GRF Chovy on His Goal for 2019: "My goal is to lift the trophy without losing a single set. I’m going to try my best to fulfill that."

The KeSPA Cup Finals took place on the last day of 2018 (KST). Gen.G Esports, who just acquired Peanut in the preseason, went against the rookies of 2018, Griffin.

The matchup was indeed the center of attention for LoL fans. Griffin’s mid laner Chovy picked a rather risky champion, Irelia, in game 2; he managed to break through Gen.G’s guard. The result was a 3:0 victory for Griffin.

After the match, we met Chovy in the press room for an interview. Although he just finished his first year as a pro, he seemed unbelievably calm. Let’s see what this young mid laner had to say about the finals against Gen.G.


Congratulations, you’ve finished your year by winning a trophy! Can you share your thoughts with us?

I’m proud of myself since I’ve won a trophy at the end of the year and I’m satisfied with my performance during the KeSPA Cup.


You never lost a single set during this tournament. The performance the team delivered was quite strong. Did you expect that the team would do this well?

I somewhat expected that we’d win. However, I didn’t expect us to lift the trophy by delivering a performance that was this perfect.


In this KeSPA Cup, safe picks such as Galio and Lissandra were used more often than aggressive picks. However, Griffin managed to use Irelia in game 2 which is thought of as a rather risky champ. Why did you pick her?

Gen.G Esports banned a lot of safe mid picks. That’s why I thought that they didn’t have a lot of picks to counter Irelia once we used her. I was also confident in my understanding of the champion itself so my team trusted me and the results were fantastic. That’s why we also picked her in game 3.


In game 2, you scored a double kill during a dive against 4 enemies near the mid lane and survived. The commentators praised that play and it was the talk of the town in the LoL community. What was the atmosphere like in the gaming booth at that time?

I just knew that it’d succeed so I went in. I thought that it was a now-or-never opportunity and it felt that I would make it. We called to fall back since Tahm Kench used his Flash but I knew I’d succeed so I went in by myself.


Now the LCK Spring is just around the corner. How will Griffin’s Spring turn out?

I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time, I’m a bit concerned as well. I’m looking forward to things such as ‘How and to what extent I’ll be able to deliver good performance’ and ‘How much the other LCK teams prepared’. On the other hand, I’m concerned about me performing poorly. However, I’m not too worried about that.


Although your ultimate goal would be to win the split, there should be a minimum for that goal. What will be your goal for this split?

My goal is to lift the trophy without losing a single set. I’m going to try my best to fulfill that.


You were named the MVP for the finals. Did you expect this?

I wasn’t really thinking about it during the game but after the series, I did expect it and thought, ‘Didn't I perform well today?’


Then, who would you pick as the MVP for the finals?

It’s really hard since every single player in the team did so well. I just want to give the MVP to everyone.


Do you have anything to say to the fans for the new year?

Thank you for watching Griffin perform and I want to wish you guys a happy new year. Thank you!

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