KZ TusiN on Rift Rivals: "Competing in international competitions is always fun... I’d like to face iG."

On the 13th of June (KST), Kingzone DragonX defeated SK Telecom T1 2-1. Their set winning streak had ended, but their undefeated run in the league continued. In the match, Park “TusiN” Jong-ik delivered a spectacular performance. After the match, he sat with Inven Global for an interview.


It seems that Kingzone DragonX has clear shotcalls. The team as a whole follows one call and all five players move together.

We all try to move as one. I try to draw the big picture and keep the balance so that we all can make better decisions. But I do make mistakes shotcalling as well.

When things are rushed, it’ll be hard to make correct decisions all the time. What do you prioritize when you make shotcalls?

Making shotcalls could be vague. Usually, Deft and I lay the groundwork, but it mainly comes from our experience. You have to experience many different situations to know; experience is the only medicine.

You’re going to the Rift Rivals. What do you expect for that competition?

Competing in international competitions is always fun. Deft and I have some experience, but other teammates don’t have as much. I hope this would be a good chance for them to grow. It is a bit pressuring that we would be representing LCK, but that kind of pressure is just the same as any other match. I’d like to face iG at Rift Rivals.

Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs. How do you think it’ll go?

We have many hidden cards as well as they would too; the team that deals with them well would win. Looking at the current LCK meta, most cards are revealed in the bot lane. I think something will come out in the upper half.

Any last comments?

I hope that we could continue our flow up. Rift Rivals will be coming soon, and I’d like to prove that the LCK is better.



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