Evil Geniuses rumored to add legendary AD carry Bang to its roster

The offseason roster shuffle continues, and again it's Evil Geniuses who make the move. According to ESPN's Jacob Wolf, the organization is bringing in South Korean star Bae "Bang" Jun-sik to start as their AD carry next season. Bang, who rose to fame during his four years in SK Telecom T1's main team, spent the past season in the United States with 100 Thieves.

Just yesterday it was announced by Evil Geniuses that they were bringing in Svenskeren to fulfill the jungler position. The other positions are still unconfirmed, as Evil Geniuses is building a new team from the ground up for the LCS 2020 season. Rumors say Kumo and Zeyzal might fly over and join their former Cloud9 friend Svenskeren at EG, but nothing has been confirmed so far. The mid lane position is also still an open spot at the team.

Over in 100 Thieves, no rumors have emerged for a player who will fill the hole Bang leaves in the AD carry position. Head coach and former English language LCK caster Papasmithy too is builing a team from scratch, though it appears the roster is focused more on growth rather than raw power from the get go.

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