KT Rolster Smeb on His Teammates: "Our new players' will to win is great. I think they are players who can really do well so I hope you would show them more support than concern"


KT Rolster defeated GC Busan Rising Star by 2-0 in the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2018 Round 2 Quarterfinals on December 26th. During the match, KT Rolster overwhelmingly crushed GC Busan, the team that surprised many fans with their performance in this year's KeSPA Cup.

Following is the interview with KT Rolster’s top laner, Smeb.


How do you feel about making it to the quarterfinals?

There was the pressure that, ‘the first match should work out well’ since we had a big change in the players. It was a relief that things worked out fine, though.

There was the talk of KT Rolster’s bot lane becoming weaker after the team rebuilds.

It is something expected; it may feel like we are insufficient at the moment. However, all our players have a strong will to play well so I think we can grow greatly more. So we don’t worry too much about parts like that.

For you individually, this year’s KeSPA Cup would make it your try for 3 consecutive wins. Do you feel confident?

It would obviously be great if we win but I still think my team has a lot to work on. I am playing with the thought that this would be a great experience to the new players. But still, I’ll do my best to win.

Kingen got to play in game 2; was this change of players planned ahead?

It was something we talked over beforehand. Kingen is a great player. I think I’ve done a good job of improving him (Laughs). I do take pride in it. Please show him a lot of support.

You will be playing against the winner of the KingZone DragonX and Gen.G Esports match in the semifinals. Who do you think will make it?

I don’t know much about both teams so I don’t really know which team will win. Personally, I hope KZ DragonX will make it. I think it’s time Deft and Pawn, my former teammates, get a taste of KT Rolster.

It seemed your bot laners were having difficult times in game 1 and 2 today; KZ and Gen.G both have powerful bot laners.

I think they struggled a bit today because they weren’t experienced. Anyway, if they are really good in the LCK, I think our bot laners should also experience playing against such good bot laners. It may be hard for them, but it would have a great significance in experiencing it.

Any last words?

I know there are many fans that are concerned about us after KT Rolster went through a team rebuild. Our new players will try hard and their will to win is great. I think they are players who can really do well so I hope you would show them more support than concern.

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