SKT kkOma: "I’ll do my best to the end so that we can be an improved SKT T1, the one that laughs last."

On the 17th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split day 44 Match between SK Telecom T1 and SANDBOX Gaming, SKT defeated SANDBOX 2-1. With the victory, SKT confirmed 4th place in the season and will be heading to the playoffs. Head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-kyun visited the media room after the match for an interview.

With today’s win, you’ve reached the playoffs. How do you feel finishing the regular season?

I always try to not have any regrets, but there were a lot of regrets during this season.

Which part in specific was regretful?

The 5-game losing streak early in the season. We had to bring our performance up fast and had a win. The 2-game losing streak after the 9-game winning streak was also regretful.

Today’s match was after that 2-game losing streak. How did you prepare?

We had a lot of time until the match against DAMWON Gaming, but we only had one day for today’s match. So we just did as we always did and I told the players to get into the match with an eased mind. Even if we lost, we would have a chance at the regional qualifiers.

What are you the most worried about for the postseason?

We have to play right away next week, so we need to stay tense regardless of whichever team we meet. I’m also worried about the stamina of the players. It wouldn’t be much of an issue if we can go straight to Worlds, but if we have to play in the Regionals, the schedule would be extremely busy.

Why did you pick Quinn in Game 3 against Hanwha Life Esports?

Quinn was a pocket pick. She can get ahead of Renekton in the laning phase. But we would lose that advantage in teamfights so we needed to try to make 5v4 fights, but it turned out as 5v5 fights so we lost.

Any last comments?

There were a lot of ups and downs during this season; I believe our fans had a hard time watching and cheering for us. Especially today’s match ended really late. I’m thankful to those who were there for us until the end. I’ll do my best to the end so that we can be an improved SKT T1, the one that laughs last.

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