SKT Khan: "Rather than being carried, it would be better if I carry."

On the 29th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 19 Match between SK Telecom T1 and Gen.G Esports, SKT shut out Gen.G 2-0. In the match, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha delivered great performances on Gangplank and Aatrox. After the match, he was interviewed by the media. 



How do you feel winning 2 straight games?


We were able to stop our losing streak in our last match against kt Rolster. It was time for us to start a winning streak. This was a win to start that.

Compared to when you were in a losing streak, do you feel that anything has changed?


There were fewer mistakes compared to our game against KT. I think our performance has improved because of that. We were all good, but I think I did the best. Honestly, I think I was really incredible in our match against KT as well. (Laughs)

You had a solo kill against CuVee today.


I think I was just good today, but the solo kill moment was the only scene that I shined compared to others.

What do you think the reason was behind the 5-game losing streak?


Basically, everybody didn’t have the performance from when we were winning. Everyone didn’t know what to do to win in-game. In recent matches, we got a grasp of what to do, so our plays became more comfortable. Our scrim results are pretty good; I believe that our results will end up better.

You’re heading to the Rift Rivals next week.


I remember that we lost one and won all. It was regretful losing that one game. To have revenge, we have to do really well.

Is there any team to look out for?


I think iG and Funplus Phoenix's performances are outstanding. I try to watch as many games of the foreign leagues I can and I watch teams that have people I personally know. Funplus Phoenix and iG are really good.

Many fans want revenge from last year’s Rift Rivals.


Since all the teams that are heading to this year’s Rift Rivals, I think we’ll be able to win this time. Of course, rather than being carried, it would be better if I carry. (Laughs)

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