League of Legends

Behold twelve new League of Legends skins: the five Mecha Kingdom skins, Dragonslayer Olaf, and more




Just yesterday Riot teased their new skin line, titled Mecha Kingdoms, telling the story of the great kingdoms of Runeterra who were granted Power Ranger-esque suits to defeat an unnamed new enemy. Just hours later, four of the skins were revealed in a PBE preview.



But those aren't the only ones that met the eye of the public. Riot also revealed Dragonslayer skins for Diana and Olaf, and a Freljord Sylas skin. The official splash art was released, but YouTube Channel SkinSpotlights went a step further, showcasing the in-game model of them.

▲ Dragonslayer Diana.
▲ Dragonslayer Olaf.
▲ Freljord Sylas.

More skins datamined

More skins were named by Riot Games to join the game, but an official preview wasn't provided yet. Thankfully for the curious fans, these were quickly retrieved as well. Mecha Kingdoms Garen receives a Prestige edition, and there's another Dragonslayer coming: Trundle. To round it all up three Guardian of the Sands skins were dug up for Ryze, Janna and Rengar.

▲ Prestige Mecha Kingdoms Garen.
▲ Dragonslayer Trundle.
▲ Guardian of the Sands Ryze.
▲ Guardian of the Sands Janna.
▲ Guardian of the Sands Rengar.

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