DAMWON Nuguri: "Although we won the series, we didn't play well in game 1... I'm sure that some fans are disappointed in us"

Known as the Scrim Kings of Korea, DAMWON Gaming advances to the 'Ro8 of the 2018 KeSPA Cup Round 1'.

On the 20th of December, at the Actoz Arena, the 3rd day of the 2018 KeSPA Cup took place. On the 1st series of the day, DAMWON Gaming went up against Brion Blade and came out on top with a score of 2-0. Throughout the series, Damwon Nuguri was a reliable force that the rest of the team could depend on. In game 1, although the team was set behind early, Nuguri was able to secure a significantly large lead in the top lane and allowed his team to make a big comeback in the mid-to-late game. 

The following is KeSPA's interview with Nuguri.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Damwon Gaming. You guys are known as a 'scrim king'! How does it feel delivering it on stage with a score of 2-0?

Although we won the series, we didn't play well in game 1... I'm sure that some fans are disappointed in us.

In game 1, when your team was behind, did you feel obligated to carry the team?

In game 1, when we lost our outer turret in the bottom lane, I felt that the game would be difficult to win. However, with time, my Ryze scaled; and I thought that I should be able to help my team by constantly pressuring the enemy side lanes. 

Can the winning factor of game 1 be the Baron steal?

Had we failed to steal that Baron, we would've lost. (Laughs)

One of our main calls was to ditch the Baron. However, someone in our team exclaimed that the enemy is low on mana. Punch then went in to steal the Baron. It was a relief. We were in a very tight spot before that steal.

In game 2, during picks and bans, it felt like the enemy team focused on banning out your champions.

I didn't get that feeling. It rather felt like the enemy team was a lot more thoughtful during picks and bans. 

Canyon had his debut game on Kha'Zix today. How did he perform in your opinion?

He was always a great player, so I expected him to play well on stage. He did well.

In the round of 8, you'll face KeG Seoul. What do you think about your opponents?

I watched their games, and their lineup is filled with expert players; I'm expecting a high-quality game. 

Any last words regarding your resolution for the 2018 KeSPA Cup?

I want to complete our remaining games this tournament without any mistakes. I'll make sure to show you all great performance. Thank you.

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