[OFFICIAL] Pobelter joins Team Liquid as Positional Coach for LCS 2020 season

▲ Image Source: Team Liquid


Eugene “Pobelter” Park has joined Team Liquid as a Positional Coach for the 2020 LCS Season. Team Liquid made the news official in a video that was published to their twitter regarding how the organization came to a mutual arrangement with POB.

Pobelter started in the midlane for Team Liquid in the 2018 NA LCS, where he won his 2nd and 3rd domestic titles after winning the 2015 NA LCS Summer Playoffs with Counter Logic Gaming. Most recently, Pobelter started for FlyQuest throughout the 2019 LCS season, but a poor Summer Split left the North American Mid Laner without an LCS team for 2020.

Pobelter posted a twitlonger on his situation and his feelings towards no LCS offers despite the success he’s had throughout his seven year career, and pondered over whether he would play in the NA Academy League for 2020.

Pobelter reached out to Team Liquid CEO Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet for advice, and was presented him with an opportunity in return to TL: “[Head Coach Jang] "Cain" [Nu-ri] and [Assistant Coach Kang]  "Dodo" [Jun-hyeok] were both like, ‘He would make a GREAT positional coach!’” 




Pobelter’s familiarity with Team Liquid and map focused playstyle throughout his career will make him a boon to what is already the strongest organization in the LCS, and faces a new challenge in putting 200 of those IQ points to use in a coaching position for the first time.

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    level 2 Osuka_Yun


    Id be pretty embarassed lmao.. after having no teams want me then writing an essay about it.. and now having to become a coach position is embarassing...

    Literally told the whole world that no one wanted him as a midlaner then crying about it, then now being forced to change role just to get accepted and have a home.. hahaha how low can he get. Fk feels bad.

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      level 1 ADR1992


      I'm sure there's a way for you to phrase this without sounding like a dick.

      The guy struggled, was one of the best faces for NA, then over time was overshadowed by imports. The fact that he got anywhere was an achievement in itself because Liquid, with the backing they have, could have had anyone, but they got him.

      I don't see how ones livelihood in a district of passion is a laughing matter in the slightest. Can't help but feel you're hiding some personal problems with all this.

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