Interview with Gen.G Ruler & CuVee : "Life doesn’t listen to me very much but he’s cute and he’s the youngest so I guess that’s why"


Gen.G Esports defeated Kingzone DragonX by 2-0 in the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2018 Quarterfinals on December 26th. Gen.G dominated the Rift from the early phase during game 1, giving no room for KZ to catch up. Eventually, Gen.G destroyed enemy Nexus with ease as KZ stood no chance against them during team fights.


However, in game 2, things became more intense; Gen.G and KZ were almost even in scaling as KZ got kills from ganking and roaming while Gen.G from team fights. When Gen.G saw enemy Yasuo in the bot lane, they seized the chance to take the Baron; they won the team fight and proudly marched towards enemy Nexus, winning again.

Following is the interview with Gen.G Esports Ruler and CuVee, the two players who performed spectacularly well.


What you’ve shown in today’s match was near perfect; Ruler was particularly awesome on Kai’Sa during both games. How do you feel about your victory?

Ruler: I am glad we won by 2-0 but I feel that I need to try harder since I found my laning and performance during the later phase rather unsatisfactory.

As for CuVee, you’ve satisfied your fans by displaying a better performance today than you did last time. Are you, too, satisfied with it?

CuVee: I certainly find it more satisfying than what I did during the last match.

We were able to see so many super plays by Ruler in game 1; I thought the team fight that took place in the top lane would have just ended with exchanging supports; however, Ruler hid in the brush before taking the chance to get a double kill. How did you know you could take those kills?

Ruler: I wasn’t good on Kai’Sa so I practiced a lot, and there were often moments like this where I could take kills, so I did. Fortunately, I was able to kill them so we won.

There were also many more amazing plays like when CuVee was the first one to roam to the mid lane, helping his team macromanage more easily in game 1. You took Urgot the moment you saw your enemy take Akali; did you think about such picks and bans beforehand?

CuVee: We thought we would probably take good champions each, and even though we did, I was confident about playing against them.

There was a situation where both teams exchanged their top laners for a kill in game 2; how was it back then? It was like a battle of pride between top laners.

CuVee: I thought that this matchup didn’t have any advantage or disadvantage so I didn’t think it mattered much even if we exchanged kills.

Ruler, it seemed that your enemy team was really out to take your team down when they picked Gragas and Yasuo; how did you feel about the picks and bans in game 2?

Ruler: At first, I thought we would win if we went like this but it became hard because we got pushed around a lot.

Game 2 was intense until the mid-phase; the team fight that happened at the Baron was a critical one. Your team went for the Baron the moment you saw enemy Yasuo in the bot lane; your Zac initiated once he saw the enemy team coming near. How was the team fight back then?

CuVee: Once we saw enemy Yasuo in the bot lane, we instantly shot called for the Baron, and when the enemy came to stop us, we saw the chance to initiate so we did.

Ruler, you worked on your teamwork with CoreJJ before but now it’s with Life -- how do you feel about being the one to guide your partner?

Ruler: Before I could guide him, Life is basically very skilled so I think it was easy in that part.

Ruler, why do you like Life so much?  Whenever I see your pictures, you are always hugging Life. What is so special about him?

Ruler: He doesn’t listen to me very much but he’s cute and he’s the youngest so I guess that’s why.

I can sense a deep bromance here. How does it feel to see them like this from the side?

CuVee: Well… I guess it looks good? (Laughs)

After Ambition was the captain of the team for a long time, Fly got to be the captain. Were there any changes within the team?

CuVee: Not really, but he has the passion, so…

There was the talk that you like him because he is good looking. Is that true?

CuVee: I mean… Being good-looking is better than being ugly...

Soon you will be playing in the semifinals against KT Rolster.

CuVee: KT… KT? Oh…


CuVee: It’s nothing.

How do you think your match against KT will go?

CuVee: Well, I think whichever team does well will win.

Ruler: I don’t know but I think we’ll do fine as long as we don’t make any mistakes.

Any words for your fans?

Ruler: Many players left and joined our team and I hope you would regard us in a good way. We’ll always work hard so I hope that you give us a lot of support. Thank you.

CuVee: Uh… Our team changed a lot but I think we can improve even more so we’ll come back to play with an even better performance next time.

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