[G-Star 2019] An in-depth look at DRX Deft and Rascal's Fan Meet at the Xenics Booth!


From Nov. 14th to the 17th, the 2019 G-Star was held at Bexco, Busan. As it’s one of the biggest game exhibitions in Korea, many gamers made their way to G-Star.


The Xenics booth was like an oasis in the desert, as there weren’t many places to sit down for a break at G-Star. In fact, there were many visitors that sat down in the comfortable gaming chairs for a break and even a light nap. Of course, there were also those that purchased the chairs as well.


▲“First time at a comfortable Experience Zone?”



A Collaboration with Kakao Characters!


On Saturday, there was a special event with Xenics, one of the most trusted gaming gear companies in Korea. In collaborations with Xenics, two pro players from the League of Legends team, DragonX (formerly known as Kingzone DragonX), Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu, and Kim ‘Rascal Kwang-hee held a special fan meet.


▲ What? It's today?


▲ It's really Deft!


▲ Rascal looked really happy!





▲ Both players loved interacting with fans


After their fan signing, Deft and Rascal held a raffle for a fan to ask questions. After the fan meet itself was over, we had a quick conversation with both Deft and Rascal.



Please introduce yourselves.


Deft: Hello, I’m the Bot laner for DragonX, Deft.


Rascal: Hello, I’m the Top laner for DragonX, Rascal.


How’ve you been recently? Fans are eager to hear from you.


Rascal: This past season, I’ve been feeling physically drained, so I started working out. I’ve actually gotten a little injured during my recent workout, so I’ve been playing a lot of normal games, but I’m looking to get back into ranked solo queue next week.


Deft: I’ve been getting much more love from fans than I deserve. I feel really bad that I couldn’t repay all the love I’ve been getting from the fans. Currently, Rascal and I are receiving stamina training to prepare for the upcoming season. I’ll make sure to always try my hardest.


How are you enjoying Busan?


Deft: I got here yesterday, but I couldn’t do much. However, I walked on the beach yesterday (laughter).


Rascal: It’s my first time attending G-Star, and I’m surprised at how big the exhibition is. I’m really enjoying it.


How did your fan meet at the Xenics booth come to be?


Rascal: Xenics actively sponsors a variety of game competitions and teams. Currently, Xenics is a sponsor for DragonX, so we held a fan meet at the Xenics booth.


Is there something you’d like to do at G-Star?


Deft: I like watching videos on Youtube, so I’d love to meet the streamers that I watch.


Both of you are candidates for the 2019 League of Legends All-Stars. We hope great poll results.


Deft: Thank you so much for all your votes. Truthfully, I’d love to attend All-Stars, but there are many players who reaped better results this year, so I feel that those players should be the ones to attend.


Rascal: If the players from our team attends, it would be a huge honor. Deft is kind and cute...and is fun to make fun of. If Deft goes to All-Stars, not only the atmosphere of the LCK squad will be enjoyable, but also the viewer experience as well. You can make fun of him a lot, so please vote for him..


How was your fan meet today?


Rascal: I’d like to first thank all the fans that came today. Also, I’d like to thank Xenics for hosting the fan meet, and all the fans that continue to show their support for Xenics and DragonX.


▲ Deft shyly answers after being deep in thought.


▲ Rascal was very witty



▲ He only played scissors in "Rock Paper Scissors". Is he TPA Ezreal?

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