C9 Reapered: "A loss is a loss. We’ll have to learn from today’s loss, try harder and go forward."

On the 10th of October (KST) RNG defeated Cloud9 (C9) in the first day of the 2018 Worlds Group Stage. With focusing on supporting bottom lane, RNG succeeded to earn the early-game advantage and win tonight's game.

After the game, C9's head coach, Reapered spared some time for an after game interview. Although the team lost the first game for the tournament, he seemed to be determined to go forward. The following is the interview with Cloud9 Reapered.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s game?

Although we lost, I think I did see some positive factors. I’m thinking of this Groups as a 6 game series. I’ll have to think of this as a single loss against the strongest team; we’ll have to prepare more.


What did you learn from today?

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide which lane to focus on with only watching VODs, especially against strong teams. In the case of today’s game, our bottom lane did have quite a hard time. We’ll have to try harder and improve.


What kind of feedback did you give to your players after the match?

Well, I did give a very brief feedback. I think we need to study and figure out more about today’s match. A loss is a loss. We’ll have to learn from today’s loss, try harder and go forward.


Some of the players caught a cold in the Play-Ins. Did they recover?

Well, some of them still cough a bit… Whether we’re sick or worn out, professionals must know how to take care of themselves, and ultimately, the team must give them proper care. I believe that this is a part of our ‘performance’.

On our previous Play-In interview, some misunderstood my intentions; I wasn't trying to blame Jensen for being sick. I was actually trying to say that the team failed to take care of the players and that’s why the team underperformed.


Are you still planning to grow your hair?

(laughs) Yeah. I’m not going to get a haircut until the tournament is over.


How do you expect C9 will do in Groups?

Since we’ll face some tough teams in our group, I know it’s not going to be easy. The best case scenario for us it to win at least once against the strong teams. We’ll have to at least win Vitality twice and make it 3W/3L. Defeating the strong teams once each and winning Vitaliy twice, making it 4W/2L would be the most ideal scenario; we’ll put in our utmost to fulfill that.


Do you have any last words for the fans?

Although we did lose, we’ve just finished a single game. We’ll think of it as a lesson learned and try our best to deliver better performance for our future games.

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