GRF Lehends: "We felt that there was no need for any more bans so Chovy banned Singed."

On the 14th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, Griffin shutout Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 and took their third win of the season. In the match, Son “Lehends” Si-woo played Tahm Kench and Lux, contributing to the team’s victory. Especially in Game 1, he was the perfect partner to Park “Viper” Do-hyeon’s Sona in Game 1. After the match, Lehends was interviewed by the press.


How do you feel about today’s win?


I’m glad that we won, but I’m even more happy that we won with Sona.

Griffin lost for the first time this season in the last game against SANDBOX Gaming.


We learned a lot through that loss. During the feedback after the loss, we directly said that the loss was because we underperformed. Everybody agreed, so we all put in more effort.

So you finally won with Sona. What has changed?


To make it simple, we all played bad last time but we all played well this time. We weren’t very calm when we played last time. When the situation was bad, we all lost our cool, and it got worse. I guess we panicked. This time, we tried to keep our cool in all situations.

It should have been difficult to pick out the proper support champion to duo with Sona.


Sona was locked in, and we tried many different support champions. I tried different supports according to the situation or picks & bans and talked a lot with Viper. This time, it was Tahm Kench.

In Game 2, you banned Singed and Chovy said that it was to snipe Lehends.


In Game 1, I put up Singed in the picks & bans window. Chovy sometimes bans Singed in scrims, usually when there’s nothing he wants to ban. This time as well, we felt that there was no need for any more bans so Chovy banned Singed. Everybody laughed together. It was partially a team decision and partially Chovy’s unpredictableness.

Why do you think Tahm Kench is continuing to appear as a support even after its W nerf?


This is just my own thought; after the last patch, Tahm Kench’s laning became stronger and became a champion that can have more power in the early-mid game. I think against some champions, he can be played in top lane as well. As for the W nerf, compared to the nerf, his laning became relatively stronger so I think that’s why he’s being used often.

In Game 2, everybody checked the vision very carefully.


For the bottom duo we were always in fear because we could die any time. Hanwha Life Esports is a team that has good teamwork and roams around together well, so we tried to be careful about that. We thought that if we didn’t make a mistake about that, we would win without much trouble.

Head coach cvMax had said that bringing the performance up comes before winning or losing.


I think what he said meant that if our performance comes up, the results follow. He said that if we lose even if the performance seemed good, it’s his own fault. He wanted us to concentrate on our performance.

Any last comments?


I’m thankful to all the fans that always cheer for us. We’ll prepare the next match well and show a fun match. I hope everybody looks out for themselves well and stay healthy.

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