[KeSPA Cup] GEN CuVee: "the team atmosphere definitely saw change. I guess you can say that it got brighter? Maybe it's because Peanut joined"

On the 28th, at the FreecUp Studio, the 2018 semifinals match between kt Rolster and Gen.G Esports took place. And in the end, GEN came out on top with a score of 3-1. Many fans were worried about GEN's mid laner, top laner, and jungler's synergy when their new roster was announced; however, during the semifinals match, the three showcased fantastic teamwork.

The following is an interview with GEN's top laner, CuVee.

How does it feel having won against kt Rolster at the semifinals?

It's a short tournament, but I'm happy that we made it to the Finals. I want to do well and win the whole thing.

Overall, how was today's series in your opinion?

Everything went accordingly to what we had practiced. I'm very satisfied with the result. 

You guys weren't given a lot of time to grow synergy [with the new players] before entering the KeSPA Cup. However, you seem stronger than ever before.

It's still too early to tell, but the team atmosphere during practice definitely saw change. I guess you can say that it got a lot brighter? (Laughs) Maybe it's because Peanut joined.

You played against both Smeb and Kingen in the top lane. What was different between the two?

I felt that Kingen focused more on the laning phase, whereas Smeb, who is also great in terms of mechanics and laning phase, is more macro-oriented. 

You played Akali 3 different times during the series. Why?

I was told to pick Akali whenever she survives the ban phase. I practiced her a lot. In addition, although Urgot is a strong pick, I believe Akali could be just as strong depending on how you play her. 

You either face DAMWON Gaming or Griffin at the Finals. Who do you want to personally face?

Griffin's biggest strength is its teamfights. I think it'll be very interesting to meet them at the Finals. 

Any last words?

I'm happy that we were able to reach the Finals. It's the last tournament of 2018 before the new LCK split, so I want to win this tournament and gain momentum for Spring.

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