C9 Blaber: "To be honest, Gragas/Yasuo is really strong. People aren't respecting it enough."

Cloud9 Jungler Robert "Blaber" Huang made his 2019 LCS Summer Split debut in place of Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen against OpTic Gaming. Blaber wasted no time reminding the LCS that he's a top-tier Jungler, outpacing OpTic Jungler William "Meteos" Hartman on a full AP Gragas and setting up C9 Mid Laner Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer's Yasuo for Last Breath after Last Breath while the rest of the C9 squad cleaned up what was left afterwards.


After handing OpTic Gaming its first loss of the Summer Split, Blaber joined Inven Global's Lara Lunardi to talk about his first start since spring and C9's game plan against the GreenWall. "To be honest, Gragas/Yasuo is really strong. People aren't respecting it enough," said the young C9 Jungler. 

When asked about the reasoning behind his start over Svenskeren, Blaber answered with a rye smile. "I do think I'm playing pretty well right now...Worlds is coming up, and I think Cloud9 is going to make it, so we want to prepare a larger roster...I'm hoping I'll be able to play more this split."

At 4-2, Cloud9 currently sits in a six-way tie for 1st place atop the LCS standings. If Blaber continues to play at this level, expect to see the Cloud9 Academy Jungler join the main roster in higher frequency similar to last summer's miracle run to the 2018 World Championship. 

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