GRF cvMax on Who he'd Like to Face at Worlds: "I’ve never thought that any team is really strong."

In the last match of the 2019 LCK Summer Split, Griffin defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0. Griffin showed stable performance with a quick tempo, completely dominating Hanwha Life to confirm 1st place in the regular season and to qualify for the 2019 World Championship. Following the match, Griffin head coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho talked to the media.


How do you feel finishing the summer split?


There were ups and downs, but I’m happy that we secured 1st place and qualified for Worlds.

It must be more special to you because you weren’t able to make it to Worlds last year.


The reason we weren’t able to reach Worlds last year was that we started in the summer split and didn’t have any championship points from spring. Our ultimate goal is to win Worlds. I think I’ll have a lot to say after that.

If you pick an MVP for this split, who would it be?


Griffin is the hardest team to pick a single MVP. All players contribute equally so I can’t choose just one player.

Are you still working on making plays without any calls?


It has improved so much that we actually don’t make any calls during games. We used to not talk during teamfights; now we nearly don’t talk at all. Since Rift Rivals, we found out that we say too much obvious or unnecessary things so we’ve been reducing that more. It’s not that we don’t really speak at all; we have our agreements.

Is there a team that you’d like to face at Worlds?


I’ve never thought that any team is really strong. I do want to meet with the team that fans consider strong, the team that is currently considered the best.

It’s your third LCK finals. Who do you think will reach the finals? And how will you prepare?


All games are the same, whether it’s scrims, regular season games or postseason games. We won’t be thinking of it as the finals; we’ll be preparing thinking of one game at a time, doing our best to gain each set point. I think DAMWON or SKT will reach the finals.

Any last comments?


We have qualified for Worlds, so I’m very excited that we would be having an amazing experience. I really like the fact that Korea is a country that is known to be good at games. I’ll do my best to prove that Korea is THE country that’s the best at gaming.



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