Griffin Tarzan: "We will continue to improve. I don’t think we can give ourselves any certain scores"


According to Tarzan, Griffin will continue to improve.

Griffin defeated DAMWON Gaming 3-0 during the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2018 Semifinals on December 29th. Tarzan guided his team to the victory by picking Sejuani for game 1 and 2, and Camille for game 3. How Griffin overwhelmed the enemy team even from the early phase regardless of what champions they have played stood out during the entire match.

ollowing is the interview with Tarzan, the jungler for Griffin.


How do you feel about your victory?

I think it’s significant because we got a perfect 3-0 win.


This is your first time playing against DAMWON Gaming after you’ve been promoted. Do you think DAMWON improved?

Just like DAMWON improved, we improved as well; I think that showed up in today’s result.

In game 1 and 2, you picked Sejuani, which is not a popular pick. After you actually got to play her, do you think her strength showed as much as you thought she would during the game?

Sejuani is a champion I played a lot during the LCK and the Challengers. It’s a pick I’m confident in playing no matter what the situation is. I played Sejuani during a practice match yesterday, which turned out to be great, so I picked her for today.

You’ve taken good note of Canyon’s jungling routes. Was this macro play something you prepared beforehand?

It wasn’t something I prepared beforehand; I think I’ve taken good note of where Canyon went and moved because Canyon was exposed quite frequently in our vision. But I did get the grasp of his usual jungling routes from watching VOD.

What do you think about your nickname, the ‘King of the Jungle’? Did you have nicknames like this one in your mind when you made that alias for yourself?

It made me feel good because what it means is good. Tarzan just came up in my mind when I was playing jungle so that’s how I named myself. I didn’t really think that I’d get the nickname, the ‘King of Jungle’ back when I was deciding on my alias.

How do you think your match against Gen.G Esports will go during the finals?

We will play after getting prepared thoroughly since they are not an easy opponent. However, I don’t think we will lose if we play perfectly.

What do you think you should be aware of when you are playing against Gen.G?

I think what we need to keep in mind is moving as a team since Gen.G does well in a game rather as a team; also, nowadays, moving in a team became very important in the tournament.

It seems that Griffin’s performance is improving every day. If Griffin got a 10 out of 10 in the LCK 2018, what would you give yourselves right now?

We will continue to improve. I don’t think we can give ourselves any certain scores.

Any last words?

We will make sure we win after thorough preparation.

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