SANDBOX Gaming Ghost on Defeating SKT: "To be honest, it is like a dream to me. I can’t believe this actually happened. It is surreal."

On the 24th at LoL Park, SANDBOX Gaming defeated SKT T1 2-1.

Before the games commenced, many fans predicted SKT T1 to win a clean 2-0 series. In game 1, SKT played as expected and dominated SANDBOX. However, in games 2 and 3, SANDBOX came out of the gates without fear. Using unconventional picks such as Draven and Shen, SANDBOX was not afraid to expand their pool in order to gain the slight edge over SKT.

After the games, SANDBOX’s ADC, Ghost, was interviewed. Let’s see what he has to say about taking down SKT T1.

¤ How do you feel about today’s win?

To be honest, it is like a dream to me. I can’t believe this actually happened. I’m not even entirely sure that we actually won against SKT T1. It is surreal

¤ Today was an important match. It was a match against SKT T1 and whichever team loses will experience their first loss of the split.

SKT is a strong team, but we knew we had prepared well. In the first game, it didn’t go as planned. After, we talked about how we should play the way that feels right for us. It all worked out in games 2 and 3.

¤ This is not the first time you have brought out and won on Draven. On top of this, Draven is a mechanically heavy champion. How come you didn't play Draven last season?

After coming to this team, I didn’t feel like I was restricted in anyway in regards of champion pool. I knew before how to play Draven and with this team, I am able to bring out it whenever it sees fit. This is the reason why I have been picking Draven so often recently.

¤ You were up against Teddy today. How do you feel about beating him?

Rather than saying I won against Teddy because I am better than him, I think it is more so the situation and team synergy that got me to win against him today.

¤ You once said that you were unable to play proactively on our last team. Are you able to play as proactive as freely on this team?

Yes. With this team, we all play proactive and aggressive.

¤ Are you satisfied with your performance thus far?

Our scrim results have been good, and it shows on the stage. I am happy that we are able to play the way we are.

¤ What are your thoughts on vsing Hanwha for your next match?

I looked at Hanwha, and we have very similar playstyles. I’d like to think that there are going to be a lot of scrimishes and teamfighting in the series.

¤ Right now, you guys are undefeated. How far do you think this streak will go?

To be honest, we still have a lot of games left against strong teams. As long as we prepare well and safely win against Griffin, I am confident we can continue our streak.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I want to thank all the fans who supported me even when I played bad. I will try my best to continue my current performance. I hope you guys keep supporting me. Thank you.

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