your skill sequence should be maxing

> > > .

Skill combination

Chase down combo

- - - - - - -

Universal combo

- ----

It’s good to mix basic attacks, but if you’re going in for an assassination, just use the enhanced Q quickly because the opponent might escape using Flash.

How to use Hook


Surprise the enemy with the above combo.

A much better combination compared to the E-Flash-E combo.

Just don't forget that E  is the key for  .

Additional Tips on E

1 - lands on the first champion.

It was a chance to kill the enemy ADC. I was able to do this kind of play because the Hook wouldn’t be cancelled when I was on a back position.

2 - gets cancelled with CCs.

It gets canceled by snare(root) skills, so use it with caution.

Gank support and evading. 

stuns for 0.75 seconds, lasts for 4 seconds.

This means you can actually slow down enemy movement for 4.75 seconds.
(level 1 ult 3.25 seconds, level 2 for 4 seconds, level 3 for 4.75 seconds)

Even though there was a nerf, it still has a good amount of slow CC.

That is why Camille's level 6 gank makes fair amount of kill chances.

Camille has crazy gank support. Also, she's good when avoiding enemy ganks.

If you use full length and then , she flies for quite a long length.

Similar to Fiora’s , try to evade enemy skills(EX ) with and

escape by using .

Skill Description

P - Adaptive Defenses

 has an advantage in damage trade.

This passive makes her very sturdy in lane phase.
You can either receive an AD or AP shield based on the opponent’s item and skill set,

Her next basic attack, triggers her shield.

The point is to avoid the enemy’s key skills such as  ( )

Q - Precision Protocol

This skill makes one of the most strongest champion.

After using Q, her next basic attack grants additional damage and its range becomes +50 longer.

Also, she gets an additional movement speed.

After 1.5~3.5 seconds, her next Precision Protocol’s additional damage increases by 100% and 55~100%(based on level) of the damage is dealt as true damage.

In addition, if she hits level 18 and is built, her base stats mark

approximately: 352 AD / 20% cooldown reduction / Trinity Force passive + true damage = 1010~1025

It’s almost like using Darius ult every 6 seconds.

W - Tactical Sweep

This skill made rise up as a 1 tier champion again.

It was once a legendary skill that had 100% life heal on minions.
However, now it has been changed to only 100% life heal only on champions.

Although the basic damage is 65/95/125/155/185, if the enemy is hit on the outer half of the cone: it gives 80% slowdown for 2 seconds, 6/6.5/7/7.5/7/8% damage based on enemy’s max HP + Arcane Comet damage.

The 80% slowdown makes it almost impossible to miss.

However, has a swing motion. This makes a 0.5 second delay, so do not use it on 1 vs 1s.

If you have to use W on an 1 on 1 situation, use it between the ’s 1.5 second interval or to cancel

the motion of ’s second hit.

E - / -  Hookshot / Wall Dive

E is a resemblance of  ’s unbelievable mobility + chasing, escaping ability.

The first E flings Camille to the wall and the second E makes her dash to an opponent.

When dashing to a champion, she is granted with an additional range bonus. 

When hit, the enemy is stunned for 0.75 seconds and Camille’s attack speed becomes enhanced.
E is a OP skill that has a fairly short cooldown of 10~15 seconds and has 70/115/160/205/250 + 0.75 AD damage.

However, if you miss E, there are no other benefits.
So, you should make good use of it.

You must be cautious when dashing toward opponents because you might become easily focused.

R - Hextech Ultimatum

Locks up an enemy for 4 seconds in an hexagon.

’s basic attack deals 5/10/15 + 4/6/8% of the enemy’s current health.

If is kicked out of the zone, or dead, the zone disappears.  

Using R, you can ignore important enemy skills such as

( ),

It gives her a huge advantage.

Also, Camille's basic attack lands instantly after using R.


Trinity Force Build Priority


Top Camille item selection                                

+ If there is an enemy

- - - - -
- > Key item build

For your first core item go for .

It goes well with Camille’s skill set so I always stick with Trinity Force.

If the enemy has good wave clear( ), it’s a good choice to go for

first before Trinity Force.

The next core item should be or .

If you have to gain split push advantage or 1 vs 1s:

- > Build for your second core item.

If you need lane sustain or wave clear, go for .

In my case, I usually build for my second core item.

Sterak’s attack boost + health boost gives you an advantage in 1 on 1 situations.

Jungle item

+ If there is an enemy

- - - - -

↑ Key item build

After you upgrade your jungle item, build

There is a controversy over whether building   is effective for  jungle Camille.

I personally don’t recommend Tiamat.

Max grants you fair amount of wave/jungle clear ability. 

Also, Jungle Camille should go for damage boost items. 

Hydra does enhancesyour sustainability and damage+tanking.

However,   are much better for damage boost. It’s cheaper  as well.  

-> 3200 + 2400 = 5600 gold

-> 3500 + 3200 = 6700 gold

It has a 1100 gold difference.

With 1100 gold, you can buy a full boot.

Also, if you’re building , Hydra is not a must. 

Personally, I do not recommend upgrading Tiamat.

Tiamat Upgrade (Top)

After building Trinity Force in top lane, people are not sure about which  to upgrade. 

If you need sustainability and split push advantage:

If there are no tanks in your team:

I use both upgrades based on the situation.

Still the Ravenous Hydra seems to be a more safer choice.

Other key items

You’ll probably be thinking about what to build after .

I won’t say that is an absolute must, but I usually stick with Guardian Angel for my 4th core item.

It’s a crucial item because it gives you additional life when you get focused by enemies.

If you need to gain dominance and need to close the game down early, build or or


If the enemy AP mage(ex: ) is too strong, build .

If there is a critical strike dealer, is a must.

If you have a Baron buff, using on a siege minion is okay.

If your team  needs more ADC support, try building .

Champion Matchups


Starting item    

Rune - Arcane Comet- Resolve - max.

Gangplank became a more difficult matchup because of Kleptomancy.
Still Camille has 1 vs 1 advantage.

Engage using , remove first hand.

If you can trade damage using , ganking will be much more easier for your jungler.

To make 1 vs 1 advantage, try to remove . Be careful after level 13 because the becomes

much more harder to remove.

- > 8.2 patch
Kleptomancy has been nerfed but it’s still hard to stop this guy.
I hate the additional 145 HP from Kleptomancy+Resolve.
He has good lane sustain. Also, endures a good amount of early game damage deal.
If you aren’t aggressive in lane phase, eventually he’ll be at least one core item ahead of you.
In late games, Camille wins.

8.4 patch
He’s nerfed. No damage nerf, but his utility decreased.


Starting item  

Runes - Arcane Comet- Resolve - max

Matchup difficulty decreased because of Arcane Comet.

Don’t try to use too hastly.

You should use W after Fiora’s is in cooldown.

Matchup against Fiora is about psychological warfare.
Make her stick close to walls. Fiora will have a hard time responding to .

When you’re supporting ganks, try to slow Fiora down with .

If you use first and become stunned, you have nothing else to do.  

Of course, you have to stick close to walls when Fiora uses to not reveal your weak spots. If you succeed, you can win 1 vs 1.


Starting item   

Runes- Arcane Comet - Resolve -  max

On level 1, she’ll clear 3 melee minions using .

She’ll engage using and gives additional AP damage. She’ll deal 300% additional

damage against .

You have to try to trade damage with on early games. Try to evade Irelia’s because it

will make 1 vs 1s so much difficult to win.

If you get hit by . If you try to get out, you won’t be able to land your basic attacks and if you

stay in it, you’ll be an easy prey. It’s the best to avoid it using . However, if you get het, use

and stick near walls.


Starting Items   

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve  max

Trading damage using and to avoid 1 vs 1.

He has simple champion mechanism so this is mostly it.


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet- Resolve max

He’s a range champ so he can deal damage using pokes.

However, on level 2, a camille that has is stronger in 1 vs 1 compared to a Gnar that has

When he is in his Mega Gnar form, don’t be afraid and land true damage.

Gnar will flee before he finishes using .

Camille still has the advantage in late games unless he scores a jackpot using .


Starting item

Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

A lot of Kleptomancy these days.
I think it’s the most difficult matchup. Like always, trade damage using and gain some HP

advantage. You have to deny Nasus(the most important!).

Call out for jungle ganks to make it easier. Don’t give time for to farm.

If you've killed him in 1 vs 1 or have gained any other advantage, stay on top and try to suppress his growth . Seek for solo kills as well.
It’s not so difficult when he only has 1 core item. After that, his on 1 vs

1 makes him very difficult to win.

You need to widen the item difference. If he is on his third core item, you have to play smart by using

on minions and then using the second on Nasus over and over again.

It’s going to be messy when he closes down on you so just focuse on using the second on Nasus.


Starting item

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Don’t use first. It’s kind of similar to the matchup.

It’s dangerous If he pulls you while you use .

Do not engage 1 vs 1 in level 1-2 phases.

Level 1 Darius is very strong.

Call for ganks and poke with your .  If you succed, it might not be that difficult.


Starting item
Runes - Press the Attack -Sorcery  max

Weak against dash skills. Weak when supporting ganks. Becomes an easy prey once he loses control.

Just don’t fight on his .

Even if he lands his Danger Zone , Camille still has the damage trade advantage.

Try poking before you engage. You earn an easy win.


Starting items
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

He does have the damage deal advantage and good lane sustain. However, in late games he loses his power.

 Another good idea is to max first and land it on Renekton when he closes down.

You have to trigger when he engages.

Of course, you can avoid all the damage if you can trigger because he is AD based. 

8.2 patch

Renekton uses Unsealed Spellbook quite often.

He uses  with Unsealed Spellbook to dominate early lane phase.

As always, poking is the answer. He usually doesn’t use Resolve as a secondary rune so he doesn’t have that much HP advantage. Poking strikes hard on him.

If you use and well, lane phase isn’t that difficult.


Starting items   

Runes - Press the Attack - Sorcery max

Riven usually builds only attack damage items, so Camille’s AD shield is triggered.
Riven is a weaker 1vs1 champ compared to Camille.

’s knockback can cancel her dash skill and her basic stats are also lower.

If you evade just one of the level 6 burst damage combo, you’ll win.

8.2 patch

She now goes to top with Unsealed Spellbook + .

Frankly speaking, she’s a more frightening matchup than Renekton.

Even if Riven is hit by minions on duels, Camille loses.

If your Hook is cancelled,  you might get killed.

If you think you can win lane phase, try your best.  If not, try going 50:50 and wait until late game. Camille has the late game advantage. 


Starting items

Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

gets cancelled by Maokai’s

If you use and gets cancelled, you'll be on mana and HP disadvantage.

On the other hand, he can never stop Camille’s split push. 

Also, it’s hard to die against Maokai. Still he can support ganks very well so let’s be careful.


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve    max

The early game lane phase difficulty is determined whether he goes for Arcane Comet or Grasp of the Undying.

If he uses Arcane Comet, he will lack mana in his early game.

Also, he lacks basic HP so even if you’re hit by , using still gives you the advantage.

However, cooldown is shorter so let’s try to evade it.

Going 1 vs 1 isn’t a big thing.

A Malphite that goes for Grasp of the Undying / Unsealed Spellbook + Resolve is quite a difficult matchup.

His poking isn’t that strong but it’s really hard to deal significant damage against him.

Especially, when he uses Unsealed Spellbook, damage makes him so strong even though he is

a tanker. Poking + 50:50 in lane phase - > Going to late game is the answer.


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

He has one of the best early game dominance in the game.

poke strikes hard on the ‘lesser than 500 HP’ .

Similar to the vs matchup, try not to go 1 vs 1 when he has full HP.

Poke and then fight. You’ll win.


Starting items
Runes- Domination - Sorcery max

Nothing much.

If you poke using , it's hard for Mundo to get close since he has no dash skill.

However, he is strong in 1 vs 1s, so be careful.

If there is no or in your team, building is a good choice.


Starting item  
Runes- Press the Attack - Resolve max

We hate Vayne because she has dominance over close range top bruiser champions.

Camille is also a close range bruiser, but there’s always a way.

Top ADC champions usually have at least one dash skill. (ex )

Which means that they can easily evade .

Max first, and wait until Vayne dodges with her dash skill. When her skill is in cooldown,

you should engage.

Vayne can knock you back using .

However, she has low base mana, so she can’t use it in lane phase a lot.
If you practice and get some lane phase experience against Vayne, it’ll become easier.


Starting item   
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Landing +Arcane Comet on level 1 is quite effective.

Try not to get hit by enhanced and if you can succeed in landing , Camille will gain lane phase advantage.

Usually he evades with his skill.

However, if his is on cooldown it means that he is highly vulnerable against .

8.2 Patch
The item Frost Queen’s Claim has been erased. But, Vladimir is still strong because of Unsealed Spellbook.

Not a difficult matchup if you can poke aggressively.


Starting item  
Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

Poppy is a tank so you can win 1 vs 1. Well, chances are she won’t try to fight you.

Try to force her to use with Camille’s .

On level 1, cooldown is 24 seconds so it’ll make your lane phase much easier.

If you use when  Poppy’s is ready, it can be cancelled.

Lane phase isn’t that difficult, but Poppy can dodge Camille’s engage skills so it’s quite annoying.

In the video above, you can see that Camille can cancel Poppy’s using .

Just don’t forget that you can’t use while you're hit and flown away by Poppy’s ult.

You have to use it while the ult is flying towards you.


Starting item

Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

Sion’s skills can only be hit in specific conditions. Which means if you’re fast enough, you can dodge them.

Don’t get hit by . It’s an airborne skill so your hook can be cancelled.

He’ll throw minions at you and will trigger Arcane Comet, so be careful.

When you get your items, you’ll gain the advantage, but don’t forget that he is very strong in teamfights.

Your positioning is highly important.

Also, Sion has a good gank support ability and he can surprise you with some huge damage using

In addition, when Sion tries to escape using , it is good to use Camille’s ult to stop him.(Camille

moves towards Sion, so if she uses her ult he crashes on Camille and stops)
On the other hand, it is not recommended when you have to escape because you'll receive the

damage and stun.


Starting item
Runes - Domination - Sorcery  max

Unlike other tank champions, this guy can surprise you with a fair amount of damage deal.

If you get hit by + Grasp of the Undying , lane phase will be so much diificult.

Because of his , he can cancel true damage.

You should trade damage by first using . Then if he doesn’t use his , use basic attack +

++second .

If you have no other ways of cancelling Shen’s ult, use your to stop him.

If you’re having a hard time against him, simply avoid 1 vs 1.

Lane phase- poke  and split push - duel
- > This is what Camille does best, so stick to it.


Starting item   
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Be aware of his .

3 things to be careful of:

1. getting hit by all of his bolts.

2.  5 stack Demonflare

3.  providing him Soul Fragments

If you’re hit by , this means that you’re going to be hit by his other skills which are usually quite

hard to land.

Swain’s HP + Soul Fragments leads to a powerful 5 stack Demonflare

If closes down on him, he’ll have a hard time landing his .

He is weak when you close down on him. Be careful of the stun that blows near minions.
Swain is very strong on 1vs1s. Camille loses the matchup.
You have to try to widen the gap on early games.

Swain is currently an OP champ.

Try not to get hit by .

Swain is not that tanky on early games. 


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

- > this build is quite annoying.

He has good amount of damage deal and if you use , somtimes it’s cancelled by his.

Do not chase when Singed uses  .

Camille has the advantage later on on.
Try to kill him before he gets 4 Dark Seals.
He can make surprise a solo kill situations so be careful.


Starting items    

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

When I go against her, I usually max first.

Try to hit her with Arcane Comet. Akali won’t be able to do anything because Akali is weak against poke champs.

A with Arcane Comet is strong  in 1 vs 1s. Comet becomes really handy in poking situations .

This doesn’t mean that you have to go 1 on 1. Akali wins when you go 1 vs 1 on full HP(lane phase).

Poking is the key. Give her some HP damage and try to deny lane. 

Akali isn’t that strong in late game, so if Camille gains some advantage in lane phase, Akali will have a hard time farming up.


Starting item    

Runes  - Arcane Comet -Resolve max

Hard to meet him on top.

This matchup is totally up to your reflexes.

 is not cancelled by CC skills. (when he is in the sky)

Try not to forget that and be aggressive in early lane phase.

If he triggers , , he will gain 5 stacks and ressurect.

His range becomes 150+225 = 375(!!). His blade becomes super long.

Wait until Hellbent ends. Fall back and then engage for damage deal.

Hellbent Aatrox is super strong so I recommend .


Starting items

Runes - Press the Attack - Sorcery max

Just remeber 3 things when you are against Yasuo.

1.  Level 1,2 Yasuo is strong. Fall back.

2.  Get rid of his shield with before you engage.

3.  If his is on 3 stacks, do not try to engage using . If you’re airborned, you’ll 

recieve a lot of damage.  

If Yasuo closes up on you, trigger your . You’ll get some great damage trade advantage.

A good Yasuo user will move back and forth and confuse you but he still can’t escape from .

He does have a good ability in avoiding ganks, but it’s still hard to escape because of Camille’s gank

support. Also, Camille’s skills are highly effective against Yasuo, so focus on landing your . skill.


Starting items    

Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

Top Ekko will probably build tank items.

It’s not that hard because you can block his aggro by using .

You can trade a lot of damage if you close down on him. Just be carful when he tries to land his 

third hit.


Starting item    
Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

Rather difficult compared to other tank champions. Camille still has the 1vs1 advantage, but he  has highly effective skills.

Cut down his sheild using .

When he uses his flames, try tilting a bit it. He’ll have a hard time landing his passive basic attack on you.

If you engage for a fight, it is important to anticipate his skills and change positions.

You can evade Ornn’s    by sticking close to a wall right before he headbutts the skill.


Starting item

* Difficult!*
Runes- domination- Resolve max

You don’t really meet him on top lane but it’s really difficult.

On level 1, if you get hit by , it’s going to be real hard.

Poking is the key, but still can make easy kill situations.

Try to evade his , hit your skills, gain some HP difference.

Olaf’s deals true damage so is rather useless.


Starting items    

* Difficult *
Runes - Arcane Comet  - Resolve max

Yorick has a simple skill mechanism but still he is very strong.
If they both have 1 core item, Camille loses the matchup.

Don’t get hit by .

His Mist Walkers will focus on you .

In lane phase, try to poke.

In splits, try to play like the vs Nasus matchup by using on minions first and then the second

on champions.

Yorick is one of the strongest 1 on 1 champion.


Starting item

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max(w)

I’ve not met him a lot, but try not to engage 1 vs 1s on level 1.

+ damage is hard to estimate.

Poke using and if his is on cooldown, engage with e.

is really weak if ’s percent damage and additional damage isn't triggered.

If you’re lower than half HP, you might get killed in an instant.

If you have lower than half HP and his ult is on, recall.

When you’re going 1 vs 1, you have to cancel using .

Urgot is tanky and has good damage skills that makes him strong in 1vs1s.

If you’re hit by and get killed, it’s hard to regain the matchup advantage.

However, his base stats aren’t that high so try to gain some advantage near levels 3~5.


Starting item  

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

matchup is all about .

If you can evade in lane phase, she has nothing to do.

People say that is OP; near invincible against close range champions.

You have to make use of ’s high mobility.

In early games ,try to poke using .

Minion wave will eventually push back towards you.

Also, has a big motion. Focus and evade. Then use and trade damage.

If her  is in cooldown, she’s fairly weak against short range champions.

Constantly move positions and evade as well.

If you can’t evade , try to get out of range as fast as possible. If not, you’ll get beaten up.

Illaoi will use to trade 1 vs 1 damage.

Your best shot is to evade using .

In addition, if the tentacles are trying to attack you, stick close to walls or move and evade their attacks.

Conclusion: Evade .

Whether she turns into a beast or just a plain octopus depends on your moving skills.


Starting item  

* Difficult *
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Don’t go for close range fights in lane phase.

The best way is to: first cast out of range, and close down to land it on Jax.

He’ll probably engage with his .. Then use your and trigger the shield. If Jax

tries to stun you with , fall back using and soon enough your second will be

ready. Use to re-engage and land your second .

Use out of range and then close down to land the skill. 

When you use , Jax will try to close down on you to evade the blades. This can give you some

damage deal advantage.


Starting items
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

It’s okay to get hit by his basic attack in early games as long as you can land .  

Minion aggro will be focused on and ’s shield + life heal will be triggered.

In early games, when both haven’t had their first recall, Camille has the advantage.

However, if Jayce has or , he’ll deal some enormous damage.

If you don’t move position and he lands

, you’re dead.

His motion is hard to anticipate, but once you get used to it, you’ll get to know how to evade it.

Evade it with and you’ll win 1 vs 1s. Jayce’s damage base is mostly on his .

If you can hit numerous times, you’ll eventually win lane phase.


Starting items   

* Difficult *
Runes - Domination - Sorcery max

His silence skill makes it so difficult.

uses basic attack - basic attack- basic attack-basic attack and so on.

If you’re silenced, you can’t use your second .

His motion has a delay so try to evade it. If you think you’re going to be hit, just use .

This still enhances your basic attack.

Also, use  and poke. If your health is below half, recall.

deals true damage so is useless.


Starting items  

Runes - Domination - Resolve max

A lot of tank Karmas appear on top. Karama can give you a hard time in early lane phase.

However, she isn’t that tanky in early games so engage for a close combat.

Build against the ‘zombie’ Karma to gain damage trade advantage.


Starting items  

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Some Karthus users try to engage 1 vs 1s on levels 1-2.
Never let him hit level 2 first. That's why you need to push through your lane quickly.

Aftter level 2, you can easily win.

However, you still have to evade .

If not, 1 vs 1s will become highly difficult.

is cancelled by using on him.


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

uses Unsealed Spellbook these days.

The matchup is similar to .

poke is the most important.

Build as soon as possible and always check on his .

After level 6, don’t carelessly engage using , because you’ll become an easy gank prey.


Starting items

Runes -Arcane Comet - Resolve max

is effective against champions that are weak to dash skills.

Camille has the lane phase advantage, but Kayle becomes quite strong in her late games.

Gain dominance before she builds .


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Barely met her in top.

You can’t lose. Quinn users try to use in lane to cancel the opponents’ dash skills.

Camille’s still stuns Quinn when she uses  .

Camille also has the late game adavantage.

However, Quinn’s roaming is a threat so use your MIA ping and alert your teammates when she’s out of sight.


Starting tiem  
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

I don’t know why Kled has such a high win rate against Camille.
I’ve never lost lane phase against him.

When you're pulled by , or when you're hit by the fourth use your  shield.

Poke using and if Kled closes down on you, hit . You won’t lose. Not really sure

why he is a difficult matchup.

Go aggressive starting from level 1, using your .

Real easy.


Starting item  
Runes - Press the Attack - Resolve max

Sometimes you’ll go against a top Talon.

There are basically 2 kinds of Talons.

1. Knows that he’ll lose so focuses on lane push.

2. Duels using .

‘1.’ is quite simple. You just close down on him and hit   to trade damage.

However, Talon’s DoT damage deals true damage, which means shield is useless.

Against ‘2.’, you need to think before engaging.

Stick to a wall and if Talon uses , cancel it with your , which will stop his stack on 2.

He won’t be able to trigger , which will eventually make him lose the fight.

When you’re supporting ganks, if he uses inside your , he still can’t go out but he’ll be

invisible. He might slip away so try to remember that he has a cloaking skill. 


Starting items

Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

He is very strong against close range champions.

Some Trundle users cancel Camille’s E with .

He might not seem that strong in his early game. Still, before you build 2 core items, Trundle has the advantage. However, he builds tank items after that so Camille’s true damage becomes more effective.

Go 50:50 on lane.

In late games he is just an “anti-tanker”, so if there are no tanks in your side, his

becomes less effective.


Starting item  
Runes - Arcane Comet -Resolve max

He lacks an efficient dash skill.

However, he is stronger than Camille in late games.

Be careful of the 100 rage critical damage in early games.

When he uses , click on him to see when it ends. Engage for a fight once it ends.  

It’s hard to gain split push dominance so kill him in early/mid game or call your jungle for help.


Starting item
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

Arcane Comet makes it so much easier to win against Teemo.

Teemo’s is longer in range, but if he uses it carelessly he becomes an easy prey.

You don’t need to care about overusing on minions.

Teemo has a hard time farming on minions when the wave is pushed towards his turret. 

If you are blinded by him, you can’t trigger .  Try not to forget.


Starting item  
Runes -Arcane Comet -Resolve max

He is like a more risky version of .

He usually comes in lane with , so maxing first and poking is the answer.

Don’t go in for a solo kill. If you fail and lose your lane dominance, it’s going to be hard to even gain minion experience.

Of course, he is very prone to ganks and becomes useless in late games.

Just give up on your CS and use for poking.

Use after his ends.


Starting items  
Runes - Arcane Comet - Resolve max

He is like the AP version of

However, will hit him quite hard. He only has 500 base HP on level 1.

Try to evade the stun using . The minion wave will push towards you so farm on those

with care.

Also, poke.

If the enemy side has 3 AP champs, is an efficient item.

Additional Tips

Top Lane Early game Tips

Poking with is the key to Camille’s early lane phase.

You need know understand you matchup’s champ mechanism to make it easier.

Map reading and a “2:20” ward will be your life-saver.

Top Lane Mid Game Tips

Camille should group with team after she builds at least   and .

Your goal is to split push. If a teamfight occurs, Teleporting earlier than the enemy makes the advantage, so constant map reading is crucial.

If the enemy mid laner is out of sight, stop pushing your lane and fall back for a second.

Of course, if your mid can push through their lane while you distract the enemy mid, it would be best answer,

but if you grant a kill to the enemy while you were well grown from kills, you’ll give the opponent Shutdown gold and a good chance for snowballing.

Don’t misuse . Think carefully before using it.

If you see a lone mid laner or ADC, assassinating them will help.

Cloaking champions such as can be caught in your ult, but can slip

away because it’s hard to deal damage on them.

Top Lane Mid/Late Game Tips

Don't get killed wandering alone.

It’s going to cost you a Baron buff.

Jungle Tips

Get your buffs and gank mid using .

This gank is why Camille is also used in jungle.  

basic attack ( Electrocute)

This combo will give the enemy severe HP damage and it will cost them their.

If you are using Camille in jungle, use this combo as a must.

Teamfights Tips

Use on enemy dealers.

If the enemy assassin is strong, it’s good to use it on to give your ADC some time to deal damage.
However, just use it on a mid laner or ADC.

The second should be hit as well.

After level 16, true damage becomes 100% so it works well on both tanks and dealers.

If there are no initiators on your side, using    is not a bad choice. Still, the best

choice is to engage a tempo later.

If there are low HP/armor/magic resistance champs, Camille becomes so much stronger.

As long as there are no significant CC skills, Camille is a very good champ to carry.

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