[Worlds 2019] SKT Clid: "Sometimes played thoughtlessly but with the care and help of my head coach, I improved."

On the 19th, SK Telecom T1 started off the day with a win against RNG in the 2019 LoL World Championship. The match was neck-and-neck until the end, but after scoring an Ace, SKT marched through RNG’s base and destroyed the Nexus. After the match, Kim “Clid” Tae-min joined Laure Valee and Park Hyeon-sun for an interview.


▲ Image source: Riot Games

The analyst desk said that the jungle-mid 2v2 was important. How do you think it was?


We should have been able to take initiative in the jungle 2v2, but we were a bit shaky, so we lost the flow in the early game.

You’ve been playing amazing in SKT. After becoming an SKT player, many people are considering you as the best jungler in the world. How did SKT affect you?


My head coach’s role was big. I know that I sometimes played thoughtlessly but with the care and help of my head coach, I improved. Playing aside my teammates a lot also was very helpful.

It seems that SKT is now back at the top. It seems last year was just a mistake for the LCK. Do you think LCK will reign as champions again this year?


Looking at the current flow, all LCK teams are really doing well. If they just don’t get nervous and are warmed up well, they’ll all do very well.

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