G2 Caps Selected as the MVP for the 2019 MSI


In the first-ever EU vs NA international tournament finals, G2 swept TL 3:0 and lifted the 2019 MSI trophy. After this rather one-sided series, mid laner, Rasmus "Caps" Winther was named as the MVP of the tournament.

Caps, who was consistently solid throughout this MSI, once again displayed exceptional performance in the Finals. In game 1, he went with the Glacial Augment Morgana and supported his team well to victory. Then, he used Sylas and Irelia in games 1, 2 and carried G2 in this MSI Finals series.

The following is the live post-match interview with G2 Caps. 


Q. Your dad has been cheering for you in international tournaments. Do you have anything to say to him? 

Caps: I want to thank my dad for always coming. It feels good to finally bring back a trophy. Too many times I've come back from international tournaments or just from LEC with a loss and my dad and my family had to support me and get me through this. But this time we have to celebrate. Thank you! 


Q. You guys tried out new things and also tried out some spicy picks. Do you think G2 has changed the understanding of League of Legends or the understanding of this meta? 

Since Worlds, teams started pulling out a lot of things and picks became a lot more aggressive. In this MSI especially, people will go back to their own comfort picks and try out the champions they're good at and just go with it. 


Q. After this MSI trophy, what can we expect from G2? Perhaps the Rift Rivals or the Worlds? 

We're going to try our best. I think we have lots to improve on. We came into this tournament wanting to get a win against IG but we left with a 0-2 record against them. So, I think IG is the team that we're looking to get a wrench against in the next Worlds. If we beat them, I'm sure we can beat anyone. 

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