[Worlds 2019] GRF Lehends: “Our initial goal is to make it into the semifinals… When we do, then the championship trophy is next.”


On the 8th (KST), Griffin left Korea to participate in the group stages of the 2019 LoL World Championship. Griffin's support player, Son ‘Lehends’ Si-woo, shared his thoughts about their tenure in the upcoming tournament. He stated that although the team’s final goal is to win the tournament, their initial goal is to make it into the semifinals.


This is Griffin’s first appearance at Worlds. Although their attendance has been confirmed for quite some time, there were looks of excitement and determination as they prepared to board their flight. Lehends commented that he “Felt proud to represent his region”, and was excited to embrace a fun experience. He also stated that it’ll be really fun to play on the international stage for the first time.


From Korea, it takes a very long time to fly to Europe. However, Lehends said that he recently went to Spain during his vacation, and since he’s recently been to Europe, the flight won’t be as grueling. His plan is to read books that his fans gave him during the flight.


Griffin will be playing in group A, a group with some of the strongest teams of the tournament. When asked questions about his group, he was aware of the fans worrying about them, and simply stated, “No team is a pushover at Worlds.” Since he felt that all teams were strong in the tournament, he predicts that “A team that’s more desperate and gives it their all will win it all.”


There has been much variety in the drafts. It was almost as if the meta was in the process of shifting, and Lehends commented, “I agree that because Western teams went to bootcamp in Europe, the meta will be divided.” 


Finally, he humbly commented, “Although becoming champions is ultimately our goal, I personally want to make it into the semifinals. Once we do, I want to get greedy and aim for the championship trophy.

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