IG JackeyLove on Rookie: "My thoughts did not change; he's still a level ahead. "

On the 13th (KST), Invictus Gaming (IG) defeated 100 Thieves and remained undefeated for the 2018 Worlds Group Stage.

This LPL powerhouse rather started in a disadvantage with giving away 2 kills near top lane. However, they easily gained back momentum by engaging and winning skirmishes in the early game. IG constantly focused on their bottom lane. With gaining some kills, IG started to destroy 100 Thieves’ tier 1 turrets. After winning a huge teamfight, IG advanced to the opponent Nexus and secured their third win for the tournament.  After the game, we once again met up with IG’s bottom laner, JackeyLove.

It’s nice to see you again! IG is undefeated in the Group Stage. How is the team atmosphere like?

Since we’re undefeated in Groups, the team is in a positive atmosphere. As long as we can perform as we did in the Groups round 1, I think we can do well in round 2 as well.


IG gave away 2 kills early in the game. Didn’t the players feel any pressure by this?

The kills were mostly from top lane, so I didn’t really think that it’d affect the bottom lane. Also, our bottom lane composition itself was pretty good.


Fnatic has some good players such as Caps and Rekkles. Now that you’ve defeated them once in the Groups, what do you think of them as a team?

Personally, I think that Fnatic is a mid-carry team. So if they can’t win the mid matchup, they have a high chance of losing. Since I think that Rookie is on the upper side, it’s going to be tough for them to win against us.


Currently, the LPL teams are doing very well in this Groups. In your opinion, how well do you think the Chinese teams will do?

I personally think that all the LPL teams will make it to the quarterfinals. In the case of the semis and finals, it’s quite tough to predict what would happen. We’ll have to see what happens in the quarters.


100 Thieves rather easily gave away their early game advantage. What would be the reason for their defeat?

First of all, our bottom lane composition was very good and we did manage to go ahead in lane as well. Additionally, our mid-jungle had solid engage skills. I thought that if we can gain back some of the advantages they had, we’d win eventually.


KT’s mid laner Ucal stated that Rookie, Caps, Xiaohu and himself is on the same level. Well, in our previous interview, you said that Rookie is a level ahead. Do you still think the same?

Yes. My thoughts did not change; he's still a level ahead. 


Lastly, can you share your thoughts on your future Worlds schedule?  

I’ll think of how to do well on the Groups round 2 and then if we make it to the quarters, I’ll do my best to advance to a more higher stage.

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