Gen.G Esports Ruler on Life: "I did think we would do well from the start but it’s really great that he would follow my lead much better than I expected"


Gen.G Esports made it to the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2018 Semifinals after getting a perfect win in the quarterfinals on December 26th. They defeated Kingzone DragonX by 2-0 with even better performance than they did in Round 1.


Following is the interview with Gen.G Esports' AD Carry, Ruler.



How do you feel about winning against Kingzone DragonX?

We seemed a bit shaky in game 2 but I’m very happy that we won by 2-0.

It seemed your team performed much better than you did in the match against SANDBOX Gaming in Round 1; what kind of feedback did you get?

Nothing special. I think we just gave each other feedback on reducing making mistakes or playing recklessly during the practice.

You did not hesitate to pick Kai’Sa several times in today’s match.

I’ve played her a lot of time during the scrims before but I didn’t get to use her in the tournaments because I didn’t play well on her. I was able to pick her because my win rate increased in recent practice games.

How is your teamwork with Life, your new support?

I did think we would do well from the start but it’s really great that he would follow my lead much better than I expected. Our teamwork isn’t perfect yet so we still need to work on it.

I heard that you yourself recommended him.

Our coaches like players who try very hard. I recommended Life for the tryouts because he tries hard and does well in solo ranked games.

You will be playing against KT Rolster next time in the semifinals.

This year’s KeSPA Cup is a battle between the teams that didn’t get to work on their teamwork yet so I think the semifinals will be all about which team has better teamwork. I think our teamwork is about 30-40% yet.

You were picked as one of the players with the best performance in this tournament. What do you think is the reason for that?

I didn’t perform well in this year’s Asian Games 2018 as well as Worlds; that became a stimulation for me so I constantly practiced harder. Because of this, I was able to perform better. Fortunately, it seems that I’ve performed well in this year’s KeSPA Cup so I feel satisfied. I will keep trying hard so that I won’t miss playing well.

What is your goal for 2019?

Personally, I want to win against all teams in laning. As for the team, to dominate in all tournaments, obviously.

Any last words?

We still have to play in the semifinals; we will perform well so please show us a lot of support. Also, please show Life, our new player, a lot of support as well.

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