Laure Valée shares her seven players to watch during the Worlds 2019 Group Stage

When watching the most stacked League of Legends World Championship in years, arguably ever, it can be tough to keep track of all the action. Teams and matches come and go and before you know it, a new champion is crowned. In mere hours, the main event's Group Stage kicks off. To ensure that we'd miss no highlights we asked LEC interviewer Laure Valée to list her "players to watch" during the fight for the Summoner's Cup.


Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon — Griffin

"I've been looking forward to seeing Griffin at Worlds, in an international event. He's a super good player, and he has done well domestically. I just want to see how he will match up against the others, especially against G2. There has been a lot of banter between the two teams, and I think Chovy versus Caps can be an interesting matchup.

I think he's one of the most gifted players. Obviously Faker is on top, but that's also based on reputation. I feel like Chovy brings something fresh, even though he doesn't have Faker's champion pool. I think he's either the second best or the best midlaner in the LCK. I like to see him on Assassins. It's always impressive."


Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang — FunPlus Phoenix

"He has been waiting for his shot for so long. We have been waiting for this. He has the craziest champion pool and I wanna see how it matches up against other midlaners. We'll see how he does, I mean, he has a good team. Honestly, I just really want to see FunPlus perform."


Luka "Perkz" Perković — G2 Esports

"He did well at MSI, and now I want to see him against other AD Carries. Lately he's been... cocky? I'd say? He may not be the best AD Carry, but the fact that he can flex picks gives him an edge. It's something that G2 has had for a while now.

I think he may struggle against RNG's botlane, and against SKT. Teddy's super good. Mikyx is also a great player, but I don't see how, even with flex picks, how G2 can win the lane. Unless maybe Jankos plays towards the botlane. But I just want to see if Perkz can bring the flex picks and smash the other botlanes."


Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon — Clutch Gaming

"Huni versus Fnatic: they used to play together. Huni versus SKT: I know he wants to take revenge on the team. Even if Clutch loses it might be interesting just to watch the toplane matchup."


▲ Image via Riot Games


Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in — Team Liquid

"From all the LCK players that were at Worlds last year, he's the only player that's returning. And he's coming from NA this year. CoreJJ had an amazing year and I think he's the reason why DoubleLift shines so much and was so strong this year. I just want to see how he does against his own region.

He's a huge playmaker. He knows how to set up plays and how to play around his team to set up team fights. Also, his Alistar is amazing. Whenever he's on crowd control champions or on engage champions, he's fantastic."


Kim "Clid" Tae-min & Kim "Khan" Dong-ha — T1

"Fiora's up, and I know Khan is very good with her. This jungle/top duo has done well. Clid has been instrumental in SKT's victories this year and his pick Lee Sin was buffed too. So these two players I'll be watching together."

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