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GRF Viper: "I did prepare something [non-ADC]... I had to show my pick first so that's why I couldn't use a non-ADC champion."


Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs 2:0 for the 2018 KeSPA Cup Quarterfinals Day 2, Match 1 held in the FreecUp Studio on the 27th (KST). Griffin succeeded to defend their Nexus and came from behind to win game 1. After gaining momentum, in game 2, they mostly dominated the game and closed down the series. 


The following is the interview with Viper after his win versus Afreeca. 

You won quite easily, 2:0. How does it feel?

Although I'm happy, I still did have some frustrating moments. I think we'll have to prepare a lot for next match. We didn't make use of our composition and I think my plays weren't that good. 


The team came from behind and won game 1. 

We thought that as long as we can play as we prepared in scrims, we'll easily win. However, it didn't work out as planned and that's why I'm not satisfied with my plays. 


How well do you think Griffin will do for the upcoming split? 

Well, I think that SKT is the toughest among the teams that went through changes. Still, I'm not so sure since we haven't been practicing with other teams that much. If I can manage to deliver good performance, I think we'll get some good results for next split. 


You're known for your "non-ADC" picks so I was looking forward to what you would pick. 

I did prepare something but if I didn't pick my champion early in the draft today, the team would have been on a disadvantage. I had to show my pick first so that's why I couldn't use a non-ADC champion. 


In the semis, the day after tomorrow, you'll meet either SKT T1 or DAMWON Gaming. Are you confident on this matchup? 

Either team will make a strong opponent. We'll have to prepare a lot. After playing today, as long as I do my best, I feel that we have a good chance of winning.


Any last words? 

Since last season came to a rather frustrating end, I prepared so hard. I'll try to deliver good performance from now on so I'll be asking for more support. Thank you!


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