[Rift Rivals] GRF cvMax: "I personally believe that Sword's Jayce is the best in the world."

On the 5th, Griffin secured their second victory during the 2019 Rift Rivals Group Stage Day 2. On Day 1, Griffin played a unique assassin team composition. On Day 2, Griffin played Yasuo-Gragas and Sona-Tahm Kench. Although Griffin scored less kills, they displayed far superior macro during the mid-to-late game and took the win against Dashing Buffalo. 

The following is Griffin's press interview that took place after their victory against Dashing Buffalo.

(To cvMax) You've taken your second victory this tournament. How do you feel?

Head Coach cvMax: I'm more satisfied with our performance today than yesterday. Although we struggled in the early game, our players remained focused and played accordingly. 

(To cvMax) LCK is on a 7-game winning streak. Why do you think that's the case?

cvMax: The LCK teams have been winning all of their matches. I think it's because the LCK has learned a lot from its recent failures. In addition, the LCK experienced patch 9.1, whereas the LPL skipped 9.1 and moved straight over to 9.2. The 9.1 meta was similar to the current one, so I believe that the LCK teams have the advantage in terms of champion and meta information. 

(To cvMax and Sword) You guys took Jayce as soon as it was available. 

cvMax: I believe that Sword has an amazing Jayce. It's a bit unfortunate that he died twice, but I still find him to be an S-tier player. He has the ability to learn from his mistakes even when he fails. He can carry the team with the aid of his jungler, or allow his team to scale as he endures his laning phase. 

I personally believe that Sword's Jayce is the best in the world. Khan may be better at making detailed plays on Jayce, but Sword's Jayce is better at countering the enemy team's aggression. I find Sword's Jayce to be more balanced.

Sword: I agree. Only on Jayce though.

(To cvMax) Dashing Buffalo is famous for being aggressive. How did you plan for playing against them?

cvMax: We matched their aggression with aggression of our own.  Our plan was: if the enemy team plays aggressively, we play along and play aggressively as well. If the enemy team plays defensively, we play our style and slowly choke out the enemy team. 

(To cvMax and Lehends) Griffin caught a lot of attention yesterday by playing Talon-Akali. Are you planning to play unique picks like that moving forward?

cvMax: We have a lot of picks at ready that's similar to Talon. 

Lehends: Our Singed is always on standby.

(To Tarzan) You've played against another region's jungler for the first time this tournament. How different are they compared to the LCK junglers?

Tarzan: There isn't really a difference. I'm just solely focusing on my own plays, so it doesn't matter who I face.

(To Tarzan) Is there a specific LPL team that you're keeping an eye on?

Tarzan: I played against JDG yesterday. I haven't played against any other LPL team yet, so I can't really answer your question. However, I'm certain that it'll be fun to play against any of them. 

(To cvMax) Unlike in the LCK, you're not wearing your GRF uniform. 

cvMax: The team owner hand-picked this suit for me at a local store. I wanted to wear my uniform, but the rules and regulations of this tournament state that the coach on stage needs to dress well. I think this suit fits me well... had I picked the suit myself, it probably would've been terrible. (Laughs) 

(To cvMax) What's Sona's biggest strength in the bot lane?

cvMax: She carries a lot of potential. Although it's true that she has a weak early game, if you go even during the laning phase, she can do more in the later stages of a game than the traditional ADC's. She's also great for psychological reasons; she applies a lot of pressure on the enemy bot lane, as she forces them to try and win the laning phase no matter what. 

(To Chovy) Top Esports' Knight9 wanted to ask you this question: 'How do you play every champion so well?'

Chovy: It's all thanks to our head coach, cvMax.

(To Chovy) Is there anything that you want to say to Knight9?

Chovy: Wo ai ni. 

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    level 1 TangPY


    There is a typo error in this article. Top Esport's Midlaner IGN is Knight9 instead of Night9.

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      level 35 Ready


      Thank you for the correction!

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