Griffin Sword on Playing Against Gen.G: "I think that my teammates have been doing great lately. I am certain we can win"


This is the interview with Sword from Griffin, which won against DAMWON Gaming 3-0 in the KeSPA Cup 2018 Semifinals.

Griffin overwhelmed their opponent team during the entire 3 games; they did not let their enemy take even one win during the match. In the end, they made it to the finals where they will be playing against Gen.G Esports. Will they be able to pay back for the defeat they’ve tasted during the Korea Regional Finals 2018? We had the chance to meet Sword, the top laner for Griffin, and hear how they felt about their victory as well as how they were determined to win in the finals.


You won against DAMWON Gaming 3-0. How do you feel?

I did think that we would win with ease to a degree since my teammates are so good; it just came out as I expected since things went well during the match.

DAMWON performed well in their last match; weren’t you nervous during your preparation?

Not really. I wasn’t really conscious about it since all my teammates were doing good lately.

Nuguri has recently been getting a lot of attention as the new rising top laner; how was your laning against him?

As much as he was getting the spotlight, he was really good during the laning phase. I tried to make the laning go smooth but it wasn’t easy since he was really good.

Jayce, Taliyah, and Sejuani aren’t really the popular picks and it’s almost only Griffin that has been using them. Is it because of your confidence?

I guess you can say we are confident. Actually, I used to underrate Jayce but my coach told me to practice playing aggressive champions like Jayce. Because of that, I feel confident about playing aggressive champions now. I think the number of cases increased where I would pick them just because I feel confident.

If you were to pick an MVP from today’s match?

Tarzan did great but I also think that our bot laners did particularly well. If I were to pick from a lane, I would say it was the bot laners who carried the team. But everyone did very well. All I can think of is how I wasn’t good in game 2.

You took a long break after your last match. What did you do?

We went to a workshop during the break. I think we improved even more after setting new resolution as well as playing with a new mindset.

You’ve lost a lot of weight. How much did you lose?

I gained back some weight but it was around  8kg when I lost a lot. I thought that losing weight didn’t show for me because it was hard to lose the fat in my upper body. But many people told me that they could see how I’ve lost my weight, which made me feel good.

I heard Lehends say, ‘Fatty Sword!’ when he was doing the mic test before the match started (Laughs).

My teammates tend to stimulate me a lot about it (Laughs). I think I have no choice but lose some weight.

You will be playing against Gen.G Esports in the finals. Will you be able to pay back for the defeat you’ve experienced in the Korea Regional finals?

I think that my teammates have been doing great lately. I am certain we can win.

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