cvMax: "There was trouble with CEO Cho Gyu-nam... After the finals, I was notified that I'm to be fired for lack of capability as a head coach."

On the 26th (KST), Griffin surprised everyone by announcing 
that they were parting ways with head coach Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho. While the reason they were parting wasn’t clear, cvMax spoke out in streamer Lee Sang-ho’s stream on AfreecaTV.


"Most of the anger or hatred has gone away," started cvMax. "I’d like to show fun and enjoying through my stream now. To do so, I thought I would need to answer some questions from fans."


He continued by saying, "I can’t get into details too much, I don’t want to yet. I just want to briefly talk about the current situation and move on to enjoy myself," and told that if he were to get into more details, he would do it later in his own stream.


What cvMax did tell was that "there was slight trouble with CEO Cho Gyu-nam from about 2 weeks before the summer finals. After the finals, I was notified that I'm to be fired for lack of capability as a head coach. I protested saying that it was unfair, but it was impossible to recover the broken trust. The conflict just continued and we parted ways."


Following the reason, cvMax assured Griffin fans not to worry. "You don’t have to worry too much about the players’ performances. I purely believe that they can actually win Worlds. They all are always better today than yesterday. They have passion. As long as the conflicts continue, they may even be better off without me than with me."


"There hasn’t been any period in my life that I’ve lived putting in such a lot of effort. I’ve never lasted anything for over a month. Griffin is something I started with just 6 M Won (≒ 5,000 USD). I really hate lying; not because I’m honest, but because I’m lazy," said cvMax, and continued with his thoughts about his time as the head coach of Griffin. "I felt that there are things I lack myself. I was only able to be the runner-up. At first, I thought I was the best, that I would be able to win the championship starting from the last-place team in Challengers Korea. Little did I know, it was difficult. I had to adapt and compromise."


Lastly, cvMax said that if he were to join another team, he’d like to go to a team without a CEO.

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