Griffin Tarzan & Viper: "We don’t have any preference for certain team comps because we can adapt to playing and absorb everything regardless of what type"


Griffin defeated DAMWON Gaming by perfect 3-0 in the League of Legends KeSP Cup 2018 Semifinals on December 29th. Griffin showed no mercy during the entire match; although both teams were even in the total gold in game 1, Griffin was far ahead of DAMWON in the number of kills. Gradually, Griffin took steps closer to the victory while DAMWON could do nothing but helplessly watch their Nexus getting destroyed. It was almost the same in game 2 and 3; Griffin outplayed DAMWON in almost every team fights, giving DAMWON no chance to turn the tide. In the end, Griffin got to be the one to play against Gen.G Esports in the finals after winning against DAMWON Gaming.


Following is the post-match interview Griffin Viper and Tarzan had.


Griffin will be playing in the finals without losing any game. How do you feel?

Tarzan: First, I feel really good right now since we won perfect by 3-0.

Viper: I thought that it won’t be easy to play against DAMWON but fortunately, we won by 3-0.

How was the match against DAMWON Gaming?

Viper: We’ve been playing well against them since we were in the Challengers league so I think that we won in a similar way today.


There’s no need to mention your abilities to fight as a team; even your picks and bans were surprising. Tarzon, you took Sejuani in game 1; you knew that DAMWON had performed well on Camille and Galio; yet, you didn’t ban them but just took Sejuani. What kind of team composition did you have in your mind?

Tarzan: Since Camille and Galio is a team comp where they go in first, I thought that Sejuani wouldn’t a bad pick; she used to be a good pick before, and we could counter them when they came in first as well as initiate on Sejuani.

Tarzan, you’ve shown us playing Taliyah and Sejuani -- it feels like you’d tell us every jungle champions are good. Is there any pocket pick you are preparing for the finals?

Tarzan: I might, or I might not.

Many people say the real reason Griffin is so powerful is that you can’t predict what they will pick. Does your coach usually tell you what to pick and ban or do you appeal to your coach on what you want to play?

Viper: Everyone decides on the picks and bans together so I think it’s 50:50. There are times our coaches would recommend us picks or we would ask for the picks we want, and I think this is how things turn out when we decide together.

In game 1 and 2, your team has picked a team comp based on the team fight, while in game 3, you’ve shown how to play based on mobility with Camille and Galio. Is there any special type of team comps your team prefers?

Tarzan: We don’t have any preference for certain team comps because we can adapt to playing and absorb everything regardless of what type.

In game 1 and 2, you burst the Baron and forced your opponent team to be engaged in the team fights, defeating them. You showed great and focused teamwork. Who makes the shot call?

Viper: Everyone takes part in making calls. When the person who notices first or person who can see the opportunity to start a fight actively makes a call, we all follow unless it’s obviously a wrong one, then we all back away together.

Your reaction to shot calls is indeed fast. Viper, you will be playing against the Ruler & Life duo during the finals; how do you think it will go?

Viper: I think we will win.


What about you, Tarzan?

Tarzan: You mean the bot lane?

I mean the match in general.

Tarzan: I think we will win.

Then what about the bot lane? Do you feel differently about it?

Tarzan: Uh… No, no. We will win since our bot laners are going to win.

Can you tell us how determined you are for the finals?

Viper: We will prepare well for the KeSPA Cup finals and finish it well before the new season starts.

Tarzan: We don’t have much time left until the finals and we will make sure we win by preparing well.

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