[KeSPA Cup] Post-Match Interview with Ruler and Fly: "I’m not satisfied with how I performed today"

On the 28th of December, at the FreecUp Studio, the semifinals of the 2018 LoL KeSPA Cup took place. Today's series featured Gen.G Esports and kt Rolster, in which GEN was able to come through with a 3:1 victory. During the series, Ruler was often the target of the enemy jungler, whereas Fly was a reliable mid laner that focused on team-play.

The following is KeSPA's post-match interview with Ruler and Fly.

How does it feel having taken that victory?

Fly: We have new players on our team, and fortunately, we work well together.

Ruler: I feel great!

(To Ruler) Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Ruler: I’m not satisfied with how I performed today, but I’m still happy that we won.

(To Fly) Today, you seemed to have altered your playstyle for the team. Does being the oldest player on the team bring a certain type of responsibility?

Fly: I feel the need to be careful with my every action...

Did that lead you to make sacrifices for them in-game?

Fly: Yes. (Laughs)

Fly, when the Zoe was banned during the series, you played Urgot. Were you confident in that champion?

Fly: I didn’t expect myself to be targetted during picks and bans. It was interesting.

During the 4th and final game of the series, when Nocturne came in with his ultimate at level 6, you fought and scored a double kill. Were you expecting to get those kills?

Fly: While fighting, I saw an opening; so I naturally went for it.

Ruler: I thought that we’d lose that fight. But fortunately, Fly played really well.

In game 2, you struggled against the Leona. How was it playing against KT Rolster’s new bot lane?

Ruler: They all play well. However, I think I struggled during game 2 because I let my guard down.

Let’s talk about game 3. You guys were at a large disadvantage, and the enemy team went for Baron. However, when a fight broke loose, you guys were able to quickly shut down Irelia, and that was the beginning of your eventual comeback. How did you feel at that time?

Ruler: The enemy team was taking a lot longer to take down Baron than I had expected. That’s when we said that we can fight them and win for sure.

There were a lot of memorable moments during today’s series. Fly, who do you think today’s MVP player is?

Fly: I think CuVee performed better than I had expected.

I heard a funny story about you two: you guys had said that it’s difficult to live with CuVee for even a week. Why is that?

Ruler: To be honest, I think living with CuVee for even a day will give you a gist of why we said that.

Is it inappropriate to say in detail during a live broadcast?

Ruler: Yeah, it’s pretty nasty.

You’ll now either face DAMWON Gaming or Griffin in the Finals.

Fly: Both teams are scary. I’m glad that we didn’t meet them before the Finals.

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